My Childhood Love (Chapter 27 n 28 combined)

+++++++Meher kisses Abeer on cheek and the others start hooting. Meher blushes hard.
Rajesh: jaisa devar waisi bhabhi

He kisses Ishani and she blushes.
Ishani: no PDA Raj
Rajesh: what’s PDA?
Ishani: awww how sweet, it means Public Display Affection

Rajesh: oh haha, but we can take a selfie right, so pose

He says enthusiastically and pulls out his phone and they both pout and he clicks a pic. Lavanya and Nisaar do the same. Sasha feels alone. A boy comes and looks around the college. His gaze goes on Meher.
Boy: wow, she’s such a beautiful girl, I will make her mine. I will ask her to show me around the college.

He goes towards her but before he could reach her, Abeer puts his arm around her shoulders and takes her.
Boy: now who was that? Oh he must be a friend, control Anmol, u have only seen her by now.

Anmol goes and follows her. A ball comes flying from behind Anmol and hits him on back, he falls on Mehbeer as he was just a short distance away from them.
Meher: ouch!
Abeer: arey hum pe se utho nh to Bhagwan humein utha lengay.
Anmol: oops sorry

He gets up and they also get up.
Meher: watch where u go.
Anmol: sorry the ball hit me and..
Meher: its OK
Anmol(in his mind): how sweet
Anmol: waise what’s your name pretty girl?
Abeer: first u fall on us then ask her name, huh, let’s go

He goes followed by Meher.
Anmol: first impression got waste, but its not always the last impression…I will make it I know

After a long, hectic day, it was finally time to go home. Abeer sits on the bike and Meher sits behind him holding him tight. He rides off.
Meher: yayyyy!
Abeer: ahahaha u r a kid.
Meher: yes I m

Anmol follows them. Meher sees him partially.
Meher: u know what? I saw that boy follow us, change the route.

He goes to a different way and Anmol misses them. Abeer drops Meher to her house and bids bye to her kissing her cheek, she goes inside the house only to be teased by her cousins.
Ishani: ohhhhh look who came, the lover girl.
Lavanya: haha, look at her cheeks she’s blushing.
Meher: well well well look who’s talking, should I remind u that now u both also have a boyfriend?
She winks.
Lavanya: oops sorry
Meher: not every time dear, so what’s up with u n Nisaar? Bolo bolo
Lavanya: uh nothing much?
Meher: did u both share a kiss?

She giggles.
Lavanya: not yet.
Meher: oh haha n what about u devar ki patni?
Ishani: who? Me? No no we didn’t
Meher: PDA it is

She gives her a sly smile.
Lavanya: yeah yeah u r right, they must’ve shared it but u know…shyness
Ishani: shut up Lavanya…I didn’t share it but u must’ve shared

Lavanya: I said I didn’t
Meher: wait, fight after I go

She goes from there and they glare at each other annoyed.

The next day, Mehbeer go to college together with Anmol following them.
Meher: y was that boy following us yesterday?
Abeer: I think he’s after u
Meher: seriously? What did I do? Instead he fell on us.
Abeer: leave that donkey, your body isn’t paining right now, is it?
Meher: nope, m ok.
Abeer: give me a kiss, its been long.
Meher: what? In the middle of the road?
Abeer: oh plz u r just pretending that u don’t like to do so, I know u don’t care about our surrounding.
Meher: ohh how well u know me

She kisses him on cheek and sees Anmol from the mirror.
Meher: he’s again following us.
Abeer: he might be going to college.
Meher: oh

They reach and he puts brake on the bike, she jumps a little forward and holds him.
Meher: do it slow, I would’ve fallen.
Abeer: oh sorry

They get down the bike and go inside hand in hand. Anmol keeps following them.
Anmol: I want to tell her my feelings and he’s always around her, what to do? Ugh
Mehbeer keeps walking and trip, Anmol runs and holds Meher.
Meher: leave me
Abeer frees her from his grip straightening her and holds his collar.
Abeer: how dare u touch her?
Anmol: I was just saving her from falling.
Abeer: oh I m there for her.
Anmol: so what wrong did I do?

Meher takes Abeer away from there.
Anmol smiles looking at her as she goes. They go to their class and Anmol sits behind them. He tears papers and throws them on Mehbeer.
Meher: let’s teach him a lesson.
Abeer: haha will u give him a chewing gum with cockroach? Will u stick him with glue or will u throw eggs on him?
Meher: haha no those pranks are too old.
Abeer: let’s make him bald.

Meher laughs.
Meher: no, let’s make sandwich of sand for him.
Abeer: haha ok

Later, Meher and others were sitting on stairs as usual, Anmol passes by and Meher empties her bottle on his pants. Everyone laugh.

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