Childhood love come into real (abiya)ff-29


Hi guys this is sowji…I hope u all enjoyed my 28th ff…now lets move to dream ff..the ff no. is 29…the ff begin with rishanth talking to his BG..his BG says we can’t get any clue against rakul jeikar death…but they said in his murdered that time no one in this house except rakul jeikar…somebody gave fake call to his family so all family member went out…His murdered preplanned murdered..rishanth shocked to hear his words…except me and my sister…no one enemy for him..but how can his murdered happened it like fishy….I wil sure found that person..screen shift to priya…priya holded Abi shoulder with the help of Abi…she walked slowly…Abi looking our priya…her head is paining…because her head is already injured…the car crashes so she slipped on the road…her leg is little bit paining…her hand is injured…she can’t walk properly…aboo understood her pain..he can’t see her pain…priya can’t speak properly…she is unwell..actually that person is 45years old lady…she is also fighting with boys and girls…

priya screamed loudly both of you please shut your mouth…because of her scream they are all look at priya face..priya asked aboo can u move please ? towards that lady..abishek looks priya face..priya goes towards that lady…Aunty Ji…actually it’s my mistake I never see the car coming towards me…I am sorry Aunty jii…that old lady said that is tell your friends..they are talking non sense…u only did that mistake…because of u they are blaming us..priya controlling herself…she is blaming priya continuously…purab,abishek,ranveer,alia,bulbul all can’t control anger towards her..they talked something towards that old lady…priya stopped them..priya looks at her friends guys wait a minute…Madame Ji..can u stop your speech…she blaming her continuously…suddenly priya lost her temper…she removed her hand from abishek

abishek I can go by myself don’t worry…nothing will happen to me..Madam Ji what u said…your the waste fellows wasting my time here…madam Ji wait I wil reply your answer…she slowly walks and take the strong trundle stick take in her hand..she goes to infront of car…she open the car door can u please come down…driver also came out she broke all the car window…old lady screamed her…what the hell she is doing wait Aunty Ji I wil showing you…she theatered her I wil call the police…priya goes move towards that lady said…do u know meaning of respect…what h said few minute back…we are waste fellows..

actually mistake is yours not mine..1st mistake u driver drove the car without horn 2nd mistake I came infront of u asked sorry..but u never respect and obey my words…I just accept u blamed me but u blamed my friends in front of me.. I wil never spare u…what u said we are educated fellows…yes, we are educated fellows.. what u said u wil call police…k call police I wil tell them u wantedly kill me…u used this drive to kill me…I will tell to them…just call the police…I never worry about your theatering..

u know one thing if u give respect only they wil returned give that respect…I talked to u polite…let we see who will go for jail…I wil give complaint against u…u never return back from jail till life long….did u get that…now u want to ask sorry with my friends…else I wil do what u said…whole boys and girls looks shocked??? at priya action..abishek thinks in his mind…what a presents of mind???.priya asked aunty Ji what will u do going jail or wil ask sorry to my friends…that lady looks ? angrily priya she goes infront of everyone said sorry…she goes to priya said I wil never leave u…one day u wil pay for this…priya said ? Aunty Ji I am waiting!!that lady angrily looks priya left from there…abishek looks that lady face…said to himself I wil there for my priya always..he holded priya hand very tightly..that lady speaks…priya and that conversion heard by abishek…bulbul goes to priya do I never expert from u this OMG ? di your rocked 2day…

your right bulbul…priya I am also can’t expert from u…she is scared about your words..priya said guys just stop praising me…actually I asked sorry to her…he is never know meaning of respect…she blaming my close friend…I can’t see my closed one suffered in front of me that’s y I did like that…ranveer said you loving us that much. Priya said yeah ranveer I like all of you??abishek looks at priya…priya eyes disturbed by abishek eyes..

Precap:priya get unknown number call again…she looks tensed..
I end ff is here…what is that lady related to priya…who is that unknown person..y she looks tensed… u all know wait for my next ff…

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  1. so nice sis loved it priya rocked waiting for the next episode

    1. Sowji

      Thank u for your love minu…thank u minu..

  2. waaaw u are indeed one of the beniun u ve indeed fulfill our wish tanx sooo much for ur love and respect towards ur audience love u

    1. Sowji

      I respect my fans and audience lopez…because of your love I can smoothly write all my ff..thank u for your comment..

  3. Superb dear..
    As usual u rocked it dear…
    Waiting fr nxt part dear..keep rocking..

    1. Sowji

      Thank u priyanka..thank u for encouraging me…

  4. wow priya’s actions r fantastic ur rocking it di waiting for next epi

    1. Sowji

      Thank u ishni..thank u for encouraging me…

  5. Aishwarya12

    Episode was amazing….I liked priya amazing n eagerly waiting for another

    1. Sowji

      Thank u aishu..thank u for encouraging me..

  6. Pragya action is really super dear…..

    1. Sowji

      Thank u sugan

  7. Saranya24

    Super dear waiting to knw all mysteries loved it love u????

    1. Sowji

      Saranya thank u for your love…thank u for your comment..

  8. Honey


    1. Sowji

      Thank u honey

    1. Sowji

      Thank u reshma_pradeep

  9. Awesome princess???love you♥️♥️♥️♥️

  10. Prabhi

    Really nice

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