Childhood love come into real (abiya)ff-28

Hi guys this is sowji..thank u for your love. Thank u for your comment..I commented everyone in my previous ff just check it in my previous ff..thank u silent readers..somebody asked me to upload double ff per day…I will try to upload 2 ff per day..lets move to dream ff..the ff no. is 28..the ff begin with priya was drenched in the rain ☔..she happily enjoys the rain..suddenly priya heard some voice singing the song(plays song jeene laga hoon,chota chota song from tajmahal movie(tamil))..actually her imaginary aboo,doll dancing in rain…both r dancing romantically in the rain..she looked at them loving manner…purlibulshi(purvi,alia,bulbul kushi)&all boys looked at her…bulbul asked alia what is she doing?? As same question purab asked abi…both said don’t know…alia said she is out of her sense…what is she looking??screen shift priya..priya lost her sense..they are dancing very romantically…priya goes to touch her aboo…aboo and doll move from some other direction…priya looks very happy look at them..actually she thinking in her mind…they

are dancing in real…suddenly one car coming toward direction of priya.. she never look at that car…she looks continuously junior aboo-doll..purlibulshi and abirabveernav looks shocked…they are screaming ? …abi is running ? towards the directions of priya..thinks to save her…the car comes near by priya…suddenly priya looks at the car..she shocked to see that car…the driver pressed the brake ..all boys and girls screamed priya…she fell down on the road..actually the car crashed little bit priya..all boys and looks shocked?? Abi screaming priyaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!all boys and girls running towards priya direction…priya get pain already in her head…abishek comes to priya…priya Plze open the eyes…look at me???????????priya is little bit conscious her hand is bleeding in blood..abishek took priya head in his lap…asked priya r u ok???she touched her head its paining for her…she is scared??abishek…she looks at abishek…all boys and girls screamed how dare u to crashes on my frnd??..that person asked the driver…what happened to that girl…driver told that person I put the brake..crashes before time it…mam nothing wil happen to her..because of screaming that person get down from the car looks at

her…priya shocked to see that person…she little bit scared ? looked at person…she hugged Abi very tightly…abishek hugged her and consoled her…nothing wil happen to you…I wil be there for you always(background plays tu meri jeans hai,ennodu ne irunthal uyirodu nan iruppean movie from I male version)…priya wil try to get up but it vain..she again try to get up…Abi holding her waist tightly priya left hand on Abi shoulders..Abi hold her waist tightly…she looks abishek..abishek looks abishek aboo face is near by her…she looks abishek…both lips between gap is very less…she breathing heavily…he can respiration her breath..(background plays meri aashiqui piano tune,a life full of love tune from movie 3(tamil))..she try to speak in her tongue but it words can’t coming in her voice…she softly speak abishek looks at her…abishek asked r u k???y she is dumb…abishek stopped them…stop fighting guys…priya looks at abishek…abishek asked you want to stop them right!!priya nodded her head yes!!priya speak slowly said guys just leave it…actually mistake is both of us…actually because of rain they can’t see road visibly that’s y this crashes happened…actually its my mistake also…actually i am not in my sense…I astonished see dance of…priya looked all direction.. she feels dizzy..abishek I saw one small boy and small girl dancing in the rain…abishek understood thinks in his mind she is dreaming some other thoughts..screen shift vilapuram rishanth woke up from his sleep… his mind is disturbed by priya thoughts…look at his watch ⌚ time is 1am..she is sleeping peacefully I wil call her at morning ?…I disturbed by rakul jeikar death…that’s y I got bad dreams…rishanth calles his BG..asked them they getting any clue against rakul jeikar death…they said something rishanth is totally shocked…

Precap: priya getting call from unknown number again…the caller said something priya looks shocked…

I end ff is here…y priya scared to look that person??that person is related to priya….y rishanth looks shocked??what his BG told to him??

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  1. i just love it although a silent reader just love your ff too much suspense
    will try to comment on every update
    please be first comment

    1. Sowji

      Thank u for your 1st comment…nice to hear your wording from your comment…thank you for your love..thank u prabhi

  2. Intresting!!!
    Keep rocking dear…

    1. Sowji

      Sure…thank u Priyanka..

  3. Hi yaar…nice epi….

    1. Sowji

      Hi varsha…thank u varsha…

  4. Interesting yaar loved all the scenes eagerly waiting for the next episode

    1. Sowji

      Thank u for your love…thank u minu..

  5. Awesome princess????love you♥️♥️♥️

    1. Sowji

      Thank u for your love suha.. thank u suha..

  6. waaaaaw di am sooo happy abt the way u reply each and everyone’s comment thanx for your time and care,by the way u rockbit dear

    1. Sowji

      It’s my pleasue…no needed your thanks…your all comments encouraging me..thank u Lopez…I am also very happy to see all your comments…

    1. Sowji

      Thank u aishu..

  7. Super dear……

    1. Sowji

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