my childhood love (chapter 17)


Soon they stopped outside Meher’s house, she steps down the bike and was about to go.
Abeer: ek minute
Meher turned to him with a questioning look. He asked her to come closer. She goes near him.
Abeer leans closer and whispers, “Natasha ka patasha bajane mein hum sab tumhare saath hain.”
She looks at him and laughs.
Meher: u too call her from the same name ??
Abeer: yes, OK bye, see u
Meher: bye

She goes inside her house and sees Ishani and Lavanya looking out of the window laughing.
Meher: kis baat pe hass rahay ho? Mujhe bhi batao
Ishani: (laughing harder) vo tumhari love story par se
Meher: main samjhi nh
Lavanya: Abeer kissed u na?

Meher laughs and nods no.
Meher: usne whisper kia tha.
Lavanya: or tum kuchh or expect kr rhi thi
Meher: kia?
Ishani gives her a flying kiss.
Ishani: tum yeh expect kr rhi thi cheek pe.
Meher blushes and leaves from there.
One week passed really quick, it was Saturday and the day to party hard, but to teach Natasha a lesson for trying to separate the love birds and the best friends. So the party was at Natasha’s house itself (why there and not any other place, u will get to know). Everyone(Abeer and others, Meher will come later to spoil Natasha’s mood) goes there together to their so called new friend’s house. Everyone greets her casually but Abeer hugs her unwillingly.
Natasha: will u all eat something?
Abeer: no, but can I get water?
Natasha: yes
She brings it and he deliberately spills it on her dress.
Abeer: oh I m so sorry, u go and change.
Natasha goes and they look at each other.
Sasha: why didn’t she react?
Abeer: kiyun k yeh main ne kia tha isliye, she likes me na.
Nisaar: Yr agar Meher hoti to or maza ata
Rajesh: arey Abeer ho or bhabhi ji na ho aisa ho he nh sakta, Meher yahan hogi pehle se.

Ishani: why didn’t Meher come??
Abeer: I told her not to come but just in front of Natasha, she’s in Natasha’s room, she’s preparing something.
Lavanya: I hope sabb theek ho.
Abeer: yeh madam Natasha abb tk ayi nh?
Just then they hear a scream from Natasha’s room.
Abeer: lagta hai kaam hogaya, chalo guys, acting he to krni hai.

They go to her room and see her fallen on the floor with soapy water all over her including hair and her back.
Abeer: baby r u OK?
He says faking concern.
Natasha: yes…can’t get up.
Abeer: ajao.
He gives her his hand irritating Meher who was behind the curtain. He helps her get up but he too falls, everyone laugh along with Meher.
Abeer: ouch! Oh God.
Nisaar: uth jao
He gives him his hand but he too falls, again there was laughter. And they all end up falling. Meher pulls out her phone and clicks their pic, she uploads it on social network tagging them. Their phones beep and they check it.
Nisaar: yeh pic Meher ne kaise kheechi, vo to yahan hai he nh?

Abeer: its taken from behind the curtain.
Meher gets angry for revealing her and sees a window and quickly jumps out of there. They all stand up with difficulty and look behind the curtain and luckily Meher was gone.
Sasha: Natasha, ur hair got sticky, u should take a bath.

Natasha makes faces and goes to washroom. They all go from her room to find Meher. Someone comes after them masking his/her face and scares them. Everyone gets startled and look back to see who’s it and the person turns out to be Meher.
Meher: hello ppl, kitna maza aya na girrne mein.
She giggles.
Abeer: u r insane, u trapped us.
Meher: no ways, I planned that just for that witch, tumlog khud girray ho…agay agay dekho hota hai kia…tum sab jao, m again hiding.
Abeer: when will u come in front of her?
Meher: bas thodi derr or.
They hear a scream and go to Natasha’s room leaving behind a laughing Meher as she knew what’s coming next. She finds a place to hide from where she can easily see and hear. She hides behind her bed crawling so that no one notice her.
Abeer laughs along with everyone else.
Natasha: who went to my washroom?
Meher snaps the pic of bald Natasha as she mixed veet cream in her shampoo and it was also uploaded with the caption “that awkward moment when a bald girl falls in love with my bf”.

She tags them. Soon their attentions shifted to their phones as it beeped, they were laughing too hard.
Natasha: ohh, to ye sabb Meher kr rhi hai? Kahan hai vo?

Meher comes out of her hiding laughingly.
Meher: main yahan hoon, q Natasha? Did ur so called beauty went? Kya kaha tha Maine? K Abeer se door raho but u were really difficult…happy humiliation day.

Everyone laughed again.
Natasha: u ppl don’t need to become my friend, get out!

Meher: han han, jarahay hain, humein ganda nh hona tumhare ghar aa kr, miss jealousy…let’s go guys.

They leave from her house.
Rajesh: bhabhi aapne to kamaal krdia, aakhir prove hogaya k

Meher and Rajesh in unison: jaisa devar waisi bhabhi
They do a high five and laugh.
Abeer: she left from our lives finally.
Sasha: han hum ganjo ko team mein nh lete
They giggle.

Kuchh ziada he boring to nh laga?

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