my childhood love and my manyyyyy my best friends OS

heyyaaaa guyss!! kaise ho saab comment mein batana okay you must be thinking ki aagyi anshika pakane ke liye but kya karu yrr I m missing you all challo lets start my new os

my childhood love and my manyyyyy my best freinds
sorry no proof reading

ABC college is shown
a boy is walking on a corridor suddenly buuuhhhmmmmm
the boy and a girl fell down
g-akhe hai yaa button.
b- same to you
b-(angrily) akhe hai yaa button dikhta nhi itna hot handsome ladka saamne khada hai….ha ha I know girls mujse baat karne ke liye marti hai but mere upar girti nhi soo cheap
g-ohohoh just shut up what is your name hhmmmm… watever mr.whoever you are just go away

k-my name is kunj…kunj sarna okay …. siyaappa queen (murmers)
t-oyee my name is twinkle taneja mujse na lena panga sabka bajadungi band baja
k-ohhh kyaa bola hai but by the sorry zyada hi overreact kardia
t-haa sahi mein sorry
k-noo need chal chalte hai
t-waese tum itne sadu abhi hue ho yaa bachpan se hi aese they
k- hehehe aur tumhare andar attitude bachpan se hi aese hi tha yaa aaj kuch special hai
t- wo today I have a very bad start
t – accually today is my special day but

t-nobody wished me
k-what special
t- todays my birthday
k- ohh happy birthday
t- thanks you are the first one to wish me
k-y where is your family and
freinds and…
(twinkle speak in between)
t-my mom dont love me even she forgot that today Is my birthday
t-(with fake smile) yaa and let it be I dont care

k-yrr you are different
k- aweiveee and you know today is my best freind’s birthday also but i dont know where she is she…
t- koi nhi mil jaigi bahut jaldi
k-hope so
a girl and boy near10-12 years were talking
s-jas jas pls mat jaa yrr pls mat jaa

j-mujhe bhi nhi jaana sid but maa paapa jaa rahe h
s- jas tu unhe bol naa pls
j-meine bola but wo nhi maane
s- bye but yeh pic hamesha sambhal kar rakhiyo okay yeh mein 3 copy karwai hai ek mere liye ek tere liye and ek mahi ke liye okay
j-mein hamesha isko apne pass rakhungi
s- byee give me jaadu ki japiii
j-okay(and they hug each other)
flashback ends
his thoughts were broken by bell
bell rings
t- okay I m going I have my class
k-okay I have some work in library I will meet you later
k- but I have one doubt ..
t-yaa tell
k-we are freinds right
t-then okay

twinkle is sitting on 3rd bench
kunj enters the class
(classroom has many empty seats)
kunj went near twinkii .
k-heyy can I sit here
t-ofcourse kunj
k-btw hame sab aese kyu dekh rahe h
t-(thinks) yrr no one talks to me now u r my freinds I dont want to loose you……… mahii sidhant where are you your jasmine is waiting for you
k-twinkiii what happend

k-why are they gossiping about us
t-dont know yrr I m not feeling well so can I go out
k -yaa yaa ofcourse can I come with you
t-na na its okay

at coridor
twinkle was looking in her pic were 3 kids are playing in garden .
t(thinks)-yrr no one is here I am alone my mom who is always buzy with her business… my dad who left me alone in this world and mahi yrr you were my bestest freind you too left me sidhant you love me right so were are you
tears were flowing from her eyes
t-today is my birthday and no one wishes me exept kunj… sidhant you always wish me first naa

