my childhood love (chapter 5)


Mehbeer and others go to their class after the lunch break is over. Meher was constantly trying to concentrate on studies but failed. The thought of living with her father always disturbed her. Since she was little, their parents were married, never did she ever saw them happy. They always kept fighting and whenever she tried to stop them, she would get a slap to interfere from her cruel father of course. But today she decided that she wont let past repeat. She will fight back and take revenge for ruining her mother’s life and her childhood. Abeer sees Meher lost and talks to her while doing work.
Abeer: Meher, don’t worry, we all are with u and we won’t let anything wrong happen with u
Meher: Today I will take revenge from my dad, I will irritate him too much that he himself will give me back to Ma.
Abeer: Means u will go with him?
Meher: yes so that he doesn’t harms someone else from my family.
Abeer: but Meher he’s dangerous.
Meher: I won’t let him do anything, today is his torture day, m not afraid of him.

Later, Meher goes to her house with Ishani and lavanya and rings the doorbell. Her mother opens the door and hugs her.
Meher: Ma don’t worry, I will handle papa.
They go in the house.
Suman: but Meher how did u know?
Meher: he came in school and showed me my custody papers, and its my promise that he will go away from our lives very soon, trust me…Ma m going to take bath and then I will eat then I m going out for some work, if u know what I mean…new member of our house.

Suman: puppy?
Meher: hmm, he will protect me
Suman laughs and so does Ishani and Lavanya.
Meher: what happen?
Suman: nothing

Meher goes to her room. She takes bath and comes out wearing a knee length white floral dress and looked cute as usual, she does lunch and goes to a pet shop. She sees a white puppy, it was really cute and fluffy. She buys that puppy and goes from there to her house. She was sitting in her room with her puppy by her side when someone barged in the room. It was Shyam.
Shyam: pack your bags and come.
Meher: of course why not my so called papa
Shyam gets angry and is about to slap her but her puppy comes in between and bites his hand. He screams in pain.
Meher: my puppy will also come with me.
Shyam: no
Meher: then m also not coming, u want my happiness right? then I will take him with me.
Shyam accepts his defeat and helplessly says yes. Meher packs her bag with an evil smile and goes with Shyam. She hugs Suman before going. Suman gives her a phone to keep in touch with her. Meher sits in Shyam’s car at backseat.
Shyam: sit in front, I won’t kill u
Meher: no I won’t… what’s ur guarantee?
Shyam doesn’t says anything and drives the car. They reach, they come out of the car and goes to their house and rings the doorbell. Shyam’s second wife Sudha greets Meher calling her beta.
Meher: what is this beta beta? m not ur daughter, show me to my room Papa.
Shyam: talk with manners.
Meher: when u don’t have manners then why r u asking me to do so?
Shyam: Meher!
He raises hand to slap her but she holds his hand.
Meher: um um, don’t do so else my puppy will bite u again, and yes don’t think I m weak, I can fight back OK and if u don’t want to show me my room I will find myself.
She goes followed by her puppy and sees a room empty, she goes in and closes the door.
Meher calls Suman.
Meher: ma
Suman: r u fine?
M: yes m fine I will come to u soon, I will meet u tonight
S: take care

call disconnected.
*knock knock*
Meher opens the door irritated. It was a boy younger than her.
Boy: didi its my room too.
Meher: whoever u r m not ur didi
Boy: m Tillu
Meher: Tillu Pillu, its only my room go to other room
Tillu: there’s no other room
Meher: fine come in.

She lets him in and rolls her eyes in frustration. She gets engrossed in homework.
Tillu: didi don’t mind but if u r papa’s daughter then u r my didi too.
Meher: m not his daughter nor m ur sister.
Tillu: u can’t say that, m ur brother
Meher: yeah a fake one
He cries.
Meher: sorry
T: no one has ever talked so rudely to me.
M: I said sorry.
T: its ok.
He hugs her and Meher feels a brotherly feeling for him. However, they didn’t fought and continued doing homework. Later Meher gets a call by Abeer. She smiles and receives the call.
Meher: yes Abeer
Abeer: how’s u Sunshine? m missing u a lot
Meher: m not fine, I feel suffocated here…m missing my mom
Abeer: should I come to take u? I will make u meet everyone.
Meher: yes m missing everyone but papa
Abeer: I will handle him
Meher: OK bye star

Hi guys, plz don’t stop reading my ff, I promise this track will end soon, love u all…n love is blind will also end soon, to saare bachay kuchay readers, bear me till then.

Credit to: Sally Sue (Sara)

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    1. I m finishing love is blind because I lost all my readers because of that one year honeymoon n its useless to write more

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