my childhood love (chapter 4)


Meher comes to her room after having lunch and does her homework. Someone knocks the door of her room.
Meher: aajao (come in)
Abeer: hi sunshine
Meher: hi
They have a hug.
Abeer: u r still a bookworm.
Meher: yes that stupid teacher gave me punishment to write the answer of a question 10 times because I fought with her and didn’t do homework…her name shouldn’t be Miss.Kamini, it should be Miss Kameeni
Abeer laughs.
Abeer: I came to tell that Mom and dad wants to meet u so will u come later?
Meher: of course I will…I missed uncle and aunty a lot.
Abeer: hmm, I forgot to tell one thing, now I have a little sister also

Meher: wow, how old is she?
Abeer: 7 years
Meher: name?
Abeer: Pari
Meher: I really want to meet her.
Abeer: she also wants to meet u
Meher: hmm OK

Later that day, Meher goes to Abeer’s house. She greets everyone and hugs Madhvi and Kuber. Abeer also hugs her. Madhvi and Kuber smiles seeing them. They all have a talk. Pari comes there.
Pari: Bhai, u didn’t told me that Meher di has come…cutty
She makes a cute pout and folds her arms on her chest. Meher smiles at her actions. Abeer laughs and holds his ears and says sorry.

Pari: no its not OK
Abeer: u were doing homework that’s why I didn’t told, now u got to know, now I will tell u whenever she come.
Pari: its OK.
She hugs him and then goes to Meher.
Pari: Meher di
Meher: hmm?
Pari: will u play with me?
Meher: OK I will.
Pari: bhai doesn’t plays with me, if there will be more people it will be more fun, tell him also to come.

Meher: OK …Abeer u also come na plz? she is calling u so lovingly.

Abeer: OK if u say so

They all go to the room and play ludo together. Mehbeer always misses to hit each other’s ghoti as they were each other’s favourite. Pari always noticed this and teased them. Later in the game, they mistakenly hit and have a pillow fight. They hit each other with pillow while Pari laughs on their childish fight.
Abeer: y did u do first?
Meher: no Mr.tall u did it first
Abeer: ohhh
He starts messing her hair.
Meher: stop it!
Abeer: no no no
He tickles her and she laughs. Pari calls Madhvi and Kuber and shows them the scenario. Meher was rolling from laughter on bed.
Madhvi: Abeer don’t tease her, leave it na
They stops their fight and sits glaring at each other.
Madhvi: u both r of 12 but u fight like kids.
Abeer: but we r still kids.
Madhvi: enough Abeer stop this fight.
Pari: Mumma u should have let them fight I was having fun.
Abeer: me too
Meher: me 3
Abeer: let’s start again then.
Meher: no m tired I will go now.
Abeer: come I will drop u.
They go from there.

Next day, in school, in their class, the teacher was lecturing. Meher was attentive and Abeer was getting bored. He starts swinging on his chair. Meher watches him from the corner of her eye. He was about to fall and startles. Meher giggles seeing this.
Meher whispers: swing more
Abeer: Meher I was about to fall n u r laughing on me
Meher: ohhh sorry, did u got hurt?
Abeer: no
Meher: u r acting as if u r severely hurt.
Abeer glares at her.

In the break time, Abeer goes from the class not waiting for his friends. He finds a place to hide to scare them. He hides behind a wall. They come there and scares him instead. They all laugh and does a high five.
Meher: Why Abeer? u wanted to scare us but u got scared instead?
Ishani: this time Meher was also with us else she would’ve been our target as well.
She winks at Meher.
Meher: Ishani, enough of ur pranks.
Lavanya: scared?
Meher: no
Sasha: guys let’s eat something na m hungry
Nisaar: haan waise bhi Meher or Abeer ko darrane or tease krne ka silsila to jaari rahega ?
Abeer: chalein ?
Meher: chalo

They all were eating when Meher was called in office. She goes and sees Shyam there. She fumes.
Meher: why did u come here
Shyam: to tell u something
He shows her the custody papers of her. She gets shocked.
Meher: I won’t stay with u
Shyam: court will decide that
He goes and she cries. She goes to her friends and everyone worries seeing her cry.
Abeer: what happen Meher?
Meher: Papa has made my custody papers, I won’t stay with him.

Abeer: what? he fell so low
Meher: yes he is so cruel, I don’t wana stay with him.
She cries even more and everyone consoles her.

Guys just some more time, then I will remove Shyam from this ff.

Credit to: Sally Sue (Sara)

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