my childhood love (chapter 12)


Meher was looking at her and Abeer’s photos when Akshat comes there.
Akshat: hi girlfriend
He sits by her side putting an arm around her arms. She doesn’t replies, she was lost in the pics. He clicks his fingers in front of her face. She gets out of her trance and looks at his hand on her shoulders and yanks it away.
Meher: go away loser
Akshat: we r soon getting engaged
Meher: stop daydreaming, I m not gona even look at u.
Akshat: we’ll see
He grins at her and leaves. She cries.

Meher’s POV:
5 years have passed by that I have gained back my memory, I hid Abeer after that, so that he is safe and sound, Akshat tried to kill him and thank God I came else he would’ve got hurt. Everyone knows about Abeer except Akshat, he’ll never know my intention to agree for marrying him, God is on my side.

End of POV.

Later, she goes to a hotel and goes to a room 302, she goes inside, there was a man facing his back towards her. She slowly goes towards him and hugs him from back.
Meher: M here my Abeer, my bff, my childhood love, my baby, I missed u a lot.
(The man is Abeer)
He smiles and holds her hands which were around his stomach and kisses it.
Abeer: I missed u too my baby, Akshat didn’t do anything right?

Meher: no ways, he can’t do anything, my marriage will be with u only, jab college start hoga na, tum wahan ana, with new look.
Abeer: why
Meher: Akshat can harm u.
Abeer: OK as u say, let’s spend sometime together.
They break the hug. He picks her up and twirls her, she holds his face.
Abeer: u look more cute than before
Meher: u too…ab mujhe utaro na

He takes her to bed and drops her on bed.
Meher: why did u drop me?
Abeer: ESE he.

They talk for many hours. She hugs him by his waist and he too hugs her tightly.
Meher: I will come again to meet u tomorrow. Bye
Abeer: bye
He kisses on her forehead and she goes.

At Evening, Meher’s room:
Meher was sitting writing something in her diary when someone knocks the door, she opens the door and finds Akshat.
Akshat: I want to spend sometime with my to be wife.
Meher: Akshat just go away, get out
She pushes him but he forcefully comes in and closes the door and tries to kiss her, she resists.

He pushes her on bed and forces himself on her, she shouts and tries to push him but he was too strong, Johnny (now a dog) who was sleeping wakes up and pounces upon Akshat and hurts him with his nails, Akshat pushes him away and digs his nails in Meher’s arms. She screams a lot. Johnny comes on bed and bites Akshat’s hand, he continues biting him but Akshat continues digging his nails in her arms. Johnny bites his face and Akshat screams, he leaves Meher and she drags him downstairs to the hall. She calls for everyone, they come.
Meher: Maa, mujhe is ghatia insaan se shahdi nh krni, look what he did to me
She shows her arms and Suman worries for her.
Akshat: and look what u did to me
He says pointing on his hand and face.
Meher: jaisi krni waisi bharni

He gets violent and tries to hit her but everyone else pushes him out of the house. Suman hugs Meher, they cry.

Later Meher goes to meet Abeer, she knocks the door of his room, as soon as he opens the door, Meher hugs him tightly. He closes the door and hugs her back.
Abeer: what happen? U OK?

Meher tells him everything while crying.
Abeer: don’t worry, everything will be fine
He kisses her forehead.
Abeer’s POV:
Akshat, u started fight with wrong person, be ready to be destroyed.

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