My Childhood Love (chapter 24)


Abeer wakes up as the sunrays disturb his sleep, they both slept on the mattress bed in garden.
Abeer: mom, plz draw the curtains na

He hides his face by his hand but he couldn’t do it properly, he turns to his right and sleeps hiding his face in Meher’s shoulder hugging her tight. Soon her sleep was also disturbed and she hides her face with the help of his shoulder. Abeer couldn’t sleep, he wakes up and gets up. He realizes he is not in his room and Meher also was there only. He rubs his eyes to erase his sleepiness. He picks her in a bridal style, she hides her face in his chest clutching his shirt tightly. He takes her to his house and makes her sleep as he couldn’t disturb her house members’s sleep. He makes her sleep on his bed.
Abeer: bad me ye bed tumhara bhi to hoga
He says smiling at her, he was bent to her and tries to straighten himself but she had clutched his T-shirt in her hand and she wasn’t leaving him. He makes her leave him and kisses her forehead covering her with duvet. He opens his cupboard and that’s when he realized he had more gifts to unpack. He unpacks a gift and sees a photo album with hearts on it.

He opens it and sees many pics. When he kissed her first time.

When they were little, they watched the sunset and raised their hands in enjoyment.

When they first held hands in childhood.

When she first time kept her head on his shoulder.

Their first hug.

Their first college pic.

He smiles at the pics and sees a box, he opens it and sees a heart pinky promise necklace. He wears it.

He sits by her side and kisses her and goes to take bath. Meher moves in her sleep and wakes up rubbing her eyes and looks around the room.
Meher: main Abeer k room mein kia kr rhi hu? I should be in my room.

She gets up from the bed and hears shower sound.
Meher: I should go before he comes out.

She goes from the window and he comes out. He looks at the bed expecting her to be asleep but she wasn’t there.
Abeer: ye neend mein kahan chali gai?

He looks down the window and sees her leaving.
Abeer: Meher!

She looks up.
Abeer: thank u
She smiles and goes to her house, she rings the doorbell and her father opens the door, she’s shocked to see him.

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  1. Manya

    Awesomeee epi but what will happen next?? ??

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      I posted the next chp, have a look at it

    2. Salley145

      No no its not posted I haven’t submitted them, first I will submit revenge for love

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