my childhood love (chapter 15)


Meher in her mind: huh aai badi mere bf ko hug krne wali, Natasha ka patasha bajadungi, wait and watch
Natasha: bye
Abeer: bye
Meher: chalein Abeer? Ya tumko or bhi lrkio se hugs or kisses chahye?
She asks irritated.
Abeer: m yours only, I won’t be single ever, let her say
Meher: hmm
She holds her bicep and he smiles at her jealousy and they walk further towards their class. Abeer sees an empty desk at the last.
Abeer: chalo end wali seat pe bethte hain, else we won’t be able to talk.
Meher: OK

She sees Natasha beside that seat.
Natasha comes to Abeer.
Natasha: hi Abeer
Meher: yahan main bhi to hoon, tum sirf Abeer se hi milogi kia?

Abeer looks on shocked, he knew she’s up to something as he always saw her getting irritated by her friends and not friendly.
Natasha: oh hi, u r?
Meher: Meher, Meher purohit, u r Natasha right?
Natasha: yes, can u sit with me?

She replies Meher then asks Abeer. Meher takes advantage of this.
Meher: yes of course why not? U can sit beside me
She smiles and takes Natasha with her, Natasha makes faces. Abeer sits in another row beside their bench, beside him was Meher then it was Natasha.
Natasha: I will just come.
Meher nods. She goes and Meher takes out a liquid glue and winks at Abeer, he makes a suspicious face. Meher spills liquid glue on Natasha’s chair and sits on her chair. Natasha sits beside Meher with a sad face. So the teacher comes and gives a long lecture of Maths, Meher was just grinning keeping her hand on her lips. Class gets over. Natasha tries to shift a little on her chair but can’t and sits back. It was second period of English. The teacher comes in.
Teacher: Good morning students, I m Miss Trisha Kapoor and I will be your English teacher.

Natasha: Trisha Kapoor nh BigShit Kapoor
Meher: abhi batati hoon teacher ko (she raises her hand and on getting permission to say she tells) Teacher, Natasha is saying your name is BigShit n not Trisha.
Miss Trisha: is this the way u talk about teachers? Go and stand outside principal’s office.
Natasha glares at Meher and tries to stand up, she holds the chair and tries to stand with all force and her tight skirt gets torn. Everyone laughs. She stands pinning herself to the wall.
Miss Trisha: go
Natasha nods no.
Miss Trisha: go don’t waste my time.
Natasha takes off her blazer and ties it around her waist to hide the torn part and goes from the class. Meher passes an evil grin to Abeer.
Abeer whispers: u r really insane.

So two more periods went and it was break, now Natasha comes back to class after her punishment. She confronts Meher for her doings.
Natasha: why did u do this with me?
Meher: I did what?
Natasha: u glued me to my chair, my clothes got torn because of u, u got me scolded by Miss Trisha, I got punishment, what’s ur prb?

Meher: my problem is u, don’t u dare come near Abeer again else I will be worst, he’s mine.
Natasha: let him choose
Abeer: hello people
He says pulling Meher in a hug putting his arms securely around her making every girl jealous.
Meher: hi my childhood love
Natasha glares at her.
Meher: look kia de rahi ho? Jo hai wohi bolungi na, don’t be jealous, jal jal k or kaali hojaogi

Natasha gets sad.
Abeer: hey girls stop fighting, Meher plz yr she just hugged me, so what? No matter how much close these girls come to me u will always be closer, got it?

Meher smiles and nods.
Abeer whispers: don’t hurt anyone, u r a good girl na

Meher giggles at his fatherly sayings.
Meher: sorry papa aainda se nh krungi
Abeer: Sorry Natasha.
Natasha ignores him and goes.
Abeer: did u got sad?
Meher: no, papa didn’t give us happiness so it doesn’t matters.

He keeps his arm around her neck from behind and takes a selfie.
Abeer: maza araha hai, some more
He clicks a pic while kissing her on cheek.
Meher: kia hogaya hai tumko? Bada pyar araha hai?
Abeer: one more plz, smile

They both smile and click a pic.
Meher: chalo bas ab mujhe bhook lagi hai, should we sit alone or with our friend circle?

Abeer: friend circle, u r OK with it na?
Meher: hmm m OK

So they find the others (Nisar , Sasha, Ishani, Lavanya and Rajesh), they were sitting on a staircase. Nisaar and Rajesh were standing leaning to railing with the girls on the stairs, Abeer comes and sits next to Sasha and Meher sits with Ishani.
Rajesh: arey agai meri bhabhi, hi Meher bhabhi
Meher giggles.
Meher: hi devar ji
Abeer: u both have gone mad, Meher to kuchh ziada hi hogai hai
He tells what she did with Natasha on just a hug to him. Everyone laughs.
Rajesh: Jesa devar waisi bhabhi

He laughs and does a high five with Meher.
Nisaar: tere hone se hi mera hona hai, tujhko khona jese khudko khona
He sings and Rajesh joins him.
Rajesh and Nisaar: tu jo hai to main hoon, yun jo hai to main hoon
Abeer glares at them but they grin.
Rajesh: tujh bin mujh mein kia hai jisko jeeyu jisko kahu bin tere main sehra sa hu bin tere main qatra bhi nh
Nisaar joins: tere hone se hi mera hona hai tujhko khona jese khudko khona
Abeer joins them accepting his defeat: tu jo hai to main hoon yoon jo hai to main hoon

They all have a laugh.
Abeer: tum logo ki ayegi na jab girlfriend to dekhna, hisaab brabr us waqt krunga apna

Nisaar: thik hai par gf dhoondna tera kaam
Rajesh: han
Rajesh winks at Nisaar and Abeer nods, everyone laugh and eat. Natasha comes there.
Natasha: hi, can I join u all?

Meher’s smile drops.
Meher: actually no
Ishaani stops her: yes u can

Meher in her mind: first my bf then my friends, beta tu to gayi.

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  1. Wow ?? it is mind blowing natasha ki baan toh baj kar rahego ?????

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      Yes, she’s gona suffer, sherni k Munh mein hath jo dala hai ?

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  2. ???? amazing but one request natasha ko positive mat dikhana

    1. Salley145

      No she won’t be positive ?

  3. Amazing !!!!! Sorry couldn’t comment on previous ones as it wasn’t working

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    Its OK thnx

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