Childhood love come into real (abiya) ff-8


Hi guys this is sowji…i hope u all saw my replied comment…i specially want to thanks

aishwarya,minu,priyanka,princesskrishna, ishni,saranya24,reshma_pradeep,anshu…if i missed any name i am asking sorry to them…&thank u for ur supports…thank u silent readers…if u feel like boring frankly say me in my ff comment…let move to dream ff no is 8…the ff begin with abi searching that girl continuously suddenly someone touched his shoulder..he behind to see them…that is simmi…simmi asked abi what are u doing here actually i called u..u never pickup my call…i searching u in whole mall…now only i see u here…everything is k abi…abi said yeah everything k..y r u searching for me..simmi said can u please select my engagement dress abi asked what!!!!!simmi said i mean what dress i wear for purvi engagement function..actually i selected lot of dress i confused now which dress i have to take thats y asking u.. can u help me…abi think in his mind how to escape from her…abi see her phone ..he see lot of missed call from purab…abi said to simmi wait i want to talk with purab…escaped from her..he called to purab phone..actually on the other side long distance purab saw priya..he thinks to meet her..suddenly he get a call from abi…purab attended his call asked abi where r u man.i called u many time…which floor ur in?abi said to purab…actually i am in ground floor…simmi is also with me..purab said oh u both r doing romance in ground floor..abi said arey idiot i am not romancing with her actually i don’t like her…she is always following me..i came here for my girl..actually i am searching for her…

purab asked whatt!! Rockstar abi searching a girl at 1st time..OMG…abi fall in love with that girl…abi murmur in himself y i told this matter to purab he wil completely tease me…anyone plze same me…abi told to purab no purab nothing like that actually i saw some girl here…i felt someconnection with her..thats y i come here talk with her…purab asked if u saw that girl abi said no yar…i missed her…purab said actually i saw here that accident girl in this mall abi asked which girl…purab said i told..she is very nice after that accident…day before day v were accident one girl..she fell down in road..abi in heart frowned never show it abi feel like jealous said to purab oh!! Where u see her…asked to purab..abi thinks in his mind y unknown anger form in me when purab talked about her…i saw her only before in groundfloor..abi asked purab which floor r u in?? actually i am asking to 4th floor to see her…abi suddenly running way to get a lift go to 4th floor…but he forget about simmi arrival…simmi also running…without simmi he move to 4 th floor..screen shift to alu darlu purvi bulbul khushi…talking in some time suddenly darlu get a his brother call…talked with him..his brother waiting for her arrival

so priya informed to alu and her cousin i want to leave here immediately actually baiyya called me…sorry girls i can’t spend long time with u..tommor i wil come to alu home..v wil talk long conversation in there…said bye to them left immediately…purab already reached 4th floor..he searching her in another corridor…actually he can’t see her..again i missed her murmured in himself..he saw alu,bul,khus,purv all in same floor…screen shift to abi actually abi arrival that lift is repair in second floor…actually that lift operator know it before..he thinks and dropped everyone in second floor…abi in second floor he thinks to go step in 4thfloor actually priya also walking in the same steps..actually abi going to upstair..priya is going to downstair…they both reached 3rd floor..actually priya covered her face in duppatta…lots of ppl walking up to down and down to up…because of lift repair..when both come near they never saw each other both felt someone presence..both felt weird feeling…(background music tera sang yaara starting music song from rustom movie (hindi),imaye imaye song starting music from rajarani movie(tamil)) suddenly they crossed each other when they came near they felt some weird feeling don’t know eachother y they feel like this crossed slowly…some more distance priya looked back to see abi back position suddenly abi stooped..abi looked back to see priya back position she covered her face in duppatta..(saiyara mein saiyara plays background(hindi),imaye imaye starting music(tamil))…

