my childhood love (chapter 3)


Ishani, Lavanya, Abeer, Nisaar, Sasha and Meher have a group hug. A best friend knows you’re sad, a best friend knows you’re mad, a best friend knows you’re crying, a best friends knows you’re lying. Abeer steals glances of Meher while they all were still in the group hug. They break the hug and goes to their class. IshYa on one bench, NisSha on another and Mehbeer behind them on third bench. Meher wasn’t listening to the lecture today, she was lost in her own thoughts. Abeer notices this and clicks his fingers in front of her face.
Meher: what?
Abeer: any problem? u r so lost.
Meher: nothing, just worried that I m not there with Maa, what if papa comes again?
Abeer: ur Mausa and Mausi are there, don’t worry.
Meher was still worried. Abeer thought of an evil plan. He starts playing with her hair, she gets confused.
Meher: what r u doing?
Abeer: getting bored from the lecture so having fun.
Meher: teacher will see us, don’t do.
Abeer: I don’t care.

The teacher looks at them.
Teacher: stop talking Meher, haven’t that dumb Maa of yours taught u something?
Meher gets angry and stands up.
Meher: no one dares to speak that way about my Maa! I repeat again, no one dares to speak that way about my Maa!
Teacher: how dare u shout on me, I won’t leave u.
Meher: catch me if u can.
She runs out of the classroom followed by Abeer and the teacher, they run and run and hides in the library behind the door.
Meher: what was the need to talk between the class?
Abeer: what was the need to go in your dreamworld during the class?
Meher gets irritated and shouts, he palms her mouth.
Abeer: if anyone gets to know we are here, we will be troubled.
He comes out from behind the door and looks out to see if anyone is there.
Abeer: let’s go before she catches us.
Meher nods and goes with him in the classroom. Sasha turns to her.
Sasha: why did u run?
Meher: because of that dumb teacher.
Sasha: but u shouted on the teacher, why did Abeer go with u?
Meher: coz he was the one who started talking first.
Abeer: is the period over?
Meher: no there’s 5 minutes left
Abeer: today we got saved…what if she complains about u?
Meher: so let her do, I will tell the principal the reason of my misbehavior. I m Meher Purohit and I m not fearful
Everyone giggles on her dialogue.

In the art period, everyone were busy with their drawings, Ishani and Lavanya thinks of an evil plan for MehBeer. They slowly approach Mehbeer and ties the left corner of Meher’s shirt to the right corner of Abeer’s shirt and quickly goes from there. After everyone were done with their drawings, the teacher collected the drawings and soon the period was over.

Mehbeer gets up together and Abeer walks faster than Meher, on every step she felt being pulled but didn’t knew why. Suddenly Abeer starts running and Meher falls on top of him.
Abeer: ouch!
Meher: sorry I don’t know how I fell on u…when u were running I felt being pulled.
She tries to get up but can’t.
Abeer: what happen?
Meher: don’t know
She again tries but ends up rolling on the floor and now Abeer was on top of her. When he tries to get up, he sees the ends of their shirts tied.
Abeer: oh God!
He quickly unties their shirt’s knot and finally get up.
Meher: what happened?
Abeer: our shirts were tied together, don’t know how it happened.
Meher: it must be done by Ishani and Lavanya…we should talk to them later, we should go to class.

They go to the class and seeing them, Ishani and Lavanya had tough time hiding their evil smiles. Mehbeer glares at them. One period passes in lecture and doing written work. Now it was break time, as usual the six of them were together sitting on staircase.
Meher: Ishani, Lavanya
Ishani: han?
Meher: why did u tie the corners of our shirts together?
Lavanya: no we didn’t
They quickly turns their faces.
Abeer: then how did it happen?
Lavanya: Abeer yes we accept we did it
Ishani: but what happen?
Abeer: we fell on each other

Everyone laughs except Mehbeer.
Lavanya: what else happened?
She smirks.
Mehbeer gives her a deadly glare.

Later, MehBeer were going to her house and it starts raining. They enjoy the rain.
Meher: Abeer, our house is two three streets away, let’s sit under the tree till the rain stops.
Abeer: OK
They sit under the tree. Sometime later it starts raining even more.
Meher: what should we do now?
Abeer: let’s go as soon as we can.

They start running on the road. Suman is worried about Meher and looks out of the door but Meher wasn’t there. Some goons surround Mehbeer.
Goon 1: Madam, u r doing fun alone, u should’ve called us.
Meher stands behind Abeer.
Goon 2: y r u hiding? r u shy?
He starts approaching her.

Mehbeer sees a police van passing by, they push the goons and starts running behind the police van asking it to stop. It finally stops and Mehbeer asks for help. The policemen beats the goons and arrests them, they asks Mehbeer to sit on the back seat and that they’ll drop them to their houses. Suman is still standing on the door waiting for Meher. She sees a police van stopping outside the gate.
Suman: why police came here?
She sees Meher stepping down the van and goes to her.
Suman: what took u so long?
Meher: I will tell u later, right now I m tired, let’s go inside the house.

Meher goes inside the house and goes in her room, she takes her clothes and towel with her and takes a quick bath. She comes out wearing a yellow casual sleeveless top and blue Capri. She dries her hair and goes downstairs. She tells everything to Suman while eating.
Meher: Maa, I want to say something.
Suman: bol
Meher: I need a puppy.
Suman: why?
Meher: coz they can help me in defending myself.
Suman: OK but u too be careful from him, u can get it.
Meher: thank u.

Credit to: Sally Sue (Sara)

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