my childhood love (chapter 8)

One period gets over and everyone get back to their places. Meher thanks Lavanya and does a high five with her.
Abeer: nice plan Lav
Lavanya: haha
Teacher: today, I am going to change everyone’s places.
Abeer gives Meher a sad look.
Meher: don’t worry, we can meet in break and at our houses.
She gives him an assuring smile.
Teacher: Meher u stand up from there and sit at that empty bench, the one at the back.
Meher stands up.
Abeer says in a voice audible only to her: don’t go
Meher: don’t worry, we are changing places not classes.
She goes taking her things from there.
Teacher: Akshat, u stand up and go sit beside Meher.
Akshat smirks while Abeer gets jealous. Akshat sits beside Meher.
Akshat: hi beautiful.
Meher: hi
She replies in i-am-not-interested-tone.
Akshat: U r Meher, right?
Meher: yes.
Akshat: friends?
He forwards her hand. She unwillingly shakes her hand with him. He caresses her hand with his other hand. She tries to free her hand. He tightens his grip.
Meher: what r u doing, leave my hand.
Many places were changed, even Abeer’s place was changed. Fortunately his place was on one bench forward.
Meher: leave my hand.
Abeer hears her and turns around and frees Meher’s hand.
Abeer: Hey Takshat, don’t do like that again.
Akshat: its Akshat
Abeer: whatever, kabse dekh raha hoon main kabootar tu bohat urr raha hai.
Abeer says angrily while Meher giggles. He warns him and turns back again. Akshat keeps his hand on her thigh. Meher feels really uncomfortable now.
Meher: don’t touch me!
Akshat laughs.
Two more periods went like this and it was break. Meher runs out of the class without waiting for her friends and goes in the library, she looks around, no one was there. Alone at last. She cries hard recalling Akshat’s behavior with her.

Abeer: Where did Meher go?
Ishani: don’t know, she went before us.
Lavanya: we will find in different places…Ishani and Sasha, u go on the place we sit in break, if u find her be there only, Abeer and Nisaar, u go to library, I will go to washroom and find her. Now go.

They go from there. Abeer and Nisaar go to library, they hear someone crying and follows the voice and sees Meher crying.
Abeer: Meher!
She turns her face away from them.
Abeer: why r u crying? Did Akshat do something?
He asks facing her. Meher nods yes.
Abeer: tell me what did he do? We all will together take revenge from him.
Meher: He touched me even after u scolded him.
Abeer: don’t worry, now we will do something to him.
He wipes her tears and takes her with them. NisMehBeer goes on the place where they sit in break and finds everyone waiting for them.
Ishani: why did u run from the class? we all got worried for u.
Abeer tells them everything.
Abeer: any plan guys? Ishani, Lavanya, u guys tell u r the pranksters, uss kabootar ki band Baja dengay.
Lavanya: there is one idea.
They do a group hug discussing the plan.
Sasha: yeah its right, let’s go in the class, I will distract the prefects.
They go towards their class. Prefects stop them. Sasha talks to them distracting them and signs everyone else to go. After sometime they sign Sasha that the work is done and the bell rings as the break gets over. Sasha goes to the class and sits on her place. Everyone else also comes to class. Akshat comes and sits next to Meher. As he sits, eggs fall on him from a bowl. He gets angry.
Akshat: who did this?!
No response. He turns to Meher and she looks here and there. He understands it’s her plan but stays quiet. He goes to washroom. When he comes back, he sits beside Meher again and glares at her.

Later, at evening, Meher was in her room doing homework when she hears a loud noise from the balcony of her room. She goes to see who’s it and is shocked to see Abeer.
Meher: u? u should have come from gate.
Abeer: till when will u stay here? I have a plan.
Meher: what is it?

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