My Childhood Love (chapter 21)


Abeer was sitting in his room, calling Meher again and again but she wasnt responding to his calls. He decides to go and meet her as he feels something wrong. He hurriedly goes to his car taking the keys and unlocks it, he sits inside and drives hurriedly to her house, he reaches there and rings the doorbell multiple times but no one answered the door. He sees a window and opens it climbing inside and calls out for Meher, but she didn’t answered. “Where can she be?,” he asks to himself roaming around in the house, he goes to Suman’s room but she wasn’t there. He checks in every room which was downstairs, he goes upstairs looking at her room but stops in midway as his foot touches something which felt like a cloth.

He looks down, there she was laying with her blackened face and somewhat wounded face. Her hands had a box, he sits down near her and sees his name on the box: To Meher From Abeer. “I didn’t sent this, Meher! Wake up!,” he says tapping her cheeks and her blood falls on his hand.

“This must be Natasha who did it, if anything happens to Meher then I will kill that blo*dy b*t*h,” says Abeer and picks her up in his arms. He opens the door and takes her out and closes the door. He goes to his car and lays her on the backseat and soon they went from there to hospital. Natasha watches all this and punches the wall in frustration. “Now also he is after her, but I will make him mine till Meher gets fine,” she grins and goes.

Abeer goes in the hospital with Meher. “Nurse! Doctor! My friend needs help!,” he calls out loudly. The nurse immediately comes with a stretcher and he lays her down on it. They take her to the OT and nurse assures Abeer that she haven’t got serious injuries, she will get fine very soon. He kisses her hand wishing her luck. She’s taken inside and the operation is soon started, he sits on the bench resting his head on the wall closing his eyes. Only her assuring face reflects in front of his face. She says I will be OK soon, don’t cry for me. He opens his teary eyes and looks inside the OT. He was looking at Meher when something caught his attention, the nurse looked very familiar, and she was smiling under the mask she wore, it seemed too weird that a patient is on deathbed and she’s smiling as if it’s funny. He slowly opens the door and walks inside. “Hey you! Yes you, is it funny that she’s injured and you are smiling, keep your inner jokes within you and treat her (he turned to go but again turns to the nurse) you look familiar, take off this mask, (now the nurse seemed to get scared as if she’s caught) I said take it off else I will call police. (He takes out his phone and the nurse snatches his phone and makes him smell chloroform, he faints)”

The nurse grins and says,”I am Natasha dear, and I wont let you both unite ever.” Other nurse comes inside. “I haven’t done anything, plz I haven’t done anything, he fainted on his own,” Natasha says sweating badly. The nurse calls police and Natasha is arrested. The nurse wakes up Abeer and assures him that nothing wrong will happen to Meher. Abeer goes outside thanking God. He sits outside in deep thoughts. He cries.

After 30 minutes the operation was done and the nurse comes out. “Congratulations, now your friend is completely OK, she will be conscious soon.” Says the nurse. Abeer goes inside to Meher and kisses her wound. He smiles at her. Finally the stupid girl was out of their way. Meher wakes up and looks at him. “Meher, you woke up thank God,” says Abeer. “Seriously, u sent that parcel and,” she says but Abeer cuts her in between. “I didn’t do, Natasha did, don’t you trust me?,” he asks.

“I trust u, now won’t u hug me?,” says Meher. He turns as she doubted on him. “I was just testing you that if I say like this will u run or convince me, I know how to make your mood fine,” she says and pulls him, he comes half on top of her. She laughs. He makes faces and she kisses his cheeks and forehead. “Are you still angry?,” she asks and he says no. “I want something, lipkiss,” she says demandingly. He agrees and they share a kiss. The screen freezes.

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  1. Manya

    Awesomeeeeeeeeee and I want The revenge of love?

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      Will update soon, thnx

  2. Hi this part was good sorry for not commenting on the previous ones as was out of town but I have read them all and which story is running best in ur mind post that one

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