my childhood love (chapter 6)


Meher comes to her house and hugs Suman and everyone else.
Ishani: if someone does something to u then tell us…did he do anything to u?
Meher: no, he was about to slap me but i threatened him about my cute new friend Johnny (puppy) as he already bit him once.
Abeer: but where does he live?
Meher: in the same room where I live at Papa’s house.
Abeer: didn’t he say something to u?
Meher: no
Abeer: where does he sleep?
Meher: between me and Tillu on the bed.

Abeer: what? he sleeps so close to u?
Meher: yes
Abeer: OK so tell one more thing, who does he like the most from u both? u or Tillu?
Meher is confused
Meher: but how can he speak? he is a puppy
Abeer: what? Johnny is a puppy?
Meher: yes…what did u thought?
Abeer: I thought he is your boyfriend.
Meher gets irritated and punches his arm.
Abeer: ouch.
Meher: did it hurt?
Abeer: no it was a relief (joking)
Tunnu: so do it once more di
He comes giggling on them. Meher hugs him.
Meher: how’s u my guddu, I missed u a lot.
Tunnu: I m fine, why were u irritated?
Meher: coz Abeer thought Johnny is my boyfriend
Tunnu: who’s he
Meher: my puppy…wait I will call him…Johnny! Johnny come
Johnny comes running and jumps up hugging Meher.

Meher: he’s Johnny
Tunnu: so cute…my new jija ji
Meher: who was ur old jija ji?
Tunnu: Abeer bhai
Abeer coughs.
Meher: kuchh bhi bolta hai yr tu.
Abeer: there’s a truth behind ur every joke
Meher: no no he’s joking.
Abeer: OK now u should go back to ur dad.
Meher: here comes trouble again.

Meher comes inside Shyam’s house with Johnny.
Shyam: what took u so long?
Meher: that is my family and I have full right to meet them no matter what u say…if u want me to stay here then let me do what I want else let me go, m not dying to stay with u.
Shyam: can’t u talk with manners? m ur father.
Meher: where was my father before in the childhood? did I ever had a father? u just have a name of father u didn’t fulfil ur responsibilities towards me neither did u had any love for me or Tunnu…then what type of father u r?
Shyam: I know I left u all but after leaving u n Tunnu I realized I love u both a lot.
Meher laughs sarcastically.
Meher: nice joke papa, this love of urs is newly found for both of us…if u loved us u wouldn’t have ruined mine n Tunnu’s childhood…n m least interested in talking to u…Ma is my mother and father both so don’t ever think m gona love u again.

She turns to go to her room but he stops her.
Meher: I don’t want to talk to u.
She goes to her room and puts Johnny on the bed where Tillu was sitting. Johnny barks at him.
Meher: arey he’s friend Johnny he’s friend.
He stops barking and she makes him sleep in the middle of the bed. She goes to washroom to change her clothes. She comes out and sleeps. Someone comes and keeps glass pieces and spills oil on the floor. It’s Shyam.
Shyam says in heart: Now it will be fun…who will save u now Meher?

Credit to: Sally Sue (Sara)

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