a 6 year boy is seen entering in a house silently
(lets see the clock wats the time ohh it is 11:55pm)
b-thank god kisine dekha nhi
g-stop bhaiyuu
b-yrr mahi tuje kaise pata chalta hai
g-we are not siblings but we are siblings by heart
b-yaa now give me hug challo lets go before 12…… today is my jasmine’s birthday
m-haa challo
at jasmine room
b-(wispers)when i count 1….2 …..3……. u shout okay mahi
m-haa bhaiyuu
b- 1….2..3…
b&g-happppiiiiieeeeee birthdayyyyy jas
b-kya hua
j-i was scared btw thank you both of you
b-this is for you
j-ohhhh gift let me check wow sooo beautiful card i love it thank you sid I love you
s-i love you more
m-di dis is from my side
j-wow one more wat is thz mahi
m-open it dii
j-woww teady soo pretty
m-u know this is my favourite teddy
j-awww thanks mahi I will always take care of this
they share a freindly hug
(her thoughts are broken by a voice)

t-(clearing her eyes) (smile)-yes kunj tell
k-tu ro rahi thi
t-na na
k-juth mat bol
t-nhi yrr I m not crying
t-yes challe
k-okay waese where are u from
k-what a coincidence I m also from amritsar
t-ohh wow

k-so how are you feeling now
t-much better now I have to go home I will talk to you later
k -let me drop you
t-its okay I will manage
k-stop this formalities
twinkle looked at someone
b- twinkiiiiiiiiiii i was searching for you yrr tu kaha thi
twinkle hugs him
t-kaise ho uv b… (she cut of by uv)
uv- mein bilkul mast huu tu kaisi h…
t-btw aap mere college kaise aapka toh exam tha na aaj pune mein (remeber guys they are in delhi)
uv- i have to surprise you thats y i m here …. and about my exam my exam is not important than my princess
t-aww you are the best
uv-btw happiee birthday
t-thank you but aapko yaad tha
(kunj was getting jeolous seeing their closeness)
uv- ofcourse baby btw he is your bf pointing towards kunj
t-no he is my freind
uv-ohh so introduce nhi karaigi
t-ohh I forgot…he is kunj my freind and kunj he is my brother
uv -hyee kunj
k-hyeee uv
uv-yrr chinki ka call aaraha h badd mein baat karta huu
uv-yaaa she is my sister….. twinkle tuje drop kardu
k-(wispers to uv which was unnoticed by twinkle) samaj naa bhai teri toh bhen h kya pata meri gf banjaye I like her
uv-ohh okay but khabardar uska dil toda to
k-ha ha
uv-yrr I forgot I have to pick chinkii from parlour
t-okay you go I will manage
uv-okay thanks

k-i will drop you come
t-no no I will manage kunj
k-stop this formality yrr come with me otherwise I will not talk to you
t-kunnnjjj okay lets go but ek shart hai
t-you have to come to my house
k-okay we will se
t-promise kunj
in car
t-kunj can I ask you something
k-yaa yaa

t-do you love someone
k-yaa I love my mom my dad my sister and my bestest freind I dont know where she is I really love her where are you yrr I missing you
t-kunj you are crying
k-noo something went in my eyes
t-are you sure
k-yes twinkle
t-stop kuuunjj
k-what happened
t-my house
t-how do you know I live here
k-acually I forgot to drop you
t-so how come we are here
k-wo I also live here
t-lets go to my house please I dont want to talk to any one please come
t-come na kunj
l-twinkle tu agyi inni jaldii
t-yes mom
l-and you have not completed your work
t-which work
l-cleaning all the rooms
t-i will clean it now can I go to my room please
l-as you wish
at twinkle’s room
k-yaar your room is beautifull

t-i know you know when my dad is alive everyone treat me like princess but now everyone things i m the reason for his death I miss my superhero do you know why I m telling you this because I trust you I never share my feelings with anyone but you are special please dont break my trust please
k-yaa yaa I also trust you that’s why I told you about my love my best freind
(they share a hug freindly walla)
leela enters the room
l-ohh good good yeh chal raha hai peet piche
k-no no aunty its nothing like that

