My Childhood Love (chapter 23)


After having some snacks everyone goes from the party wishing Abeer again, Abeer too goes to his room and everything there made him gaze at it for long. There were some scented candles on his dressing table.

There was a lit star lamp, the room looked so beautiful with different lights, he knew its Meher who would’ve decorated his room like this and all these things must’ve been brought by her only, she’s good at surprising people and he knew why she gifted him a star lamp as he was her star and he liked stars a lot. He smiled at everything in the room.

There were lights on the floor lightened and kept in heart shape with an envelope which had I love u written on it with hearts inside it.

Then he noticed love you written on the wall but it was coming from inside a lamp. He is amazed to see a red heart lantern with love u written on it. He smiles.

He opens his cupboard for comfortable clothes and Meher comes out scaring him, he gets startled.

Abeer: tum yahan kese?
Meher: I came secretly…by the way, have a look inside the cupboard as well and then come to the garden, ek aur surprise hai.

Abeer: OK, but don’t hide again in cupboard, ur breathe will stop.
Meher: awww
She kisses him and he blushes.
Meher: come to the garden after changing.

She goes.

He goes to garden after changing in comfy and it was fully decorated. There were two mattress on the grass with lights everywhere, there was a dining table as well.

They go together and sit on dining table and everything kept there made Abeer more surprised.
There was a chocolate fudge cupcake with A written on it with little butterflies decorated on it.

There were six cupcakes more, each with I love u written on it. There were two rabbit cupcakes too, one white and one pink.

Abeer: u did all this?
Meher: yes
Abeer: baki sabka samajh ata hai lekin ye rabbit cupcakes kiun?

She giggles a little before telling.
Meher: vo isliye kiun k jab tum daant bahar nikal k hasste ho to rabbit lagtay ho, so one is for u and another one for u because I m yours, Mrs. Rabbit.

She laughs and he runs after her and they fall on the mattress bed on each other.
Meher: Maine bohat pyar se banaya hai, tum kuch to khao

She says making puppy face as he is asking reasons.

Abeer: OK uthjao.

They get up and feed each other cupcakes sitting next to each other.

Abeer: thank u for everything Meher, u made my day.

He says laying next to her on mattress bed putting his arms around her.

Meher: u saw every gift?
Abeer: no I forgot to see my cupboard.
He sees she’s asleep and he too sleeps by her side with a smile.

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