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Childhood love come into real (abiya) ff-10


Hi guys this is sowji…thank u for ur all comments…if u feel like boring frankly comment me…this is my 10th ff…actually i feel too glad.. ur comment encouraging me alot..keep support me guys…thank u silent readers….i expecting silent readers also comment me…let move to dream story…the ff begin after finished the conversation with alia..her brother decide to send her for alia home..priya said baiyya i can’t go there actually engagement is friday only…we wil both go to attend that engagement…actually ur hand is also injured i never leave u in this condition…rishanth said hey my lovely choti priya my left hand only injured i have right hand i wil manage all the suituation…actually BG also with me so nothing happened to me..alia is eagerly waiting for arrival..

she is also my sister i never want to disappoint her…i hope because of brother sake u wil go to alia home…priya again say some word but her brother stopped her…actually i know priya how much u love me..and i know that because of this injury u deny go there…plze for me i thought that wil be safe place for u..i want to recorrect all things from here so i need a one week time to correct all mistake from here…they actually targetting u only…for one week this place never safe for u..priya said baiyya ur too scared for that idiot words…y v want to leave…baiyya i decided now…i wil go to der..but one condition u want kill all of them..i wil wait for ur arrival in purvi engagement function…they cross the limit now we want to resist them…

baiyya now u decide what wil u do???v want to kill them this is only solution..v wil survive in peace…rishanth hugger her tightly said i accept ur condition actually i am also thinking the same only….my sister is too growth…now she is too bold…childhood i saw scary sister…now my sister is too sister is too matured…now villan entry guys he is not main villan he is also one part of villan…same vilapuram place screen shift to south west place of vilapuram district (dhoom 2 abishek bachan entry music(hindi),thuppakki movie villan music(tamil))his name rakul jeikar he is son of jeikar…he doing illegal things in this village…actually rishanth warned them many times…

they never change…actually this rakul jeikar is little bit handsome…when he saw our beautiful girl…he want ruin that girl life…actually he saw our priya in famous temple in vilapuram..he was fall in love on her….one day he proposed her..since childhood she don’t like his character….she always reject all boy proposal because of some sake…but she reject him for his behaviour with all girls…she knew that everything…she don’t want make this too issue…so she always ignore him…one day he tried to misbehave with her…she slapped him too hard…infront of his family…she decided to take revenge..some of boy helping him hiding…priya know that…she never inform it to her brother….screen shift mehra mansion…all had their dinner.after all went to their own respective room…actually abi went to balcony thinks about a shopping mall girl…y i felt that accident girl,shopping mall girl,alu friend this thrice is same person(background plays kal ho naa ho(hindi),anbeya song from darling movie(tamil))..screen shift to priya home…now time is 10pm..she is in her room…she get continuously hiccup….she drink water it never stopped…

y i always get hiccup like this way she thinks in her mind..y i felt someone thinking about me(background song same hindi song as here,raja rani naszriya-arya bgm(tamil))..abi unknowningly slept in balgony…suddenly hiccup stopped priya slept happily…next day morning screenshift to MM(mehra mansion) dadi searching abi in his room..actually he is not his room…she searched whole room..she can’t see him…dadi think may be he will in balcony…dadi guess is right slept there only…dadi wake him up..he get from his sleep..plze dadi i wil sleep some more time…suddenly dadi make a prank him…simmi he is here only u want to gave him morning kiss u told ah said dadi in teasing manner..suddenly abi jerked wake up from his sleep..watching everywhere….simmi is not there…dadi laughed..actually u make me prank…dadi………. wake up abi just have ur coffee…

actually dadi also don’t like simmi…her behaviour made her irritating she never want bahu like her..after all have breakfast….day also move evening…screen shift priya home…priya packed her bags take some cloth to wear in that house…alia wil come there to pick up our priya…suddenly alia car come there…his brother welcomed alia after they alia and priya said bye to rishanth…rishanth said lot of things be safe..send some bodyguard hidingly to protect her…priya never know about BG…they left the car…alia and priya reached mehra mansion…suddenly abi felt priya presence…priya also felt abi present both don’t realize actually priya attire in traditional look..both thinks y i felt someone closed to me present in this house…alu called her… she came back to sense…priya is looking gorgeous she wore red saree with light makeup…both get down from the car….

I end ff is here what wil next happen what wil abirab reaction and whole family reaction???just wait and watch next ff…thank u everyone…i commented everyone check it my previous ff…this ff is not to hurt anyone..this ff is imaginary….

  1. Aishwarya12

    Very nice akka

    1. Sowji

      Thank u aishwarya12

  2. Princesskrisha

    Its so awesome actually to say im in dream with your story dr

    1. Sowji

      Thank u princesskrisha..thank u for encouraging me…i feel very glad…thank u for ur all love..,

  3. wow superbbb….. nice going ur rocking it di so now abirab will shock to see priya in mm

    1. Sowji

      Thank u ishni…yeah big shock…

  4. Wow..double treat …
    Superb dear…eagerly waiting for nxt part…

    1. Sowji

      Thank u priyanka..thank u for encouraging me…

  5. Wow, alu n darlu bond is amazing,
    Dadi prank is superrr.
    eagerly waiting for next episode.

    1. Sowji

      Thank u anshu…ha ha ha just for fun made that ff like this way..

  6. Really ur ff is so nice and l really love it…I am waiting for the next update soon….

    1. Sowji

      Thank u saral…thank u for encouraging me…

  7. Reshma_Pradeep


    1. Sowji

      Thank u reshma_pradeep..

  8. Day by day curiosity increases ma loved the Bro sis bonding and way you describe connection feeling is awesome keep rocking

    1. Sowji

      Thank u minu..thank u for encouraging me…

  9. Saranya24


    1. Sowji

      Thank u saranya24…

  10. Asmithaa


    1. Sowji

      Thank u asmithaa..

  11. B_Ani

    awsum…simply superb. i am eager to know whats next…

    1. Sowji

      Thank u B_ani..

  12. Honey

    Nice dr

    1. Sowji

      Thank u honey..

  13. Awesome..๐Ÿ˜

    1. Sowji

      Thank u suhani…

  14. Very nice akka
    Just love it

    1. Sowji

      Thank u anjana

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