my childhood love (chapter 14)


Meher: Akshat gaya, chalo achha hai, ab main Abeer ko open mein lasakti hoon, he has been away from his family for so long.

She goes to her room and keeps the chit on the bedside table. Tunnu and Cabir comes to her room.
Tunnu: Meher di
Meher: han
Cabir: Jeeju kab aaengay?
Meher blushes.
Meher: Jeeju? Kon jeeju?
Cabir: arey Abeer jeeju, ap k boyfriend
Tunnu: han KB aayengay vo?
Meher: bas ajayega…kiun?
Tunnu: hum apko tease kr rhay thay
Cabir: hmm
They hug her.
Cabir: par vo jab aaengay to hum milengay zaroor
Tunnu: hann
They laugh and run from there, Meher stands there blushing hard, she hugs the cushion and smiles cutely. She receives a call by Abeer.
Meher: hallo
Abeer: itni betaab thi mujhse baat krne k liye, wow…abhi mil k gai ho phir bhi he he

Meher: (smiles) tum bhi na, Tunnu or Cabir poochh rahay thay jeeju kb aaengay to isliye

Abeer: oh to dedo phone unko
Meher: pehle mere baby pe mera haq hai na plz
Abeer: again u called me baby
Meher: u too call me akdoo na
Abeer: awww baby ko gussa araha hai
Meher: haha nh, mujhe Jo bat krni hai vo to sunlo
Abeer: han bolo
Meher: Akshat gaya, ab tum apni family se mil lo, boht time hogaya hai
Abeer: oh achhi baat hai gaya kabootar, nh to us kabootar ko kachumbar mein badal deta

Meher: haha
Abeer: when r we getting married?
Meher’s smile drops.
Meher: after we are done with our studies
Abeer: lekin mujhse ab or wait nahi hota Meher, I want to spend every second with u
Meher: vo to hum waise bhi krsakte hain, or itni bhi kia jaldi hai?
Abeer: I m desperate
Meher: so u shouldn’t be na, be patient
Abeer: oh God
Meher: oye, gussa mat ho, waise bhi hum abhi sirf 17 k hain. Too early yr, its a big responsibility and I m not ready for it.
Abeer: bacho wali baatein kr rhi ho, our parents will understand

Meher: even if they do, I don’t want to, I won’t marry in this age, I want to enjoy my life

Abeer: wo shahdi k baad bhi hosakta hai
Meher: I m not saying this first time, main ne 6 mein jb tumko propose kia tha jabse hi tumne shahdi ki ratt laga rakhi hai, u won’t understand, mujhe hai na tumse baat hi nh krni

She goes and gives the phone to Tunnu telling its Abeer’s phone and goes in her room with a frown on her face.
Meher: I will have to explain him that its too early

The day gets over with all this. At night Meher was about to sleep but then she decides to call Abeer and talk to him once. She dials his number with hesitancy, he receives it.
Abeer (in a husky voice): hallo
Meher: Abeer its me
Abeer: what u want to say? R u ready?
Meher: no Abeer m not, plz think about it, its too early, we r kids, don’t get angry, I will marry u only, but not now, when we are done with our studies.
Abeer: I understand u, but what about me?
Meher: esa to hai nh k humari umar nikle jarahi hai, arey hum matric pass hain,itni si age mein shahdi? Yeh bacho ka khel nh, iske saath responsibilities bhi ati hain, try to understand

Abeer: (yawns) I think its too late we should sleep, good night.

Call disconnects, Meher keeps her phone down and sleeps. Her mind was too occupied to think about this matter. 2 months pass by, now their vacations were over. In these two years, they never talked like before, only a short conversations took place between them. They stopped showing their love to each other in this two months. Today it was their first day of college. Meher wakes up and goes to freshen up. She gets ready in a purple flowy knee length dress and keeps her silky hair open with some on her face. She wears small earrings and gets wears flat slippers and grabs her bag. She goes out of her house bidding bye to everyone and sees Abeer standing there leaning to his bike with a helmet in his hand as if waiting for her, another helmet was also there on the bike so she was sure there’s a second person with him. She goes to him casually and hugs him.
Meher: hi, I missed u a lot baby

It took a minute for Abeer to realize its Meher and he did hug her for sometime but didn’t reply. He breaks the hug, she feels weird.
Meher: tumhare sath koi hai kia?

She says looking here and there finding that person.
Abeer: hai to nh par main usse lene aya hoon, chalein college?

He asks casually. She nods and he gives her the helmet, they both wear the helmet together. He sits on the bike with her and rides. She gets scared as it was her first time. Every time he braked, she got a jerk but got hesitant and didn’t hold him. He looks at her through the mirror, she had a scared expression on her face.
Abeer: its ok u can hold me, i wont bite.
She smiles and keeps her hands on his shoulders.
Abeer: tum darr kiun rahi ho mujhse? Will i kill u?
He asks braking the bike again as it was traffic jam.
Meher: no i thought u r angry on that matter
Abeer: m not angry, I was just desperate, today I came outside ur house without telling u, I wanted to surprise u

Meher: u won

He starts riding again and after sometime they reach and when now he braked the bike, she hugged him tightly from behind.
Abeer: hey relax I won’t let u fall, I miss those days when the 8 of us walked to school alone

Meher: yes but now riding with u alone makes me feel more good.

She says stepping down the bike putting the helmet back on its place.
Abeer: I also, dekho sari larkian mujhe ghoor rahi hain
Meher: I will mark that u r mine
Abeer: how
Meher: like this
She leans into him and stands on her toes, she kisses him on his cheek and the mark of her lipstick comes on his cheek.
Meher: agaya mark, dekho mirror mein
He turns to the mirror on bike and widens his eyes at the mark on his cheek.
Abeer: oh God, u r insane

They laugh and enter in the college, Meher entwines her hand with his hand feeling insecure. He too holds her hand. They walk and walk, everyone were waving at Abeer as he is a well known singer now. All the songs he wrote were just for Meher. A girl comes and pushes Meher away from Abeer coming in between them.
Girl: hi
Abeer: hi
Meher in her mind: hi kehne k liye mujhe door krdia, what does she thinks of herself.
Girl: u r such a cute boy, r u single?
Meher desperately looks on.
Abeer: I m committed to her

He holds Meher’s hand.
Abeer: she’s my girlfriend, Meher.
Girl: when u be single, call on this number (she gives him a chit) love u always (she hugs him) I m Natasha by the way
Abeer: nice to meet u Natasha
Meher in her mind: huh aai badi mere bf ko hug krne wali, Natasha ka patasha bajadungi, wait and watch
Natasha: bye
Abeer: bye

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  1. Awesome Meher jealous ✌?️??

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    Continue soon

    1. Plzz update quickly natasha ka patasha bante hue dekhne ke liye wait nahi ho raha ???

      1. Salley145

        Haha u r really funny,krdungi don’t worry

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