Childhood love come into real (abiya)ff-34

Hi guys this is sowji..I hope u all enjoyed my previous ff..lets move to dream ff.the ff no. is 34..the ff begin with whole family ? confused face abishek mom asked priya what happen priya y r u blaming my son..what he did tell me at straight forward ?priya said Aunty Ji ur son is liar…abishek comes towards priya said I can’t understand…priya said abishek how could u forget that so easily…all face looks tensed..alia comes to priya hey what happen y r u blaming my baiyya what he did just tell us…priya said 2day he lied to us…he said he saw cockroach in our room…but actually dadi cockroach was not in our room..u knew dadi I was scared ? he was cheated us dadi…that’s y I am angry on him.whole family laughed????this is your reason to blame him…asked alia mom…priya said a Aunty Ji…dadi Plze scold your son &grand son…whole family laughed??????☺abishek uncle&abishek dad said about priya crazy girl?aunty Ji y r u all laughing???

i actually scared he did any wrong deeds…but I never expect u told this is behind reason☺☺ ha ha ha whole family laughing continuously…priya pour her face..abishek look at priya thinks in her mind I like all her antics…plze priya I can’t control myself in front of u…oh my cute ? doll love u forever..suddenly priya get hiccup continuously.. purvi comes give a glass of water said somebody thinking about you that’s y u get hiccup continuously..abishek looks at priya yes purvi your right I always think about my doll…I am mad on her?? priya looks at abishek think in her mind I never told the truth actually if I told the truth they wil think about u wrongly…actually I disturbed by your touch towards me..

I should have talk about this to Abi… he tried to kiss me if I told them to truth they wil punish him…y my heart ❤ melting towards him…how I forgive him so easily…y my heart says don’t go away from him…I like his presence towards me…no priya he is not your aboo…he is Rockstar abishek mehra..he is big star…lots of girls crazily love on him…he is not yours…he is alu brother that’s it he is no connection to u…don’t wandered your heart…just stop thinking about him…she moves towards dadi again complaint about Abi…dadi told him here after he wil never do like this to us.suddenly simmi sarcastically speak to dadi she is stay here only one day…y r u bothering about her words dadi…just ignore her words dadi…her words hurted priya…she never showed in her face..actually all boys girls are angry on simmi..

priya gestured towards them don’t talk…priya said your right simmi…but I told this now because he never repeat this action to anyone…that’s y I said this…simmi again talked
but rockstar dadi stopped her… dadi completed before her words…abishek is just kneel down infront of priya like proposing manner..whole family ? shocked..they never expect from this Abi…abishek held priya hand looks at loving manner…priya looks shocked?actually this is 1st time abishek asking sorry at this manner..priya looks emotionally???abishek said yes your right I did a mistake i am sorry ? Plze forgive me..priya looks at abishek emotionally..suddenly she is sitting in the floor
with him said both hand joined together said it’s k abishek I know that Plze hereafter ask sorry ? like this way…I can’t see in this state..hereafter if u wil do any mistake then u ask sorry to them at standing manner… abishek wiped her tears ? rolled from her eyes…abishek signalled to her smile ?

please..she smiled but tears are rolling from her eyes..dadi & abi mom think in her mind I want babu like her…I want to talk 1st marriage negotiations to abi mom .purab ranveer alia touched his/her shoulders with the support of them they standeth..after abishek hold his ears asked sorry to aliveer,purbul,priya…purab said idiot y r u asking sorry to us…between friend never needed that…after sarala Aunty called everyone to have the dinner…all the enjoyed to have the dinner…priya is ogling secretly at our abishek..whenever abishek looks at her..she looks somewhere…all successfully finished her dinner..while a minute after they all left to respective rooms…actually priya admiring secretly at our Abi…suddenly Abi mom comes to alu room called our priya…priya left with Abi mom..Abi hiding heard the conversation between them..Abi mom asked sorry ? I never expect simmi talked like that manner…priya said Aunty Ji u still thinking about that incident just leave that Aunty Ji…actually she spoke the truth only…so I never hurt by her words…aunty Ji just forget that don’t ask sorry…ur elder than me…Plze don’t ask sorry to me..Aunty Ji don’t overthink about that…u never necessarily to ask

sorry…this is the reason u called me Aunty Ji…Abi mom asked about Abi to priya…how is he…u like him…he always doing some silly things.. he is silly boy…he is very naughty…don’t think bad impression about him…actually he is very nice boy.. abishek thinks in his mind y mom talking about me with her…just hear conversation between them then only know what is priya think about me… priya said stop it Aunty Ji…actually I like your all family member in this house…your right abishek is very naughty Aunty…abishek mom again asked what u think about Abi..what your POV about Abi…alu told me u never aware about Abi…he is rockstar.. priya looks shocked? yeah Aunty Ji…

actually I don’t know he is Rockstar.. aunty ur son is too gud..I never see attitude in his behavior..he is very caring,loyal and pure heart person..actually Aunty your son is excellent singer…I like his voice aunty Ji…his voice is too nice…abishek mom admired priya words…abishek mom thinks in her mind she is very understanding girl..sure she will perfect match for my abishek..priya is speaking continuously about abishek…abishek heard about priya words he is extreme happy ☺he thinks I am the most happiest person in this world…after Abi mom finished the conversation said bye to priya left from the room…priya intuition feels very happy whenever she thinks about abishek her heart flying like butterfly(background plays female sanam re,engirunthu vanthai enna etho seithai movie from enaku 20 unaku 18(tamil))she is standing in the corridor of room..she happily went
inside…all looks at priya face…her face shows her mood is too gud…

khushi asked didi y r u so happy didi..what asked Abi mom with u? Priya said just normal conversation guys..nothing any special talk..Abi asked really..but your face showing me ur overwhelmed happy about something..priya think how can he understands my mind voice..oh god Ji Plze save me..guys u never trusted me huh..ranveer said who said we never trusted u..we always trusted u k…priya said guys then don’t ask over question…alia mom asked about your boyfriend…alia looks shocked…shal I tell the truth alia…alia forcibly shut her mouth..she gave fake reason…guys alia chased all boys from her room said good bit and bye…priya gesture them don’t go…she locked the room..all boys went to the Abi room…ranveer said to Abi I think u alu loves someone Abi..she hiding with us..yeah ranveer your right.. I wil ask about that to priya…k guys let drop this matter…tomorrow purvi engagement function now we wil all go to sleep..v wil discuss this matter later…we have lots of work on tomorrow…

they all slept peacefully..but abishek thinks about priya words…he feels very happy…actually he is flying in the air…screen shift alia room alu scolded priya yei idiot y r u said like that idiot…hello I am telling the truth…alia was scared asked priya really mom talk about this…priya laughed???simply said..alia flouted pillow on priya face..she laughed at alu antics.after all goes to sleep..priya thinks about abishek…her intuition feels very happy..after she slept peacefully and thinks about abishek…aboo and doll slept eachother day morning ? whole family busy in purvi engagement function evening now time 6pm groom family arrived at MM…

Precap:groom family and all man in bride family shocked to see bride family woman…
I end ff is here y they are shocked…what bride family girls did infront of them…all know wait to watch next ff…

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    That car wala aunty!! Am I right?? Super yaar!!! Awesome epi..

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      Yeah she wil come later but u know the twist read my further ff…thank u for your comment asmithaa..

  2. superb……… di wonderful epi i eagerly waiting 4r purvi’s engagment day

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  3. so nice sis loved each and every scene eagerly waiting for the next episode

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      Nice to hear your words…thank u minu..

  4. Abiya

    So cute episode dr u r rocking with ur story love u dr?????

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