My Childhood Love (Chapter 2)


Mehbeer talks and Ishani switches on the fan, the rose petals fall on them. Abeer thinks Meher did all this and sings for her.
Abeer: tujhe dekha to yeh Jana sanam, pyaar hota hai deewana sanam, ab yahan se kahan jaein hum, Teri baahon mein marr Jaen hum.
Ishani giggles standing outside.
Meher: ?????? u sing very nice.
Abeer: and u also do a very good welcome.
He says picking up the rose petals from his head.
Meher: I didn’t do all this, and how did the fan switched on? I didn’t switched it, did u do this?
Abeer: no if I would’ve switched it on, the rose petals would have fallen on us before and not when we were talking.
Meher sees Ishani peeping inside and giggling.
Meher: andar aao
Ishani comes and had a tough time controlling her giggles.
Abeer: yeh sab tumne kia?
Ishani: yes jija ji
Meher: jija ji?
Ishani: oh sorry I mean Abeer.
She secretly winks at Meher. Meher looks here and there trying to hide her blushing face. Ishani teases her more.

Ishani: Awww someone is blushing.
Meher: I m not blushing.
She turns to the mirror and brushes her hair.
Ishani: achha ek baat btao Abeer, do u love Meher?
Meher glares at Ishani and nods no. Abeer is shocked on her question.
Abeer: kya tum bhi, kuchh bhi bolti ho, I love her but as a friend, u tell Nisaar or Sasha aye kya?
Ishani: they must be coming, u guys carry on with ur talks I will go.
She goes giving Meher a mischevious smile. Abeer sits on Meher’s bed and his eyes goes on the teddy bear kept between the bed. He recalls its the same teddy bear he gave her.
Abeer: Meher
Meher: hmm
Abeer: u still have this teddy bear?
Meher: yes, its my favourite
Abeer: even I have that punch maarne wala box…whenever I got bad marks in my exams or did something wrong I always used to punch myself with its help.
He giggles and Meher smiles at him.
Meher: This teddy bear never let me forget u, never.
Abeer: u even kept my photo in your room (starts laughing) looks like someone is in love.
Meher: tum bhi…I used to miss u that’s y I kept it, u yourself gave it to me.
Abeer: hmm, nice clothes han, u look cute.
Meher: thank u.
Abeer: bahar chalein?
Meher: hmm chalo.
They go outside the room and goes downstairs, Abeer’s foot slips.

Abeer: ouch!
Meher turns to him and stops him from falling.
Meher: Abeer, be careful…r u OK?
Abeer: yes I m OK.
She holds his hand and they go down together.
Abeer: Meher everyone will see us holding hands and they’ll tease us.
Meher: I don’t care, let them see.
Abeer smiles at her concern. Sasha and Nisaar enters the house and hugs Abeer and Meher. Suman comes and greets them. She asks them to have food.

After eating, Ishani-Lavanya and Meher with others go to Meher’s room. Meher hides Abeer’s photo as soon as she enters the room. They sit on the bed and sees rose petals on the floor.
Sasha: what were u doing with rose petals Meher?
Abeer: woh she was welcoming me in her room for the first time after six years in a grand way, hai na Meher?
Meher: Han
Ishani: actually Meher wasn’t doing this, I was doing this.
She winks at Mehbeer.
Nisaar: ohhh so u were doing this according to that song “Bahaaro phool barsao mera mehboob aya hai”?
Everyone laughs except Meher.
Meher: Guys, what r u saying? Mehboob and all, I and Abeer are just friends.
Abeer: yes we are just friends (he whispers to Meher) but just in world’s eyes.
Meher is clueless and looks at him.

