my childhood love (chapter 7)


Tillu wakes up and sees Shyam smiling evilly and asks what are you up to? Shyam says nothing just came to see you two. He goes leaving Tillu doubtful. He goes to the place where Shyam was standing and gets shocked seeing oil with glass pieces.
Tillu: if didi walks on it she’ll get hurt, I will remove it.
He was about to pick them up but someone stops him holding his hand. Its Shyam.
Shyam: why do u care about ur step sister getting hurt?
Tillu: because I don’t have siblings and never got to know the importance of them till now, but when didi came I got to know that siblings can be there even without blood relation.
Shyam: she is not your sister, she doesn’t cares for u
Tillu: whatever
He picks the glass pieces and throws them cleaning the oil from there.
Tillu: don’t do anything
He sleeps.
Shyam: plan spoiled …this Tillu thinks Meher actually cares for him and saved her.
He goes irritatingly.

Next morning, Meher wakes up and slips by the little oil left on the floor. She gets a sprain and hisses in pain. She gets up but again falls on the floor.
Meher: ouch!
Tillu comes out of washroom and sees her on floor. He helps her stand.
Tillu: how did u fall?
Meher: don’t know
Tillu: ohh maybe the little oil must be still there
Meher: what u talking about
Tillu: yesterday when u slept, papa put oil and glass pieces on the floor to hurt u, I saw it and cleaned it but still some was left there.
Meher: papa ki to band baj k rahegi.

She wakes up Johnny and takes him with her, she goes out of the room and sees Shyam reading newspaper.
Meher: Johnny, see my own papa tried to hurt me
Johnny: woof woof

Johnny goes to Shyam and pees on him. Meher laughs. Johnny comes running to her. Shyam makes faces when he realizes what happened. Meher with Johnny escapes from there and goes to her room. She gets ready for school and takes Johnny also with her. She leaves from Shyam’s house and goes to her house to leave Johnny there till she comes back from school. Ishani, Lavanya, Tunnu, Cabir and Abeer with Meher walks to school together. Meher tells them what Johnny did with Shyam. Everyone laughs.

So after walking for sometime, they reach school and meets Sasha and Nisaar. After assembly, everyone goes to class sitting in their usual arrangement. The teacher gives them a project to do. The project partners were like this:

The partners sit together. Abeer and Meher looks at each other wanting to be each other’s partner. Lavanya notices this.
Lavanya: if u want I can fulfill ur wish.
Meher: what wish?
Lavanya: u want Abeer as ur partner, I know that.
Meher: what can u do to fulfill my wish?
Lavanya: ummm, let’s fake fighting but be careful we don’t laugh while laughing, we have to do so by showing teacher.
Meher: will it work?
Lavanya: I hope so

They both sigh to make themselves a little angry. Meher tears a paper to pieces and throws them on Lavanya.
Meher: tumhara paper tumko he Mubarak ho, I don’t need ur help, u play pranks on me and now became my partner.
She says loudly, everyone looks st them as to what happened, she winks at her other friends.
Lavanya: Miss Meher Purohit, u tore my paper, do u know its made from wood, u wasted a piece of tree.

She says trying not to laugh.
Meher: aai badi tree lover kahin ki, teacher change my partner plz.
Teacher: u can choose anyone from ur row.
Meher looks at Abeer and smiles.
Meher: Teacher, I want my bench partner to be my project partner as well.
Teacher: who’s that?
Meher: Abeer

Abeer looks at her with the same wish.
Teacher: OK change ur places.

Meher fakes an angry glare to Lavanya but she was thankful to her in her heart. Abeer sits next to Meher.
Abeer: how do u understand my wish?
Meher: I was telling my wish, we both were fightly fakely, it was fun by the way.
Abeer: what’s our topic of project?
Meher: Supernatural powers.
Abeer: interesting, let’s meet tonight at my place.

They shake hands.

Credit to: Sally Sue (Sara)

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