My Childhood Love (Chapter 32 33 and 34 combined)

Later, Meher and others were sitting on stairs as usual, Anmol passes by and Meher empties her bottle on his pants. Everyone laugh. Anmol looks at his pants than at Meher. He goes towards her and looks at her angrily.
Anmol: what is this?
Meher: revenge…u were throwing paper on us in class.
Anmol: u will pay for this.

He goes angrily. Meher laughs and does a high five with everyone.
Abeer: what’s the next plan?
Meher: I will think about it.

They talk and sometime later the break is over and together they all go to their class. Abeer and Meher were having fun, Anmol stares at them the whole time. He leans forward and the chair also bends with him and he falls along with the chair and his pants get torn. Meher turns back and laugh.
Meher: Abeer look back

Abeer looks back and laughs.
Abeer: when did u do this?
Meher: before he came.

Anmol in his mind: I will have to do something of her.

Later when it was time to go home, Abeer was waiting for Meher outside the college. Anmol stops Meher holding her hand and sits down on his knees. He proposes her.
Meher: I have a boyfriend.

She goes freeing her hand to the exit gate and Abeer calls her name. She smiles at him and sits behind him on bike and holds him tight from his waist as he rides.
Meher: I m more into u than studies.
Abeer: ohh, me too

She kisses on his cheek, he blushes. He drops her to his house and she stops him from kissing her.
Meher: they will tease me.
Abeer: did u care?

Meher nods no and turns to go but he pulls her back and kisses her temple, she smiles cutely.

Meher: naughty boy

She shies and goes. Anmol watches them. Next day, in college, in the break time, Meher was with Abeer only talking to him. He goes saying he will come back and he asks a boy to come to him. He does and Anmol gives him a packet, he asks him to give it to Meher. He does and the moments he opens the packet, she starts coughing and runs to washroom. Anmol follows her and she reaches the washroom and coughs in the basin.
Anmol: r u ok?
Meher: u…

Before she could complete he gags her mouth and takes her from there.
Anmol drags her from the washroom to his car and no one saw him. He pushes her on backseat and takes her to his garage and ties her to a chair.

Anmol sings: khudko kia samajhti hai? Kitna akkarti hai, college me nayi nayi aai ek larki hai (he then normally says) oops sorry, (he corrects the last line) college me naye naye ek handsome larke se

He says raising his collars addressing himself as the handsome boy.

Anmol: wese baby, u r beautiful n hot, what to do, I can’t leave u.

He says to unconscious Meher tracing his finger on her face and laughs.

Abeer comes back to the place he left Meher and on not finding her, he gets worried as she doesn’t go anywhere without him. He checks the girl’s washroom by hiding and checks everywhere but doesn’t finds her. He punches his palm lightly. He calls on her number and it’s unreachable. He again searches for her and gets her bag in the classroom.

Abeer: bag yahan chhor k kahan gai? (He checks inside her bag and her phone was also there) holy crap, how to find her.

He gets a message by an unknown number, “I took ur gf, just one night and she’s all mine, just for one night, just a one night stand, then I will give her back to u.”

Abeer: ye kon hai?

He says to himself and the image of Anmol reflects in his mind.
Abeer: kahin Anmol to nh?? Ab hai bhi to kahan dhundu isko? His bag is also here.

Just then he sees Anmol coming in class and he calls on the number from which he received the message and it rings in Anmol’s phone in his hand. Abeer tilts his head giving him a I-know-it-is-you look and disconnects the call. Anmol packs his bag and he follows him to his house.

Abeer follows Anmol to his house. Anmol goes inside and Abeer too goes inside slowly and finds him everywhere and then goes to garage. Meher was conscious by now trying to free herself and falls along with the chair.
Anmol: lag gai?
She looks at him angrily. He sits down and holds her hand.
Anmol: a lonely helpless girl, with no one around kidnapped. Tutututut

She gets more angry and tries getting up, he straightens the chair on which she was tied. He comes closer to her, Abeer gets angry.
Anmol sings: jhilmil taaron si aankhein Teri

He traces his hand on her face and she gets really angry by now.
Meher: what’s your problem?

Abeer comes and slaps him hard.
Abeer: saale, kia kehraha tha? One night stand? Arey ek minute bhi nh rehne dunga tujhko iske sath

He beats him and unties Meher.
Abeer: come baby

He picks her in bridal style and goes glaring at Anmol. He goes out of his house and makes her sit on the bike.
Abeer: r u ok?
Meher: yes, thank God u came else he..
Abeer: till I m with u, nothing can happen.

He kisses her forehead and sits on the bike, she holds him tightly as they ride back to college.
Abeer: u want to go home??
Meher: no m ok

They get down the bike and he holds her making sure she doesn’t falls as the unconsciousness effect was still on her. He takes her to class and makes her drink water.
Meher: I wonder what he wants from me
Abeer: I will not let him do what he wants

They have a hug.

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