l-ha ha now you say that this is freindly waala hug and all
k-aunty you are misu..
suddenly a girl enters the roooom
t-heyyyyy chinkii kaise hai(making sad face)
g-bilkul thik happpieee birthdayy
t-thanks where is your uv
uv-i m here princess and maa please go from here she is my sister I will manage to take care of her stop blaming her
t-bhaii (crying)
uv-stop yrr twinkle now give me a hug
c-i am also here
(they share a sibling walla hug kunj took photos of them which was noticed only by uv)
k-hogayaa tum bhai bhen ka milan
t-haa (clearing her tears)
k-uv can I have your no.
uv-ofcourse 992*****00
uv-aree your welcome yrr
k-chal I should take a leave
t-wait na kunj let me introduce you to chinkii
chinki he is kunj my freind and kunj she is chinkii my sister cum best freind
c-r u sure i m your best freind
t-any doubt
c -yes

c-if you are my best freind what about ma…
t-koi rule hai ki sabka ek hi best freind hote hai I have many see
2 mere past mein tey i will not tell their name okay, kunj uv,and u are my present
c-i m jeolous
t-no need to jelous those 2 left me only 3 are with me
uv-dubara senti mode on yrr okay I m leaving chal kunj
uv-lets leave i will tell you later
In car
uv-i have to do somethig

uv-i have to make my princess smile
k-okay so what do you want me to do
uv-i have a plan
uv-we will…….(muted)
k-ohh wow
uv-lets go for shopping
k-okay lets call chinki also ………she will help us
uv-okay let me call her
c-hello haa uv bhai
uv- where are you?
c-with twinkii
uv-ohh so phone is on speaker
c-no even she does not know that I am talking to u
uv-thats great come to arshi mall alone dont u dare to come with anyone understand
c-okay whats the matter y are we going there
uv-just come fast
c-okay I m coming
uv to k-she is coming
now lets move to arshi mall
C-(on phone) kaha ho bhai
uv-turn back
c-ohh I see. you are late mr.yuvraj taneja and mr.kunj sarna
uv&k- we know
c-we are here for shoping yehh I will buy a new dress and new earings and many more
uv-shut up
c-bhaiyyaa why are you saying like this(making pout)
uv-today is twinkle’s birthday we have to plan a surprise for her okay
c-its a great idea
uv-i know now twinkle will enjoy her birthday she will able to smile
c-yaa and if she smile I am most happiest person on this planet she is my everything
uv-i know and just shut up and buy clothes and buy every thing that girls wear for party okay we are going to buy party material okay chinkii
c-okay bhai
(they go to their respected stores)
at dress shops
c-bhaiya I want some best dresses from the best designers for my sis
s-madam wats the size
c-same as mine xl
c-show that white dress
s-okay but it is of 50,000
c-its okay pack this and show me more
s- okay madam see this black dress
c-wooww sooo beautifull pack this also twinkii was surely like this
(chinkii recieves call from uv)
uv-chinkii kuch hua
c-yaaa uv bhai I have bought 2 dress can u come and check pls
uv-ohk we are coming
(they come to check the dresses)
c-hey uv bhai see this is for twinkiii
uv-yaa its good
k-yaa she will be very happy

c-yeahh so bhaiya pack this and take money from him
(pointing towards uv)
uv-i will pay because this is for my princess if u will buy then…. I will not pay for this but this is for my doll
c-i know she is your ladli and sometimes I get jelous
uv-u should be
c-ahhhh(making angry pout) I hate you
uv-same to you
c-just hate you
uv-lets buy something else for twinkii
c-what to buy
uv- yaa u can buy accessories

c-okay kunj and uv bhai come with me
c-because you have to pay the bill okay
uv-lets go madam…but you treat me like your boy freind but wait meine tuje apna credit card diya hai naa
c- hehehe but wo mere liye h
uv-lets goo madam
they go to xyz shop
c-bhaiya can you pls show me watches bracelets and earing
(after some time they went back home and start planing twinkle’s surprise as twinkle is an rj she was not at home )
uv-chinkii go and check if twinkle
left for studio or not
c-yaa okay bhai
(at twinkles room no one was there)
c-no one is in the room
uv-okay call her at ask where she is
(she call twinkle)
t-yes chinkii
c-vo where are you
t-i m on the way to studio
after 5 min
(twinkii calls uv)
uv-yaa twinkle
t-at studio
uv-okay all the best for your work
t-thank you bhai
(uv disconnect the call)
uv-now we will have fun right kunj and chinkii

