My Childhood Love (Intro and Prologue)


The Purohits
Meher Purohit:
Arrogant but loving and caring, secretly loves her childhood friend Abeer but she herself haven’t realized about it yet. Lives with her mother(Suman), her mausa and her mausi, cousins and a little brother who she adores.

Tarun (Tunnu):
Meher’s brother, he’s the same as he was shown in the serial, in other words he is Abeer ka chamcha ?, his dream is to become a singer when he grows up.

Meher and Tunnu’s mother, she’s a divorcee, loves Abeer as her own son, other things about her u already know.

Suman’s elder sister, Tunnu and Meher’s mausi, sweet and humble woman, angry sometimes.

Sangeeta’s husband and Suman’s jeeju, Tunnu and Meher’s mausa but more like a father to them, has three children, Ishani, Lavanya and Cabir.

Ishani and Lavanya:
Identical twins, the pranksters, the same age as of Meher, they both treat Meher as their own sister.

Tunnu’s best friend, helpful and jolly, Ishani and Lavanya’s little brother.

The Malhotras:
(same as he is shown in the series, but a little different) He too loves Meher from his childhood, he doesn’t knows about it.

About Kuber and Madhvi, u know them also, no taiji in my ffs.

Others are Nisar and Sasha, u know them as well.

Abeer, Meher, Nisaar and Sasha are childhood friends, Nisaar and Sasha are just best friends but Abeer and Meher are more than friends, they love each other from the time they didn’t even knew the meaning of love. They haven’t realized their love for each other till now. They haven’t met for 6 years as when Abeer was 6 years old, they shifted to Dubai, in the story it will be shown how they meet for the first time after 6 years.

If u like it then only tell that should I continue or not?

Credit to: Sally Sue (Sara)

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