My Childhood Love (chapter 22)

Meher goes for shopping alone and looks for the gifts section, she sees a photo album with hearts on it.

Meher: its good if I keep all our pictures in it and gift it to Abeer, it will be a perfect gift for him.

She keeps the album in her trolley and sees many gifts for Abeer and buys them all. She buys a beautiful gown for herself and some more things and then she goes back to her house hiding all the stuff in her cupboard.
Meher: 2 days baad birthday hai, sab hojaega. Yeh tumhari sabse best bday hoga.
She smiles to herself and Abeer hugs her from back.
Meher: did u hear anything?
Abeer: no..why?
Meher: nothing.

Abeer: u r so cute, u think u will hide u r planning something for me?

Meher: why? For what? Is there anything special?
Abeer: u don’t remember?
Meher: no

He goes sadly.
Meher: sorry, I just want to surprise u, lekin abhi bhi mood theek krna hoga.

She runs after him calling out his name. He ignores her. She stops him from going.
Meher: where r u going? I will also come with u.
She goes with him holding his bicep to his house.
Abeer: tumhe nh yaad? Mera bday hai 2 din baad.
Meher: yad hai, just joking.
Abeer: I think tumhe sch much yad nh tha
Meher: its not like that..OK I know how to cheer u up.

She plays the song “mera dil jis dil pe fida hai vo bewafa hai” to cheer him up. She dances with him, he is irritated and makes a puppy face. He doesn’t looks at her and she makes him look at her. He irritatingly pulls her close during the dance and their heads bang together slowly, she laughs and soon he too laughs and twirls her and she stops the song.

Meher: achha hai u laughed my akdoo boyfrnd.
Abeer: my cute girlfrnd…kiss krlu?
Meher: no
Abeer: (sadly) kiun?
Meher: I m joking, krlo.

He kisses her cheek and she goes smilingly. 2 days quickly passed. Finally the day came for Abeer’s 18th birthday. Meher wakes up early and sneaks in Abeer’s house after seeing no one is there. She goes to Abeer’s room seeing him asleep. She keeps roses on the bed sticking a note to it, then she keeps some more notes for him, she applies lipstick on her lips and kisses him on his cheek and sticks a removable note to his cheek which said “because I love u.” She goes back to her house.

Later Abeer wakes up and sees roses, he smiles reading the note on it, “Because red is the colour of love.”

Then he sees another note on the side table, “Happy birthday Abeer, I love u, may this be your best birthday ever, get ready and come downstairs soon. Meher.” He goes to get ready and comes out wearing dark blue shirt and black jeans, he again sees a note on the table saying I love u.

He kisses the note and goes downstairs. He sees everyone waiting for him, only Meher wasn’t there.
Abeer: where’s Meher?
Meher: m here
Abeer goes awe on her beauty.

She was wearing a long silver chiffon gown, it was flower net with white cloth till her mid waist and then there were many frills, it was floor length.
Abeer: beautiful
She comes to the table and keeps the cake made by her on the table, it was a chocolate cake in 18 shape with bunties on the inner and outer border. Abeer is surprised.

They sing happy birthday for him and he cuts the cake and firstly he makes her eat it, she too makes him eat.
Pehle kabhi hua karti thi
Dil se meri dosti
Pehle kabhi raha karta tha
Ye dil mere paas hi
Phir hua isey jaane kya
Mujh ko hui na khabar
Mera sab kuch le gaya
Mujh se bacha ke nazar
Kehne ko hai mera par meri sunta nahi
Kahin ye tere dil se to chup chup ke milta nahi
Nahin toh mere seene se ye dil nikalta nahi

Then he makes his mom eat it, then his dad, he makes everyone eat it and they all praise Meher. Abeer smiles at her and everyone gifts him except Meher.
Meher: sorry but I have nothing to gift u
She says pretending to be sad.
Abeer: but hugs and kisses are there.

They have a hug.
Meher says in heart: I have a lot to give u, everything is there in your room.

She smiles to herself.

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