(Twinkii enters the studio)
g-maam todays script
g-woo..woo maam
t-speak what happen without any hesitation and my name is twinkle not maam okay btw whats your name
g-mame my name is mah.. ohh malvika and maam happy birthday I m new intern here this is my first day
g-how do you thay todays my birthday accually I m your fan so I checked your freindsbook page
there I come to know

g-your welcome maam
t-its twinkle not maam
g-okay maam oppss… sorry twinkle
at twinkle cabin
t-hellllllllooooo people this is your rj twinkiiii I welcome you all to my show so today I m here to talk about love from my point of view love is freindship….. love is pure feeling….love is about trust someone fullest what do you think about love tell me till then listen this song
(bol do na zara plays)
switch off the mike
malvikaa my coffee
m-yes twinkle I already prepared
your coffee
at taneja mansion
uv -work fast
k-your work is done
uv-yaa kunj I work is completed what about you
k-done dana done
uv-you seem to be very happy
at studio
(twinkle has completed her work she was about to go when malvika comes)
m-this is for you
t-what is this
m-dont know someone send it to u
t-ohh wow gift let me check
twinkle opens the gift
there’s one box and a letter
in letter

dear best freind,
hhhyyy I know you must be thinking yeh kon saa best freind aagya and haa dont you dare to look down for the hint (twinkle smiles reading this because she was about look down)wait you have to guess me school mein bitaie hue lamhe teacher ko tease karna nisha ke saath hamesha mazak bichari wo hamare bich mein phas jati thi but still that was the best movement of our school life..
you know I was searching for you from past 3 years but now I cought you exam mein faree leke jaana aur tu muje hamesha lecture thi.. I just love those memories and meri

setting karana nisha ke saath thank you soo much you know we are married and nisha is pregnent ab toh pehchan le and jo tere face par smile hai naa wo kabhi bhi khoi o mat okay bye and haa upar dekh paper see
secret lover
(twinkle while looking up)
ka-ohhhohhh u guessed me not bat miss tanejaa (you can imagine mishkat varma as kabir )
t-kaise naa pehchanuu you are my best freind

ka-happy birthdayyyy twinkiiiiiiiiiii
t-thankkkkyouuu so how do you know that I live here
ka-freindsbook twinkii
m-twinkle can I goo
t-yaa yaa ofcourse and kabir lets go to my home
while walking a kid come running to twinkle
b-you are twinkle di right
t-yaa bacha but who are you I didnt recognize you
b-this is for you some one give it to me to give you
t-do you know the person name
b-noo .
t-its okay first let me open this.
theres a letter
dear jas di
you remember we u were small we used to fight a lot and i and sid bhaiyuu always wish u first but you know i just missed you all these years you know in amritsar i was just missing you and sid bhaiyaa our fights our sweet talks and many more and most importantly my teaddy near i miss him
(while reading this twinkle was crying and kabir was confused)
your best freind

