Childhood love come into real (abiya)ff-40


Hi guys this is sowji..I hope u all enjoyed my 39th ff..lets move to dream ff..the ff no. is 40..the ff begin with priya looks shocked..because abishek asked priya can u act me as my girlfriend.. but his statement make priya little bit tensed..she understood he is angry on her…whole bride and groom family stunned…because of inspector word..after media and inspector all left from the party venue..priya was embarrassed…she never speak single word…she left from the party hall to alu room…dadi asked sorry to groom family..because of this controversy…groom family said no problem dadi Ji…I can understand don’t worry god will solve all your problems…whole bride family sent off the groom family…all guest left…now the party is over…whole family’s angry on simmi parents,simmi…screenshift to priya…priya packed all her things in her suitcase…she decide to leave now..she took her trolley suitcase…

she come to down floor…whole family shocked because of her sudden action…whole family percipient..she goes to dadi…both dadi plze forgive me…I am extremely sorry..I can understand your suituation..simmi l angrily ? look at priya .actually I am also reason for this issue…no longer I can’t stay here…this is the time to leave from here…sorry uncle,Aunty,my friends..I know that you all are angry on me…simmi sarcastically said exactly priya your right…your the reason for this mess..priya looks at simmi.. simmi continue her talk because of u now my family’s never speak with us..told them everything fake video…u created that video…we are innocent..simmi parents said yes my daughter speak the my daughter word dadi..priya is liar..
Priya can’t control his anger towards simmi ??priya never speaks single words..she is controlling her anger towards them..simmi goes to dadi weeping fake said dadi she is a liar..she make misunderstanding between us.. priya can’t hear her words..she just take her trolley suitcase just move from mm..suddenly she heard some voice…actually dadi called priya…priya stopped and look at dadi…I told u just leave from here…if I give permission to here leave from u..she was shocked..looking at dadi…she goes to dadi asked…dadi…dadi said is I said I never trust your words…how can u leave without my permission..she look at dadi emotional manner..simmi parents speak dadi she is a liar…y r u stopping her…dadi looks at simmi parents said I know that which is truth or which is lie..dadi held priya hand whole family looks shocked to see dadi reaction towards simmi parents..dadi slapped simmi parents & simmi..because of u this problem has happened…don’t blame her…she is nice girl…that’s y she is calm & esse now.. she have lots of power…compare to us…but she never give any against statement to inspector…because she loves our family…because of our sake she never give complaint against us..

abi father,ranveer father asked maa that video is true…dadi said yes that video is true…priya knew the truth but she hided everything for our sake..abirab veernav alibul purshi all looks shocked..she already informed me…I give the permission that’s y she fixed the camera all over the room…whole family member stunned by dadi words…abishek asked dadi y u never told to us ahead it..dadi said because I want to know the truth…that’s y…priya showed all video is true…abishek angrily goes to simmi y did u behave with her like this way…because of u she suffered lots of problem…abishek slapped simmi infront of whole family…abishek said u taunted her about character…shall I say one thing I will never forgive u till lifelong..simmi weeping continuously????.abishek moves to simmi parents I treated u as my mom &dad…I never expect u wil do this kind of bad deeds to me…I wil never forgive u till lifelong…I finished my relationship with u…abishek talked very emotionally????..whole family angry on simmi parents…abi father said get out from my home..dadi never speak any word..priya looks shocked…alia took simmi hand moves towards the door & pushed her out…simmi parents said dadi please forgive her…Plze give a chance hereafter we never do any mistakes..Plze dadi forgive us…simmi parents move towards the door…suddenly priya speak dadi if u don’t mind…shall I ask something with your permission..dadi said sure beta…u have all rights to speak here…priya said Plze forgive them give one chance to them I know that I am not to take decision in family issue…but please think about khushi…she want her parents to stay with her…please for my sake forgive them..all family looks stunned…how much they treated her ,tainted her but she forgive them so easily….whole family proud to get priya in his life…priya said stopped them…she holder simmi parent hand and simmi also come along with them…they said we never forgive them..because of you I will allow them to stay with us…priya feels very happy…thank u dadi…abi mom and whole family said today u wil stay with us…without our permission u never from here…

priya said dadi but I have to go…because of I have some work in my home town…dadi said it’s my order…u wil never leave from here..dadi said to robin took her suitcase placed it on alu room…priya said but dadi…dadi stared at priya???priya said k dadi I wil stay here…simmi and his parents went to his/her room…abi mom,ranveer mom,janaki all comes hugged priya…priya noticed abishek reaction towards her…suddenly purab asked we never expected your the big business men here..priya smiles…she noticed that abishek is angry on her.. She looks at abishek…but abishek ignored her..priya said dadi if u don’t mind i want to go out to get a pure air…shall I go to garden…dadi said this is also your home.. u can go where ever your wish…guys….I want to be alone for a while minute…all youngsters said k Madam we never disturb u…priya left from home to garden..

she goes to garden…she is sitting springboard in the garden…she feels uncomfortable…she is weeping continuously…maa paa I missing you alot…abishek come to there and hiding look at priya…priya feel abishek presence…she get up from the spring board look at everywhere…she can’t see him…but her heart says abishek is there…suddenly she saw somebidy hided in behind tree…she goes towards the direction..abishek move from to some other place…

Precap:priya showing her event costume to her staff…new member entry in priya life…

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  1. Asmithaa

    Nice epi… Pls make Priya know abt Her aboo soon na pls..

    1. Sowji

      Lots of twist is waiting for u…thank u for your comment asmithaa..

  2. Nice..

    1. Sowji

      Thank u priyanka

  3. superb di

    1. Sowji

      Thank u ishni

  4. Super dear…..

    1. Sowji

      Thank u sugan…

    1. Sowji

      Thank u abiya…

  5. Wow di! It is fantabulously awesome!!! I really love ur ff …sooooo muchhh.Di u r an awesome writer!! One of the best writer in tu and my favourite writer..I really love the way u write di ..u have given us a wonderful story and being ur dream story I can really say this to u Hatts off to u fr this wonderful n beautiful ff!! Pls don’t think u don’t write good! U write very well di !! Can’t wait fr next epi.. It is very interesting too!!! Tk care di!love u soooo muchhh!!! Keep writing!!!

    1. Sowji

      Ashika thank u for your love…ashika nice to hear all your words…thank u for praising me…thank u for your support….thank u for your lovely comment…thank u for encouraging me..I happy to read all your comments…

  6. Interesting sis loved it eagerly waiting for the next episode

    1. Sowji

      Thank u for your love…thank u for your comment minu…

  7. very nice dear priyas lyfstyle is a perfect example of good manners it portrays hw gud we should live our life even if one own the whole world and once again I salute ur thinking

  8. Sowji

    Thank u for your comment…thank u for your lovely word lopez…

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