Childhood Relation (sanveer) – Part 2

Hi guys as I said in my second ff BOL DO NA ZARA that my ? was damaged I can’t post my ep but I will be posting it now..I got many comments but I can’t comment to them sorry for that.. Is this boring?? Even I want to complete the childhood but I don’t know what to write so I will be completing it in 3 ed Ep..
As I have many interesting ideas and suspens when they will become young..
Not wasting much time here the episode starts..

Saanchi-dear diary today as I went in the class I saw veer he is so cute.. He always smiles when we comes front of each other.. He always sees me while walking..sometimes I feel that I am in love with him..All the time in school as he sits behind me I turns back to see him he shares a smile.. He doesn’t talks to other girls always but with me all the time.. In exams I was in search of him..My day never starts without seeing him..As his birthday was on 26/10 I went to him and said I want chocolate and said him Happy Birthday (as their were holidays till 2/11..I didn’t said him happy Diwali but while walking he said me happy Diwali as I was going behind him in the class he hasn’t said anything girl happy Diwali maybe he likes me too..I said him happy Diwali too..

POV ends

After Diwali..

In class
Saanchi searching for veer..
Veer came and said Saanchi (removing chocolates from his bag and said ‘here’s your chocolates’.. They smiled..saanchi said ‘thank you’.. Two also were happy all the day..

The school announced of trip to mahabaleshwar for 4days..
Sanchi and veer went to the picnic..

As there were no chances to their meeting veer went at night at search for Saanchi she was on the terrace (she went quiet..not letting know to her friends and teachers) veer saw her and went near her and said ‘ Saanchi I like u, I am in love with u’.. Saanchi was very happy to know veer likes her too.. She said ‘veer I likes u too, I love u too’.. Just then veer said ‘but I am sorry Saanchi this year is very important to me bcoz my father is going to change my school.. But if our love is true then we will meet..They went in their room happily..

They enjoyed the trip.. While going to home in bus they were looking at each other
the music start

Sun mere humsafar
Kya tujhe itnisi Bhi khabar
Kinda Teri says chalti jidhar
Rahoonga bad vagina umrabhar

(It continues)
Author’s note
You can suggest other songs too..
They reached home safely..

As the regular school started they were meeting each other regularly,daily talks, face to face meetings etc..

The school announced for a annual function..
Both of them rooked part in function..

Precap-the song is choosing.. It is couple dance.. Partners are choosed..

Well which song will it be??which pairs??
Hope u liked it..please comment..
Keep smiling..
Regards Sayali..

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  1. Riyarocks

    aww….such a sweet cute love story……..enjoyed reading this……..luv u a lot sweetieeeeeee……….

    1. Sayali

      Thanks Riya..lovely..

  2. Nice episode

    1. Sayali

      Thanks anu..

  3. Such a sweet episode….

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      Thanks ishi dear

  4. Riru

    Aww such a cute luv story . missed u a lot dear glad u r back . bye tc luv u.

    1. Sayali

      Thanks riru u too..

  5. Sayali

    Thamost and dear..

  6. Sayali

    Well help needed please suggest a song and a surname for veer leaving ka poor and malhotra..

    1. Maheshwari is it?

    2. Riru

      well how about aroa , vasisth , mehra or verma .

  7. Sayali

    Thanks riru andear ishku6 this are really nice..

  8. Shabnam

    awwww such a cute episode dear loved it ????sanveer ?????sorry for late comment

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