my childhood love (chapter 16)

Meher in her mind: “first my bf and now my friends, beta tu toh gayi.”
Natasha sits with them passing Meher an evil smile, Meher does the same.
Meher: Guys, ab hum 6 nh 7 hain to q na is new member ka welcome kia jaye?
They all look at each other understanding Meher’s motives.

Ishani whispers: R u OK Meher?
Meher whispers back: why? Do u think something is wrong with me?
Ishani nods no and gets an idea.
She whispers to Meher: hey what u want? Some kind of revenge?

Meher looks at her mind reader cousin.
Meher whispers: yes, u r with me na?
Ishani whispers: hmm, me n Lavanya r with u

Abeer looks at them and claps loudly.
Abeer: kia khusur phusur horahi hai? Humein bhi to btao

He says raisings his eyebrows looking at Meher.
Meher: arey kuchh nh, girls talk.
Abeer: (rolling his eyes) tumne kaha Maine mana, waise mujhe na Meher se kuchh kam hai, I want to talk to her, its a secret.

He says eyeing Meher.
Everyone: han jao no prblm.
Abeer: aao Meher
He gives her his hand and she holds it standing up from the stairs. He takes her upstairs to the first floor and sees an empty classroom, he unlocks it and takes Meher inside and closes the door locking it. He approaches her and holds her arms firmly.
Abeer: Meher, tell me honestly what has happened to u? Why r u changing? U never bully people, then what happened all of a sudden?
Meher: Abeer, why don’t u understand, first she tried taking u from me, she tried to steal my bf, then also u took her side, u hugged her back at morning and do u know how it feels? I felt insecure. Don’t forget ur promises, u r only mine,  I m afraid to lose u, that day when Akshat tried to kill u, if I wouldn’t have come, I would’ve lost u forever. I can’t imagine my life without u that’s why I did so.

Abeer: I know…it was just a friendly hug yr, Maine kaha na I will always love u, u r my first and last.
Meher: why r we talking about this, I mean, it can create misunderstandings between us, yehi to chahti hai vo Natasha, she want to take away my friends from me as well.
Abeer: relax…kuchh nh hoga, uska intention Jo bhi hai hum usey kabhi jeetne nahi dengay, me or baqi sab hain na. We’ll face everything together, u trust me? (Meher nods yes) OK don’t let this trust break, I will never let u alone.
He holds her face and kisses her forehead, she hugs him by his waist.
Meher: I love love love u, humesha
Abeer: I love u too doll, humesha
Meher (confused): doll??
Abeer: sab apni gf ko baby or ajeeb se naam dete hain, hum apna bnate hain, wese bhi u r my sunshine I m ur star.
They have a laugh.

They unlock the door and goes to their friends and the break gets over.
Rajesh: hum aapko milengay chhote se break ke baad (jokingly)
They all laugh.
Abeer: bye bye people(Natasha), sunshine n friends (he then whispers to Meher) doll private he rakhte hain
Sasha: sunshine kon
Abeer: meri girlfriend
As he says girlfriend, Natasha gets angry and leaves.
Meher: guys, we shouldn’t trust this Patasha, she’s extra in our group
Ishani: Patasha hehehe
She does a high five with Lavanya
Lavanya: Meher u r mad
She says laughing hard.
Rajesh: I told u jesa devar wesi bhabhi
Nisaar: Wah wah ramjee, jodi kia bnai
Rajesh(Ayaz Ahmed) joins him: bhaiya or bhabhi ko padhai ho padhai, sab rasmo se badi hai dilbar dil se dil ki sagai
They laugh and Abeer glares at them.
Meher: chalo class mein chalte hain, late hojaein gay.
They go from there. They all are in different classes except for Mehbeer n Natasha. Meher and Natasha were sitting beside each other with Abeer on her left in other row. Meher passes a chit to Abeer. He unfolds it and it said:

“Tell Natasha that we are having a party this Saturday in which she is invited, if you will say then she will agree to come. Meher.”

Abeer nods yes and says he’ll talk to her in the end of this period. He knew Natasha’s intentions are not good so he decided he’s with Meher in this mischief. After one long period, teacher goes from class and Abeer asks Meher to shift to his place for sometime. She nods and they shift their places.
Abeer: hi Natasha
Natasha: hi Abeer
She keeps her head on his shoulder.
Natasha: m so happy u came to sit with me.
Abeer gets annoyed.
Abeer rudely says: No!
She lifts her head from his shoulder with a jerk.
Abeer then softly says: mera matlab hai I came to talk to u…Tasha (giving her a nickname), will u come to our party on Saturday?

Natasha: yes I will come Abeer, but I won’t be able to be with u because of Meher.
Abeer: (lying) I will ditch her for u baby
Meher gets shocked hearing this.

Natasha: yes! Phir to main zaroor aaungi, par aisa nh hosakta k vo party mein bhi na aaye?
Maher’s heart starts thumping louder and louder seeing Abeer agreeing to her.
Abeer: ok, vo party mein bhi nh ayegi bas, will u come?
Meher gets angry.
Natasha: hmm ok
Meher stands up and puts a hand on her shoulder turning him with a jerk.
Abeer: ouch
Meher: meri jaga se hatto
She says trying to hide her tears.
Abeer: no, I want to talk to her

He winks at her indicating that whatever he said was a joke but she wasn’t looking at him.
Meher: plz hatt jao Abeer
Abeer stands up and she sits on her chair and keeps her head down on the table burying her face in her arms. Abeer is confused with her behavior. Teacher comes, everyone greets her except Meher. Teacher comes to her and taps on her back.
Teacher: hey girl, wake up.

Meher stays quiet.
Teacher: girl, wake up.
She tries to pull her away from the table but she didn’t said anything.
Abeer: Teacher uski tabeyat kharab hai
Teacher: oh ok
She goes, Abeer worriedly looks at Meher. She didn’t even move.

Two periods went on but still Meher was unresponsive. Now it was last period, no teacher came so Abeer stands up and goes to Meher and pulls her up from the table. Her head was loose along with her body. He makes her sit straight supporting her back from the back of chair. He moves her hair strands away from her face. That’s when he saw her eyes closed and swollen.
Abeer: Meher, what happen to u?

He shakes her. He sprinkles water on her face and she slowly open her eyes, the first thing she saw was Abeer standing near her patting her hair. He holds her face.
Abeer: thank God u r fine

He kisses her forehead and that’s when he got to know she has fever. She pushes him.
Meher: jao Natasha k pas, tum to uske liye mujhe ditch krne ki baat kr rahay thay, I’ve been crying a lot. Tumne kaha k hum sab kuch saath face karengay.

Abeer: I winked at u that I m joking with her.
Meher: I didn’t saw u
Abeer: tum roya mat kro yr, trust me, m not leaving u

There was silence for sometime.
Abeer: achha agar ladki apology k bawajood jawab na de to vo kia krna chahti hogi? Thappar maarna k hug krna?

Meher keeps her face straight and gets silent.
Abeer: samajh gaya, kis gaal pe maarogi, left cheek ya right cheek?
As he says this Meher smiles at his cuteness and they hug each other. (Sorry guys, Mehbeer ko ek dusre ko din mein 100 bar hug krne ki bimari hai ?). So finally it was time to go home. Abeer and Meher sit on the bike and drive off. Abeer still had the lipstick mark on his cheek.
Meher: tumhare cheek pe ye lipstick ka nishaan hai to tum kitne cute lagrahay ho.

Abeer: oh, main ne isliye nh mitaya q k u wanted to mark me as yours. Thank God, friends didn’t notice this.

They laugh. (Aaj ka update story kam comedy circus ziada hai ?)

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