My Childhood Love (chapter 20)


Natasha falls and her wig gets removed, everyone laughs.
Rajesh: Ganje logo ko ganja hone ka bahana chahye (he says singing in the style of the advertisement song of cadbury chocolate) ?
Meher goes to Natasha who was on the floor feeling embarrassed, she forwards her hand to Natasha.
Meher: itne buri nh hoon main k gira k uthane na aaun.

She says trying to make her realize her mistakes.
Natasha shouts: no! U r bad! U took away my friends and Abeer from me, how blo*dy dare u?

Meher: oye hallo, wake up, wo mere friends hain tumse pehle, agar tumne vo sab nh kia hota to tumhe apne group mein lene se kbhi mana nh krte, now get up, don’t create a scene.

Natasha: no thnx I can get up on my own.
She gets up correcting her wig and goes stomping her feet. Ishani comes to Meher.
Ishani: leave it yr, vo nh sudhregi, let’s go
Rajesh: han waise bhi hum ganjo ko apni team mein nh lete…aao na bhabhi ji, mera bhai aap k bager nh khaega
He says teasingly.
Meher: haha

The break is over after sometime and they go to their classes. While going, Meher collides with Natasha.
Natasha: hey sorry, I behaved rudely with u, can we be friends?

Meher thinks for awhile.
Meher: only if u don’t do anything u did before.
Natasha: fine I won’t…so friends?
Meher: yeah friends

They go to the class. Meher sits beside Abeer as usual.
Abeer: hey
Meher: hi

Teacher comes and after 3 long hours, it was time for everyone to go home. Natasha calls Meher at a side.
Natasha: can I come to ur group?
Meher: I don’t know I will ask them.

She goes.
Natasha thinks: till when will us happiness last? Har cheez aakhir tak nh chalti just like ur love n friendship
Meher thinks: I know u have some evil plan in ur mind against me, but don’t worry, I know how to deal with u.

Meher enters her house, Abeer drops her of course. Meher waves him and goes to her room. Later that day, Meher receives a gift from Abeer’s name. Meanwhile outside her house, Natasha pays her puppet courier boy and peeps inside her house. She sees Meher going to her room, she throws a stone inside. Meher hears the sound and goes to see who’s it. The parcel keeps ticking, she doesn’t hears it and suddenly it bursts.

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