my childhood love (chapter 11)


Mehbeer pass each other a smile, Akshat looks on sadly.
Akshat’s POV: Meher is now committed with Abeer, I should’ve proposed her earlier, now what can I do? Should I tell her my feelings? No, she will not agree, there might be some other way, but what?……yes, I will make them fight. But how? I will tell their family about this.

Mann he mann he was grinning evilly and eyes Meher. It was social studies period and it was time for the presentation of the project.
Teacher: students, have u done researching on ur given project topics?
Everyone except Mehbeer: yes

Meher whispers to Abeer: ab kia karein? Papa k chakar mein hum project to bhool he gaye
Abeer: thori bohat research to ki hai na? Utne mein hum krlengay baqi apna koorh magaz (blank mind) use krlengay
He says jokingly to enlighten her tension. She smiles. After many students, Mehbeer are called. They go trying to be confident. They give a very good presentation, teacher praises them.
Teacher: here r the results (she announces many results and in the end) Meher and Abeer gained the highest marks, 19/20, very good.
Everyone claps for them.

Later that day, when Abeer and Meher reached home and were busy in their work, Akshat comes to Meher’s house.
Akshat: namaste aunty
Suman: namaste, tum kon?
Akshat: m Akshat, Meher’s class mate, I wanted to tell u something, Abeer and Meher love each other and they proposed each other.
Suman laughs: arey beta they r just friends and they must’ve said that just as friends.
Meher: han Ma I said as a friend.

She comes hearing the whole convo and says this glaring at Akshat.
Akshat: but aunty I heard Abeer asking her that do u like me in other way
Meher: oh God, dekho na Ma isko, bachey hain hum, q aisi baatein krengay hum? Mazak kr ra hai dost hai mera
She goes and stands by his side to show they are really friends.
Suman: OK, jao tumlog room me beth k baatein kro
Akshat was about to say something but Meher takes him from there to her room.
Meher: q aye ho tum yahan?
Akshat: because I love u

Meher: u know that I love Abeer.
Akshat: I know u too love me n u r refusing me because of Abeer.

He goes from there and Meher gets worried. Akshat goes to Abeer’s house.
Akshat: namaste aunty
Madhvi: namaste, tum kon?
Abeer: iska naam hai bachat
Abeer comes there as he knew Akshat might be up to something.
Abeer: hi bachat, mujhse Milne aye ho na? Mom ye dost hai mera, kese ho bachat?
He goes and hugs him.
He whispers: kabootar apna ghar bhool gaye they kia Jo yahan agaye?
He breaks the hug and Akshat glares at him.
Akshat: Aunty mujhe Abeer se notes chahye they, main jaun or le loon kia?
Abeer: han han chalo poochh kia rahey ho?
He takes him to his room and pushes him on his bed.
Abeer: tum yahan q aye ho?
Akshat: nothing
Abeer: bachat, tujhe agar apni Jan ki bachat krni hai na to btado

(Abeer is calling him bachat jokingly)
Akshat picks up a vase and comes to him.
Abeer: vase dukaan se lo na ye q lerahay ho?

He again jokes.
Akshat: tumko maarne k liye, taake tum mere raste se hato or Meher mujhse piar kre
Abeer: tum mujhe maro ya Jo bhi kro, Meher humesha mujhse he pyar kregi, or waise bhi we r kids, don’t kill me
Akshat: tum to marr k rahogay

Meher comes to Abeer’s house and hurriedly goes to his room, Akshat was about to hit Abeer but Meher comes in between and gets hit instead.
Abeer: Meher!
She bleeds heavily and faints. He sits down and tries to wake her up.
Abeer: Meher wake up, Mom! Mom plz come here fast!
He calls his mom for help.

Akshat’s POV: yeh kia hogaya mujhse? Meher ko lag gai mere hath se, ab kia kru?

Madhvi comes there and gets shocked seeing Meher’s head bleeding heavily.
Abeer: mom ambulance bulaiye na
Madhvi: han
She calls ambulance while Akshat runs from there while they r busy. Meher is taken to hospital towards OT, everyone accompanies her cryingly.

After a long surgery, doctor comes out.
Doctor: she has got internal bleeding due to which she can have memory loss…Don’t know when will she come in senses.

He goes.

5 days later:
Meher comes in her senses and holds her head.
Meher: what happened to me?
Doctor: u got injured by vase

Meher gets a blurry flashback of Akshat about to hit Abeer but she comes in between and gets hit.
Meher: oh I actually don’t remember clearly
Doctor: OK I want to show some photos, u tell if u recognize them or not.

He shows Suman’s photograph.
Meher: Ma
He shows everyone’s photo and she recognizes all of them, then he shows Abeer’s photo and again she gets some flashbacks of all their moments.
Meher: ye mera dost hai, Abeer
Doctor: Achha theek hai, or isko pehchanti hain aap?

He shows Akshat’s photo.
Meher: ye kon hai? I don’t remember

Doctor: OK

He goes out and tells everyone that everything is alright, she only don’t remember Akshat.

Suman: can we meet her?
Doctor: yes

They all go inside.
Abeer: r u OK Meher?
Meher: han m fine.

They all talk to her and Akshat looks on from outside the room.
Akshat: I will take my revenge very soon.

5 years pass by, now Meher wasn’t in hospital anymore and gained her lost memory, and Akshat had also taken his revenge. Meher sits in her room and looks at her and Abeer’s childhood pics.
Meher: I miss u a lot, I will always love u.
She hugs the pic.

I hope u like it. And if u don’t like, tell me.

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