my childhood love (chapter 13)


Meher and Abeer were still hugging each other feeling each other’s warmth. Meher was still sobbing. After sometime, they broke the hug. He applies ointment on her arms, they talk for hours and finally it was time for Meher to head home.

Meher: bye Abeer
Abeer: bye baby take care
He gives her a side hug and kisses her temple. She goes.

Later, Abeer meets his friends (Sasha, Nisaar and Rajesh) (I haven’t shown Rajesh in my ff and u also don’t know how he looks like, I don’t know who to show, I have choices, Parth Samthaan or Ayaz Ahmed?? Do tell) Abeer greets them with a hug.
Sasha: so Meher se baat hui?
Abeer: han
Sasha: kaisi hai vo?
Abeer: mere saamne to rorahi thi because of Akshat.
He narrates everything to them.

Nisaar: yaar tu kuchh esa kr k Akshat humare raastey se totally hat he jaye, he is getting on our nerves.
Sasha: exactly, naak mein dum krdia hai usne, pagal kahin ka
Rajesh: Abeer ne to bataya tha k ekdum kabootar hai vo? Chalo aasman ki sair ko chalte hain

He giggles followed by everyone else.
Abeer: saale, tujhe har cheez mein joke maarna zaroori hai, hai na?
Rajesh: han, tu aag bagola Jo horaha hai, bhabhi k liye

He says stretching the word bhabhi. Everyone again laughs and Abeer glares at him.
Rajesh: look kis ko deraha hai? Darrta hoon kia tujhse? Aaja maarle, arey aa na

Now Abeer was irritated, he starts running after Rajesh to beat him.
Rajesh while running: arey ab sabko teri feelings ka pta hai, don’t be shy, ruk ja plz, bolo yr isko
Nisaar gets an idea.
Nisaar: Abeer, baat sun, Meher k liye ek plan hai, bohat maza ayega.
Finally Abeer stops to listen.

Meanwhile, Meher was about to go out of hotel but stops.
Meher: I forgot something, oh God, my phone.
She goes back to the hotel room.

Nisaar: so the plan is to make Meher jealous.
Abeer: kia? Yr Meher ko akela feel nh krana hai, already she’s tensed.
Sasha: uska MATLAB hai k Meher ka reaction dekhte hain k kia hota hai
Rajesh: what’s the need? We know she loves him, har baat btane k liye vo Abeer k pas ati hai, yeh pyar nh to or kia hai?

Meher hears all this standing outside opening the door slightly.
Meher murmurs: what? Ye chakar kia hai? Why r they talking about me?

Abeer: han, yr Hume aisa nh krna chahye
Sasha: baad mein btadena na that u were joking.
Abeer: OK fine I will make her jealous.

Meher smiles mischievously: tum kia mujhe jealous krogay, yeh kaam to main he krdungi.

Rakesh: yeh phone kiska hai?

He points at Meher’s phone.
Abeer: oh Meher bhool gai phone apna, main dedunga

Meher: yeh yahan araha hai, darwaze ki taraf, bhaag Meher bhaag

Rajesh: baad mein, abhi beth kr baat kr, itne time baad miley hain.

Abeer: OK

Meher leaves. Later Mehbeer meet at the hotel.
Abeer: I wana say something
Meher: first ladies na
Abeer: OK…bolo
Meher: I noticed something, I like Akshat, n not u
Abeer: what?!
Meher: yes

It was so difficult for her to keep a straight face.
Abeer: how can u say this?
Meher: I m serious.
Abeer gets teary eyed.
Abeer: u said u love me
He cries and Meher gets concerned and hugs him.
Abeer: what now?
Meher: buddhu it was a joke
Abeer: tumne mazak kia mere sath?
He gets angry and resists her hug.
Meher: Abeer sorry na I love u only promise
She tightens her grip.
Abeer: leave me Meher
Meher:no I won’t
She clings onto him lifting her legs in the air, her weight was totally on him and he had no option but to hug her back.
Meher: yayyy u hugged me back…my cutie pie
Abeer: achhi trick thi, ab choro mujhe, u won.
Meher: par yeh tumhara hi idea Maine tumpe execute kia hai, plan backfired, tch tch tch

She tells everything how she heard everything n her plan.
Abeer: fine I accept u love me, but u shouldn’t have done this trick.
Meher: u can n I can’t?
Abeer: OK fine I shouldn’t have planned that, my fault, happy, now leave me na
Meher: nh na, m sorry
Abeer tries to make her leave him but she wasnt ready to do so, she was smiling to herself. She slowly leaves him and pins him to the wall.
Meher: naraz ho kia?
She says keeping her hands on both sides of him so that he can’t go.
Abeer: u think I should be happy?
Meher: bhaao mt khao, krdo maaf nh to mujhe tumhe manana ata hai
Abeer: so do it.
She kisses on his cheek.
Abeer: Akdoo, tum nh manogi yr, let me go
Meher: u stay here only, he he he, or akdoo kisko kaha? Mujhse bhi ziada akdoo to ye baby hai Jo mere samne khara hai
Abeer: main baby nh hoon
Meher: but u r my baby na
She makes a puppy face.
Abeer: Meher Jane do na
Meher: I remember u made a song for me, us mein ek line thi Bach k jaegi kahan (naram naram hatho se), I should say the same to u, Bach k kahan jaogay Abeer? Arey I said na m sorry

Abeer: Meherrrr

He picks her up and throws her on bed.
Meher: arey?
Abeer: u r really akdoo…I forgive u bas khush.
Meher gets happy and runs towards him hugging him.
Meher: thank u thank u thank u

He hugs her and finally smiles after a lot of drama.

Outside the room:
Akshat was passing by when he heard familiar voices from the room, he opens the room to see and gets shocked seeing Meher and Abeer together. He was about to go in but stops himself.
Akshat: ye ek dusre se pyar krte hain to main beech mein se hatt jata hoon, they r made for each other.
He goes from there to Meher’s house and slides a note inside through the space below the door and goes. Meher comes back to her house and sees a note on the entrance. She closes the door and unfolds the note. It said:
“Meher, I am sorry for trying to harrass u and for forcing u for everything but I promise u won’t face all this again, because I know u will always love Abeer so I decided to get away from u both, I know u hid Abeer but now u can bring him in open as now no one will harm him, I m leaving from ur lives forever, bye forever, no hard feelings, sorry again, Akshat.”

Meher: yeh gaya? Chalo achha hai, now I can meet Abeer in open, he’s away from his family from so long.

She calls Abeer and tells him everything, finally they didn’t had any intruder anymore.

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