t-mahiiiiiiiii (while crying) lets go home fastt

at twinkle’s home
t- uv bhaiiiiii
uv- yaaa princess tell
uv- kya hua mahi ko
t-she send me letter
uv- show me
uv-you want to meet her
t- offcourse
uv -i promise i will go to amritsar and bring her back i promise
uv-kabir tu kab aaya
ka-aaj hi aaya hu wo chipkali kaha hai
uv- woh kunj ke saath h
ka-chinkii ka naya bf
t- aree nhi my best freind
ka-ek aur best freind tera koi freind hai bhi yaa saare best freinds h
t- mere saare best freinds okay
ka-samaj gaya madam
chinkii and kunj come to hall(leela was out for some business work)
c-kabbbbiiiirrrr bhaii she came running to her and hugged her
ka- bas bas tu kitni moti ho gyi hai
c-umm i hate you bhaiiii
ka-but i love my sweet sister
c-same to u
ka-u must be kunj right
k-yeahhh and you
ka-i m kabir twinkle ka bachpan ka sathi
k-she is your gf
ka-no bf
ka-yaa best freind (while laughing)
t-guys i m sleeping i m very tired
uv-okay go
everyone was happy that now they will complete the work for party

twinkle wakes up and then she sees there was a beautifull packet lying on the table besides her bed
t-areee whats this lets open this
t-wooww so beautifull dress
and what is this pointing towards a letter lying on table

dear twinklee
happy birthday jaldi yeh pehen aur niche aa jaldiiiiiiii

your big brother

at hall
there was dark twinkle was scared so she shouted
t-uv bhaiiiiiiii …….chhiiinnnkkkkiii….kaaaabbbiiiiirrrrrr kha ho
(suddenly lights turn on )
uv,chinkii,kunj and kabir was present there
everyone-tum jio hazaro saal happy birthday to yoappy birthday to u ohoh happy birthday to my dear best freind/sister happy birthday to u
t- thank you guys (and they share a freindly group hug)
uv- lets cut the cake


after cake cutting ceremony everyone was bored
ka-yrr yeh sab kya hai itni boring party
k-ha yar aesa toh plan nhi kiya tha
ka- chal lets dance
kabir and kunj dance on gazab ka hai yeh din
everyone else start hooting
then uv and chinkii comes there and started dance ek hazaro mein meri behna hai
and the twinkle and chinkii gets emotional
uv- kya yrr twinkle ka birthday she is not getting married
c-but kabhi na kabhi toh hojaigi naa
t- nhi mein aap thino ko chod kar kahi nhi jaungi
suddenly someone wishes twinkle happy birthday to twinkle
v-happy birthday twinkle
t-thankyou malvika
m-you welcome
c- you know her
t-yaa she works in my studio
t-you know her
c-yup she is my best freind
t- ohh
now kunj bends near twinkle
k-twinkle you know i when we firs met i felt some unknown connection with you but i ignore it but you know aaj mein tere baare me sochta raha and today was my best day can you please make my life bestest by marrying me i m life would be incomplete without you.. please be my better half forever
t-tears in her eyes but i love someone else kunj
(twinkle has a mixed emotion she was on cloud nine that she met his sid but having tears in her eyes)
s-yes jas i m your sid

(and they share a hug with full of love+pain+satisfaction)
t-i missed you sid
k-i too missed you jas will you marry me please (he again bend down)
uv-say yes twinkle
c-twinkle say yess
ka-twinkle he is the perfect guy for you
t-pakka keh duu……
k-keh naa jas my legs are paining…

t-i love you sid
k-i love you 2 jas
(seeing this everyone starts claping and and starts hooting whereas malvika was having tears in her eyes)
twinkle kungs each other
uv-yup. mahii…… twinkle meine promise kiya tha naa tha ki mein tujhe mahi se milaunga
t-thanks bhaii
(they trio share the hug)
uv,ka,c-humm bhi hai yhai par (and everyone shares the hug)
l-ohhooohhh what a family drama
l-sid puttar
K-jeee maa

l- par tu yaha kaise
k-mujhe aapko dekhkar laga hi tha ki meine aapko kahi dekha hai but meine ignore kar diya lekin jab mujhe jas ka sach pata chala tab mujhe pata chala ki aap meri maa ho meri mom ki mu boli bhen
l-(leela was having tears listening to kunj/sid)
k-but aunty mein aapko ab maa nhi bolsakta(with tears)
l-but kyuu puttar… agar mujse koi galti hogyi toh maenu maaf karde pls
k-galti toh aapse huii hai ki aap meri gf ko aise treat karti hoo
l-gf(with shocked)
k- yup. i love her she is my life aur agar kisine iske saath aesa vehevar kiya toh mein usse kabhi maaf nhi karungaaa
l-but putter
k-but kyaa maa.. oppss sorry aunty