They continue talking and partying and sometime later Nisaar and Sasha and Abeer goes from the house bidding bye to Meher, Ishani and Lavanya. Meher drops them till the gate. Abeer stops on the way and waits for Sasha and Nisaar and everyone else to go. As everyone goes, Abeer calls out Meher’s name, she turns to him and opens the gate.
Meher: hmm?
Abeer: will u meet my family?
Meher: I will come later.
Abeer: ok…give me a hug before going inside.
Meher looks here and there.
Abeer: I m ur childhood friend, u can trust me, I won’t tell anyone u have my photo with u, I know I teased u along with everyone else, but I won’t do again, I know u have other feelings for me…its same with me too.
Meher looks directly in his eyes.
Meher: it can be friendly feelings
Abeer: hmm, now, can we have a hug?
Meher: yes
They hug each other.

Later at evening, Meher was doing her homework when she heard someone shouting. She goes downstairs and on seeing the person she froze on her place, it was her father Shyam, he was shouting on Suman and she was crying. Suman answers him well and Shyam was about to slap Suman when Meher comes and holds his hand.
Meher: how dare u to slap my mother? How dare u even touch her?
She leaves his hand with a jerk.
Shyam: why do u always have to interfere between us?
Meher: I can’t bear anyone shouting on my mother, and if u try to slap her again I will kill u, I won’t care that u r my father.
Shyam: (to Suman) this is what u have taught Meher to misbehave with elders?
Meher: And what have u learnt from ur mother? to slap a woman and think that she is weak? I will prove it right now that women are not weak.

She goes to the phone kept on the table and calls police. She tells them the directions of her house and complains about Shyam. He comes and snatches the phone from her, he holds her wrist harshly.
Shyam: how dare u to call police?
Meher: and how dare u to slap my mother?
Shyam: look Meher, we got divorced because of her, she used to fight with me daily, so I divorced her and married second time, and..
Meher frees her hand.
Meher: stop it! just stop it! stop acting innocent.
Police comes there. Shyam twists Meher’s hands behind her back and points a gun on her head.
Shyam: be away else I will shoot her.
Suman: Meher!
The police approaches Shyam and frees Meher from him, Shyam runs from there, police runs behind him.
Meher hugs Suman and comforts her. Police comes back.

Police: he has run away
Suman: leave it, let it be…we will manage.
Meher: But
Suman: No Meher, he won’t do anything.
She goes to her room, Meher looks on. A man enters in the house.
Man: what happen Meher?
Meher: nothing Sandesh mausa.
She goes in her room and cries. Sandesh comes there.
Sandesh: did ur father come here?
Meher: yes.
Sandesh hugs her.
Sandesh: don’t worry everything will be fine.
He wipes her tears and kisses her forehead.
He goes to his room and talks to Sangeeta (Meher’s mausi).
Sandesh: Shyam came here again, I saw a mark on Meher’s wrist as if someone twisted her hand.
Sangeeta: how can he misbehave with his own daughter?
Sandesh: I think u should go and comfort Suman, she might be crying.
Sangeeta: OK I will see Meher also.

After talking to Suman, she goes to Meher.
Sangeeta: Beta r u OK?
Meher: yes I m OK
Sangeeta: did he twist ur hands?
Meher: yes
Meher hugs her.
Meher: he always used to do that even when I was little, did I do anything wrong by scolding him?
Sangeeta: no u did right, be careful he’s dangerous, till we all r alive we won’t let him do anything again.
She caresses her hair and asks her to sleep.

Its morning, Meher goes to school and meets her friends. All of them notice the mark on her hands.
Abeer: Meher what is this on your hand?
Meher hides the mark with her hand.
Meher: nothing, childhood mark
Abeer removes her hand from the mark.
Abeer: it looks fresh, who did this? tell me
She looks here and there.
Abeer: tell na
Sasha: yes tell who did this?
Nisaar: say something.
Ishani: did he do this?
Lavanya: did he come yesterday?
Meher: yes, he came.
She tells everything and cries. Everyone consoles her and wipes her tears. They have a group hug.

Guys I won’t drag this matter for much time, but I hope u still liked it, and now that I have four ffs to write, I will write them on the days I decided:
Monday and Friday—–>Together forever
Tuesday and Saturday—–>Love is blind/hidden love
Wednesday and Sunday——>Kaisi yeh yaariyan
Thursday and Monday——>My childhood love

Credit to: Sally Sue (Sara)

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