abi reached 4th floor…priya also reached ground floor…abi saw purab and all cousin…priya left the mall quickly…she called BG baiyya..he come to pick up her in exit gate…priya left the car immediately from the mall..abi asked them what all doing here..alu explained to him he came here to saw her darlu just 5min before she left from here…purab asked abi actually i came here to c u…purab asked him y u want to see me in teasing manner.. i thought u came to c that girl…suddenly alu and her cousin asked purab which girl u ppl talking huh…baiyya r u love anyone hiding with us?? Showing fake anger they asked to abi..abi looked confuse reaction actually abi don’t know how to manage the suituation suddenly voice over come from other side voice over said i am only one person have that rights to marry my abi.. all looked that direction that is simmi…abi saw her…actually all know that whatever v wil speak it completely waste to her..abi said nothing like that…actually i come here for purab…purab asked for me??? Abi said come with me select my dress for purvi engagement function..screen shift to third floor…ranveer ,arnav both doing naughty thing in that floor..all laughed doing them reaction..suddenly abi and purab come there all crowd surrounding ranveer and arnav actually arnav wore joker cloth making others fun…abi and purab saw this from long distance laughing continuously…they thought to stop them..else they wil never with us…abirab stopped them they are four left from there..purab selected abi dress…all finished shopping..they all left mall to home by car…screen shift to vilapuram actually all ppl surrounded in priya house..priya reached her home…she panicked get down quickly from her car…immediately go to see his brother..shouted loudly baiyya where r u?? Suddenly she saw her brother..she shocked now…

I end ff is here y priya shocked…what is happening in priya house..y all people surrounding her house…everything wil know jusy wait to watch next ff…i end ff is here…i thank everyone who all people commenting my ff..thank u everyone….this ff is completely not to hurt anyone..this ff is imaginary…i replied all comment just check it my previous ff…

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  1. Reshma_Pradeep


    1. Sowji

      Thank u reshma_pradeep…thank u for encouraging me..

  2. Aishwarya12

    Very nice akka… waiting for next one

    1. Sowji

      Thank u aishwarya12..thank u for encouraging me..

  3. Princesskrisha

    Wow sowji di awesome n loved abhi searching priya so nice

    1. Sowji

      Thank u princesskrishna..thank u for encouraging me..

  4. Superrrr…
    What happend to pragya’s(priya) bhai.?..eagerly waiting for nxt part dear..keep rocking…

    1. Sowji

      Thank u priyanka thank u for encouraging me…

  5. Awesome!! epi and i can’t wait to know why priya was shocked so plsssss update nxt epi soon

    1. Sowji

      Sure sandhya..i wil update it so soon…thank u for ur comment..thank u for encouraging me alot

  6. Saranya24

    Superb epi and precap is shockng waiting fr it???

    1. Sowji

      Thank u saranya24…thank u for encouraging me alot..

  7. B_Ani

    very nyc…keep rocking yaar. sorry i was not able to cmnt in the pre one

    1. Sowji

      Its k b_ani…no problem..anyway thank u for ur allll love..thank u for encouraging me..

  8. Very interesting.. your way of writing is so nice.. Eagerly waiting for next one.. Abhi and darlu scenes are so nice.. All the best for your dream ff..

    1. Sowji

      Thank u priya..thank u for encouraging me..

  9. CuteVanshu

    Very nice epi…

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      Thank u cutevanshu..thank u for encouraging me…

  10. Awesome buddy..sry was not able to comment in previous update

    1. Sowji

      Its k suhani no problem…thank.u for ur comment…thank u for encouraging me..

  11. super epi nice going but whts happening in priya’s house why she is in shoked i realy realy want to know it waiting 4r next epi plz update soon

    1. Sowji

      Thank u ishni..k i wil update its so soon …

  12. Update soon eager to know what happened

    1. Sowji

      Sure anjana

  13. Shriti

    sory not able comments to u in previous episode awesome episode superbbb but plz dont make pragya brother die plz

    1. Sowji

      No worry shriti…nothing wil happen to her brother…just wait and watch..thank u for comment…

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