l-usne apne dad ko maara h
k-apne dekha usse aisa karte hue
l-but usne aakhiri shabd(word) twinkle they
k-kya pata wo twinkle ke barree mein apko kuch batana chaharahe ho
l-no aisa hoi hi nhi sakta
l-because wo twinkle se related saare baate mujhe kabhi nhi batate the wo ek box mein rakhte they but mujhe nhu pata wo box kaha h
k-aapne kabhi unse pucha nhi iske related
uv-lekin mujhe pata ek baar papa ne mujhe kaha tha ki agar koi twinkle se related emergency hui toh hi ham isse kholengee
k-kaha h wo box
uv-twinkle ke room pehle wale room mein
k-uv tu lekar aayigaa
uv-yup. abhi lekar aata hu
(after some time uv brings the box)
k-itna chotta sa box
uv-yup.papa ne mujhe yehi bola tha is box ko dikhate hue
k-but isme toh lock hai kisiko tala todna aata hai
ka- aree haa kisse puch raha h abhi khol deta huu chinkii ek pin dio apne balo se nikal kar
(kabir opens the lock of the box)
they all saw a dairy there

26 may 2000(hey is an imaginary date)

i m very today my daughter is born my life….
i hope i will always take tare of her..
i also want to spend all the beautifull memories with my baby now uv is also 4 and chinkii she is 1 year old..
hope i always take care of my 3 kids

all were crying reading the msg
uv-papa baar baar kyu keh rahe hai kii mein sabka dhyaan rakh pauu
l-pata nhi age padhte h

1 june 2000
twinkle is very pretty bilkul mere upar gyi hai kash kissi ko nazar naa lage isko……. patanhi me kitne aur din ka mehman huu AAJ MEINE uv ko is diary ke baare mein bataya hai becuse mujhe cancer AND MEIN ZYADA DIN NHI RAHOONGA IN SABKE SAATH… mein kisiko bata bhi nhi saakta.. sab pareshan ho jaayngee

5 july 2008
wow aaj twinkle ke liyee acting tha ka contract aaya h but wo abhi bahut choti h wo kaise karengi shoot chahe usse sirf acting karni h but koi nhi mein leela se baat karta hu aajj because kya pata yeh mera last dat ho
(listining to this everyone was crying)

l-5 july ko 11:55 pm par unki death hogyi thi
k- kya pata wo yehi kehna chaharahe hoo ki twinkle ke liye contract aaya h
t-papa mein aapka yeh saapna zaroor pura karungi… i promise u superhero
l-haa i m sorry twinkle
t-koi baat nhi maa at least aapko apni galti toh mehsoos huii

(and they share a family hug)
a voice from back
n-mein bhi huuuu
t-nisshuu (you can imagine aneri vageni of nisha aur uske counsins as nisha)
n-bilkul thik huu

after 5 years
twinj were maried and blessed with a baby girl name teni
and nisha and kabir blesed with a baby boy name tanishq

the end,……

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    Awwww anshika loved it to the core yaar hayeee twinj yuhi everyone amazing ???????

    1. Anshikajainn

      thank you sameera

  11. Anshika it was tooo gud

    1. Anshikajainn

      Thanks dii❤

  12. Baby

    Ohhhhhh god anshika….. 🙂
    Amazing vry cute…. 🙂
    Loved it sooo mch osm spectacularly cute…..beautiful…. 🙂
    Lods of love….. 🙂

    1. Anshikajainn

      Awwwwww thank you so much baby
      Love you??❤??❤

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