my childhood love (chapter 10)

Meher: finally u r out of our lives my so called papa.
She grins and goes while Shyam boils in anger that he couldn’t snatch Suman’s pride Meher from her. Meher goes to her class with a smiling face and the class gets dismissed, teacher goes from there. Meher sits next to Akshat.
Meher: Abeer
She says tapping his shoulder. He turns to her.
Abeer: what happen?
Meher: I can finally stay with Ma, papa took back my custody case, all thanks to u n ur plans ?

Abeer: congrats, let’s party at evening.
Meher: yes

After 1 more hour of class, it was break and finally the friends will get time to talk. Meher was about to go but is stopped by Akshat.
Akshat: sorry Meher
Meher: for what?
Akshat: for whatever I did the first day u sat next to me.
Meher: oh for that, ok its ok.
Akshat: can we be friends?
Meher: yes why not? And we were already friends.
Akshat: oh I forgot.
Meher smiles and goes from there downstairs to the place where they sit in break.
Meher: hello people.
She greets them and joins them.
Ishani: u look really happy, did ur crush propose u?
She says pointing to Abeer.
Lavanya: han Meher kahin Abeer ne tumko propose to nh krdia?
Meher: kia tumlog kuchh bhi bolte ho? Arey papa ne mera custody case wapis lelia isliye khush hoon.
Sasha: congrats but tell me one thing, u have got a good bonding with ur step brother right? What will u tell him?
Meher: I m not giving him any kind of punishment for the thing he never did, is mein uski kia galti hai? Main usey boldungi k WO mujhe jab chahe call krsakta hai
Nisaar: han u r right
Abeer: or tumlog Meher ko humesha yahi q bolte ho k usey mujhpe crush hai?
Meher: (without realizing) q k mujhe sach mein tumpe crush hai Abeer
Everyone looks at her.
Meher: mera mtlb hai they r just joking esa kuch nh hai
Sasha: even Abeer have crush on u
Nisaar: chal ab tu bhi accept krle k tujhe bhi hai q k tu kbhi Meher ko nh btata tha, tujhe apni friendship bohat pyari thi, ab to vo bol chuki, ab tu bhi bolde

He says to Abeer.
Meher: Maine to bas yun hi boldia
Ishaani: Meher, don’t be embarrassed it happens yr
Lavanya: han it happens
Meher gives them both a deadly glare.
Nisaar: u guys should talk in loneliness (he says to Abeer and Meher and then turns to others) chalo guys
They go leaving the duo alone. They both stay quiet and keeps stealing glances of each other.
Meher: wo Abeer they were just joking
She says looking down
Abeer: do u like me in that way? Tell honestly I won’t tell anyone

Meher: actually yes I do
Abeer: To be honest, I also like u…there’s nothing to be ashamed, it happens.
Meher: what will we tell others?
Abeer: I will tell them…let’s go tell them right now only.
They go from there to find the others but a pair of eyes was watching them. Its Akshat.
Akshat: i also like Meher, what about me?
He goes from there with his head hung down low. Mehbeer find them.
Abeer: we have talked about that matter guys, and we will tell u later when we are ready to tell u, I and Meher are not comfortable right now, I hope u understand.

All in unison: ok we understand.

Abeer: ab hum khaein? Bhook lagi hai
Nisaar: han chalo

After the break they go to class and sit in the usual arrangement. Mehbeer pass each other a smile, Akshat looks on sadly.


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