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Hello attention attention………everyone our country rockstar girls hearthrob our countrys privilege great abhishek mehra is arriving.all crowd cheered camera rolls to a black dashing car arrives the door slightly opens a young n handsome man comes out of it .he is our rockstar abhi .he was wearing a pure silk white shirt n black jeans with coolers . All was well everyone chereed him but his heart missed someone it was his chashmish his enemy cum friend cum crush n true love.all crowd cheered abhi abhi abhi he waved his hands it was a press meet n concert merged.abhi went to the stage spotlight fell on him reporter came n asked him to seat.he asked sir when is the release of ur album abhi said very soon reporter asked sir is any specific reason to name it as my childhood love abhi said yes.

sir if u have any crush can u share with us abhi nodded n started to tell i met her first at park in dehradoon my native at age 8 i saw her sitting in bench reading book wearing glasses but she looked cute i thought to tease her n snatched her book n ran saying chashmish catch me if u can little girl run behind him both were breathing heavily suddenly abhi got aidea he holded the book high n said take it if u can.chasmish said mr kaddoos give it to me i said no no chashmish.she jumped many timez but cant take it suddenly she climbed on bench nearer n snatched it n ran away.Our parents made us frndz but well fight fr silly things .

we had a kabbadi match between girls n boys all were out in her side except her now it was her turn she came n touched all of us was about to cross the line while i holded her i mean hugged her we rolled upon she bite my hand n ran away she won.thats when i started to like her .her one earring was stuck in my shirt i took it.we had a music band we will play drums n many instruments using utensils n boxes itwas a fake band i ll sing she was my pair.we become best frndzz everyone discouraged me she was the one who challenged them that abhi ll bcom a rockstar n now i is my life but she is reason of my music

It was diwali we all wete playing happily we fed sweets to each other n played many pranks i gave her a chain which my dadi gave to me n said give it to most important person in ur life.we didnt know it was the last day we could meet.that was last day i met my chashmish her fatber got transfer they went to mumbai i promised her that ill not forget her n well frnds always abhi was in tears.r asks sir wats mam name name
Abhi said i dont know i named her

chashmish n didnt botber to find her original name.all people were in tears r asks sir wat if she doesnt return he said i ll love her n remain i memories of my chashmish.r days says sir ur love ll win. Abhi says thanks somewhere incrowd one heart is happy at a corner we.could see a beautiful girl smiling with tears n mutters kaddoos.But she thought what if he thinks im expressing my love after he had become wealth what if he finds me unattractive how ll i prove him does he need proof to recognise me.someone.frm crowd asked sir what if shes not beautiful .abhi said ill accept her to me shes beautiful however she is a persons beauty is all about heart n not outer appearance.suddenly a young man of 23comes to stage n.said abhi bhai abhi stood n.asked what bulbul said ur chashmish name is.

pragya n shes here abhis eyes searched her abhi said.ill find her out n.tied his eyes in a cloth all cheered fr him abhi was coming close to the beautiful girl she was wearing green chudi with pearl studs n the chain abhi gave n a bracelet with letters A n P hanging from it.he said chashmish n hugged pragra couldnt resist she hugged him n cried abhi opened his eye.n saw pragya his chashmish all were happy n cheered abhi pragya.abhi took her to stage n said meet my love my chasmish all were stunned because abhi found out his chashmish whom he met at age8 by blindfolding his.eyes.his love is true

If.a person has true love then love will come to us for sure.abhi sang tum hi ho while pragya sang other half.all were mesmerised to hear their voice which is fully filled with love concert ended.abhigya went a abhi asked pragya hw r u i missed u pragya asked all questions inside her like how he found out her.abhi replied pragya saying chaahmish ur my life i wont say anything bad about u bexause i know u morever i love u n can find u easily.abhigya hugged each other pragya said i love u abhi i love you i love you a hi said i love you too chashmish
Story ends….

Pls feedback guys i know u ll because im ur sweet choti frnd behan n.sis na
Love needs no proof because ur heartbeat itself a proof that u r fr me .

With butterflies
Princess krisha

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    Wow.. so cute and simple story like my princess sis

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    Princess such a cute story!! Loved it Choti so sweet. Love you <3

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