My Childhood Love (Chapter 25 n 26 combined)

Meher goes to her house and rings the doorbell, her father opens the door and she gets shocked seeing him.
Meher: aap yahan kiun aye hain? Aap jaiye yahan se
She walks past him and makes sure Suman and everyone else are alright.

Shyam: I have changed.
Meher: no papa, people like u never change…plz leave.

He tries to hug her but she stops him.
Meher: don’t…just don’t touch me, I m not your daughter
Shyam: Meher beta
Meher laughs sarcastically.
Meher: suna Maa aapne, mujhe inho ne beta bola
Shyam: tum apne papa ko ek mauka nh do gi?
Meher: mauka? Apko mauka doon main jisne mera or tunnu ka bachpan kharab krdia, u were very abusive to me Maa and Tunnu, u used to hit us a lot.
Shyam: Jo hua so hua
Meher imitates him.
Meher: Jo hua so hua, kia aap humko humara bachpan desakte hain? Nh na? Jaiye yahan se
Shyam: main papa hu tumhara
Meher: nh, aap mere papa nh ho, aap Shyam uncle ho

Meher gets a slap by Suman.
Suman: yeh koi tareeka hai baat krne ka? Sorry bolo
Meher: nh, main nh bolungi, ap mujhe ek or thappar dedijiye lekin is se maafi nh mangungi main.

Shyam: Suman kia kr rhi ho? Bachi hai

Meher runs to her room in tears.
Meher: maa ne mujhe pehli baar thappar mara just because of him

She cries holding her cheek. Abeer calls her. She receives it.
Abeer: baby doll…tum ghar theek se pohanch gai?
Meher: hmm
Abeer: why is my doll crying?
Meher: nothing Abeer
Abeer: don’t u trust me?
Meher: I trust u, papa wapis agaye hain, or maa ne mujhe thappar mara
Abeer: baby don’t cry, u know what? U r lucky, kuchh logo ko yeh bhi naseeb nh hota, ask someone who don’t have mother.
Meher: can u meet me?
Abeer: OK I will come to your house.

Call disconnects.
Abeer comes and sits with her.
Abeer: r u OK?
Meher: yes m OK
He hugs her and she was still crying.

Meher says in heart: I will take my revenge papa

Meher: Abeer, what might be papa up to?
Abeer: I don’t know but be careful.
Meher: what magic has he done on maa? She slapped me because of him.

Abeer: he might have something cooking up in his mind, he is trying to separate you with your mother.

Meher: yeah right, I won’t let him win, I will take revenge.
Abeer: apologize and play your tricks.
Meher: hmm

She goes downstairs and holds her ears in front of Shyam.
Meher: sorry papa, sorry mumma.

Papa: its OK beta

She hugs him, he hugs her back.
She whispers: I apologized doesn’t means I will let u win, logo ko manipulate karna to koi aa kr aapse seekhey

They break the hug and she fakely smiles at him.
Meher: mumma papa I m going to my room, I will join u later

She goes getting back to her stern look. She comes in her room and sits in front of Abeer.
Meher: I did it
Abeer: that’s like my girl.
He goes. She calls out for Tunnu, he comes.
Meher: tell me what has papa done that mumma has fallen in his words?

Tunnu: he emotionally blackmailed her
Meher: have u also forgiven him?
Tunnu: no
Meher: karna bhi mat, he ruined our childhood.
Tunnu: I will never do so
Meher: r u also with me in the plan?
Tunnu: yes.

Later that day, Meher puts toothpicks in the bed sheet on Shyam’s side and puts itching powder as well.
Meher: ab ayega maza.

She grins.

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