Childhood love come into real (abiya)ff-41


Hi guys this is sowji…thank you for your love…thank u for your supports…I commented everyone in my ff no. 38,39,40..just check it in that ff.. thank u silent readers…lets move to dream ff…the ff no. is 41..the ff begin with priya saw abi…he is hiding behind the tree..she goes towards that direction…she saw one is here..she think in her mind I saw him here….y my heart feels he is here’s my imaginary or illusion…she goes from there to again sitting on the springboard again…screenshift to abi.. abi hiding the middle of the two car..he is in car parking area.he thinks in his mind great escape abi…she will see u she will ask lots of questions
to u..great escape from her question…abi looks at spring board…she is not in there…abishek get up from the floor looks at there where is she went…I saw her here only…where is she went now how can it’s possible..His eyes are searching her.. suddenly abi looks at behind shocked to see priya standing infront of him?????? priya fold her both hands sarcastically look at him..abishek smiled like childish manner???☺????.priya asked him what r u doing here…abishek looks at priya said actually…priya asked sarcastically actually???? abishek said again actually I come here to check my tires…priya asked really…abishek said yeah because I have important work on tomorrow…I thought to check my tire is good huh…priya smiled silently…priya can’t control her laugh…she smiled silently..abishek asked what r u doing here…priya sarcastically said i was searching my boyfriend…abishek asked boyfriend????? priya said yeah any problem for u??abishek muttering who the hell he is???????priya asked what??abishek said nothing I have no problem..may I know who is your boyfriend..actually u told huh u have no boyfriend how can it’s possible..priya smirked her lips said actually recently I got u want to see my boyfriend? ?abishek furious said yeah I want to see him…priya said wait I will show his picture…priya gave her mobile to abi..abishek bought priya mobile from his hand said I can’t see anything..priya goes towards him said wait I wil show u..abishek look at her mobile..smiled silently…asked he is your boyfriend..priya said yeah…is cause any problem to u…abishek said no no!I have no problem…actually priya give her phone capture on in front camera mode…it’s like selfie mode…it’s shows abishek face…that’s y abishek feels very happy ☺priya said k abi I have to leave now bye…abishek asked where r u going…priya said I wil go to spring board…abishek sarcastically asked u never want to spend some time with your boyfriend?he winged his eyes to her…(background plays Allah warriyan,ne partha vizligal song from 3 movie(tamil)).priya looks shy and blushing??? priya looks at him said I want that…but he likes me..he is also come along with me…I have
no problem in that..smiled silently abi think in her mind I love you doll..she drives crazily…he look at her…she is not there..she already left from there…screenshift to alu room…all boys and girls thinking about priya…alia said she is my best friend…she hided her real identity infront of me…but she is very simple in nature…actually I feel proud to have friend like her…purab said yeah much simmi and her parents taunted her badly…but she forgive him..she supported for them…no one can think in her position like her..she is understanding girl…she is precious gift to us…khushi said yeah your right purab she is precious gift to us…I never expected my ma,pa,didi will try to cheat our family member…her tears ? rolling from her eyes…sorry guys..because of my family u have to got this pain…all try to console her..all said nothing like that khushi…u never did any mistake…khushi left from the room and informed them Plze guys I want to be alone for sometime…don’t disturb me…she get ready eyes left from the room…all understood khushi pain…all called khushi..she never listen anyone words..bulbul said she need sometime gud just leave her to be alone..ranveer said we want to solve this issue…suddenly purab get some ideas.. he explained his plan to them..all said done we will execute it…purvi said excellent purab what a idea?? bulbul ogling at purab…whenever purab looks at her..she look at somewhere..purab smiles silently thinks in his mind y bulbul looking at me secretly..whatever it is I like that…screen shift to garden..priya is sitting on the springboard…she thinking deeply about something…she is not in her sense…abishek is also sitting along with her..when springboard moves…she came back to sense…she look at him…both are eyelock(background plays tu meri jaan hai,enodu ne irunthal uyirodu nan iruppaen female song from I(tamil))..priya look at his eyes thinks whenever I look at your eyes I losing myself…abishek look at her eyes think whenever u lose yourself I wil be tightly catch u..abishek come close to her…she losing herself…suddenly she came back to sense..she never look his face…abishek ogling at her…she feels shy and blushing continuously…abishek feels oh my pretty doll…u looks cute whenever u blushing?????i can’t control myself…priya looks at abishek asked r u angry on me…abishek said no I am not angry on u…actually I am extremely sorry…I rudely behaved with u…priya said Plze don’t ask me make me hurt..abi loving manner looks at her…priya speak continuously I understand your pain…abishek said thank u.priya said between best friend never needed thanks..abishek said we are not best friends…priya looks at him shocking ???????abishek continuous his speak said we are not best friends..we are….priya curious look at him said we are?abishek said we are lovers..u promised me huh u wil act as my girlfriend…priya blushing…and smiles…her intuition feels very happy…priya think in her mind I like his all antics naughty my abish..priya speak inside again said my abish????? abishek look at her she is smiling..and blushing…abishek asked priya y r u smiling..priya looks at him..he raised his eyebrows…priya said nothing abish…abishek asked abish……priya said yeah your name is abishek..everyone calling u as I thought I want to call in unique name..because your my boy friend..I want to call uniquely my boyfriend that’s y this name abish…i like this name…abishek sarcastically said oh oh….???????not bad…your also changed your attitude as me…priya feels happy and blushing???.priya asked if u miss anyone in your life..abishek said no..because all are staying
near by me..he again asked her…u..priya said I miss my parents,my brother…my parents is not alive in this world..they left already..I have only my brother…I am his life..he is my life..2day I feeling like alone…I know that u all caring me,loving me,there for me always…but my brother is alone 1 caring,loving him
like me there.. I am his life…actually I expecfed he will attend purvi engagement function..he stucked with his work…because of me he is working hard in there…abishek understood her pain…he touched her shoulders.. she hugged
him very tightly…he consoled her…she clutches his shirt very tightly…I don’t know y whenever simmi taunted about me…I never care about that…but she talked about my family it hurts me alot…I can’t see someone taunting about my family badly…abishek is also emotional he understood how much pain she having now…she tightly hugged him…she feels his arms is the safest place for her…abishek I never think I want to hurt her…I never think to separate your family members…2day I am also reason for this problem…it hurts me alot…abishek said u never did any mistake..don’t think like this way…she deserves that…u don’t compare yourself than her…I felt very happy to have girlfriend like you..priya feels very happy..said.really…abishek winked at her ? eyes…priya slowly punched his chest…abishek fake pain shows ouch!!priya looks at him asked it’s really paining…abishek nodded her head…priya pour her face…hugged him very tightly…both hugged eachother very tightly…screenshift to abiya happy face…
Precap: no Precap…

