My Childhood Love promos of the week

A boy goes through the crowd and his gaze goes on Meher. He is dumbstruck at her beauty and stares at her for a long time.
Boy: this girl is so beautiful, I will make her mine.

Just then Abeer comes and puts his arm around her shoulders and they go from there.
Boy: who was he? Oh he must be just a friend, doesn’t matters.

He shakes his head and goes.

.       .       .        .         .         .       .          .

Boy proposes Meher.
Meher: sorry but do I know u?
Boy: we’ll get to know each other slowly
Meher: I have a boyfriend
.         .          .          .          .            .        .

Boy calls a peon and gives him a packet asking him to give it to Meher describing her as the girl with purple bag. He gives and the moment she opens it, she starts coughing and runs to washroom. She stands at the basin coughing and boy comes to her.
Boy: r u OK?
Meher: u….

Before she could complete, he injects her and she feels dizzy and holds her head and falls, he takes her.

.         .           .          .          .           .

She opens her eyes and looks around. She stands up, she wasn’t tied, she looks for a way out of the dark place and collides with someone.
Boy: hello
Meher: what’s your problem?
Boy: wait I will tell

He ties her and looks straight in her eyes while she struggles to free herself and falls along with the chair. He sits down.
Boy: lag gai?
Meher looks at him angrily as he holds her hand.

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