Guys I want to share things about others ff…lots of people writting ff well in teleupdates…I am silent reader of your ff..guys I learning lot of good things from you…thank u for giving such a wonderful ff to us..

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  1. superb………

    1. Sowji

      Thank u ishni

  2. Abiya

    Always rocking with ur ff ff dr ???

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  3. Awesome update yaar…
    Abhigya scene choo cute nd lovely??…
    I loved it….

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      Thank you for your love…thank u for your comment priyanka…

  4. very niceder keep it up

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      Thank u lopez

  5. ShruthiRavichandran

    Super dupper episode.when will pragya know abt her aboo.i am waiting to see that episode

    1. Sowji

      Thank u shruthiravichandran..twist will be reveale it so soon…you wil get your question answer…for my next ff…

  6. Asmithaa


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      Thank u asmithaa

  7. Hai sowji nice yaar…as always over cute couples scene awesome…and i have a doubt prags brother don’t know the truth of pragya????

    1. Sowji

      Hi varsha…thank u for your comment…ur question answer u wil get so soon when wil u read my further ff..u all doubts will clear it…

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    Superb epi di…

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  9. Super dear……

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      Thank u sugan

  10. Hai sowji I have many doubts can u pls clear me. Actually u said that there is a reason for drinking coffee in morning both abhi and priya right but still u didn’t clear this and secondly u didn’t mentioned abt rishabh in fb which priya shared with babu and third one the inspector claimed that she is priya raman but then also no one asked abt it to her and next one u said expect abhi and family the youngsters and relatives don’t know abt they are searching for ishu and abhi know that ishu and raman are nomore in this world he can reveal to their family right… And last but not least priya was feeling insecure or guilt when abhi kissed her right she thought that she is betraying her abhoo and now she is hugging him she started love him so I thought that priya came to know about abhi is her abhoo bcz u mentioned in fb episode that abhoo ambition to become a rockstar is well-known by priya and she came to know that abhi is the rockstar she can concluded very easily am I right.. Are their any fb that priya came to know that abhi is her abhoo… Are else this full game is playing by priya that she need to expose the truth of abhi enemies and or she need to prove that her dad is innocent that he didn’t used the money… I am sorry if I hurt you by pointing out my confusion & I mean to pinpoint on the doubt which is not clear to me and that’s it I already said that without reading ur ff I can’t able to sleep so pls don’t think that I didn’t like ur ff I really love more than billion times and ur ff became as a bedtime story for me so pls don’t feel bad about my confusion pls I am sorry again…

    1. Sowji

      Excellent question saral…read my next ff…u wil get ur questions answer…actually your the only one asked these much questions I wil clear all your doubts just be wait a few day…your each question answer wil reveal it so soon…I am very glad to read all ur comments….just be tolerate……

  11. Awesome princess??
    Abhiya scene was really cute????
    Love you baby ♥️♥️♥️♥️

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      Thank u for your love..tgank u for your comment suha..

  12. superb episode sis loved it waiting for the next episode

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