My Childhood Love (Chapter 1)


In a room, the alarm rings and a 12 year old girl wakes up from the bed after switching it off. She freshens up and gets ready for school. Before stepping out of the room, she starts talking to a boy’s photo.
Girl: Its been 6 years since u went, I hope u come back soon from Dubai, u r my childhood friend, I miss all the moments we spent together, always remember, no matter how many new friends I get, I won’t forget u Abeer.
The girl is Meher. She was talking to Abeer’s photo who is her childhood friend, she haven’t met him since 6 years, when Abeer and Meher were 6 years old, Abeer’s family shifted to Dubai after informing them.
Meher waits for Abeer outside his house, after sometime he comes.
Meher: what took u so long?
Abeer: nothing, I was packing my things.
Meher: y?
Abeer: we are shifting to Dubai for 6 years, I will miss u Sunshine.
Abeer gave her this nickname as his day always started from her, they were always together, from morning to night.
Meher: I will miss u too my star.
They hug each other.
Meher: I bought this for u.
She gives him a box. He opens it and gets punched.
Abeer: Akdoo..even I have something for u.
He starts tickling her. Everyone comes out hearing the laughter sounds.
Madhvi: q chher raha hai chhorde na.
Abeer: OK chhordia, I have something else for u.
He gives her a Teddy bear.
Meher: its cute.
They again have a hug and Abeer’s family leaves.
Fb end.

She picks up the teddy bear he gifted her and kisses it. Two girls comes in her room.
Girl 1: awwww badi yaad arahi hai kisi ki.
Girl 2: that’s y she kissed the teddy bear assuming it as Abeer.
The girls laugh and does a high five. Meher blushes.
Meher: kya Ishani or Lavanya? y will I kiss the teddy bear assuming it as him? kuchh bhi bolte ho, chalo, we are getting late for school.

She goes and Ishani-Lavanya laughs. By the way they all study in Arya Vidya Mandir Group of Schools. They reach the school and meets Sasha and Nisaar at the entrance.
Meher: hi Sasha, hi Nisaar
Sasha and Nisaar: hi Meher, ishani Lavanya
Ishani and Lavanya: hi

The five of them are in same class. After the assembly they go their class. Ishani and Lavanya together on one bench, Nisaar and Sasha on one bench, Meher sits alone. The teacher enters the class.
Teacher: good morning students
Students: good morning.
Teacher: today I want u to meet a new student.
A boy enters inside the class.
Teacher: Meet Abeer Malhotra, he has come from Dubai.
Meher in heart: Abeer agaya yippee
Teacher: go sit beside Meher.
Abeer nods and sits beside Meher.
Meher: do u remember me?
Abeer: huh?
Meher: in childhood we used to play together, we were neighbours, both families were good friends.
Abeer: oh so its u Sunshine, missed u
Meher: me too
Teacher continues the lecture. Sometime later she turns to the board to write.
Abeer whispers to Meher: Sunshine, it feels so good to be with u again, we will be together in the recess like old times.
Meher: OK

After 2 more hours of boredom, it was recess, Abeer left the class before Meher not letting her know.
Ishani: Meher, Abeer wohi tera bachpan ka dost hai na?
Meher: hmm
Lavanya: where did he go?
Meher sees he isn’t there, she leaves the class to find Abeer. Abeer climbs the tree and sits on the strong branch waiting for Meher. She comes there calling his name.
Meher: Abeer!
Abeer jumps from the tree in front of her and she gets scared.
Meher: what were u doing on the tree?
Abeer laughs.
Abeer: I was scaring u
Meher: tum kbhi nh sudhrogay.
Abeer: of course I won’t.
He hugs her.
Meher: Abeer sab dekhengay
Abeer: dekhne do, we r frnds.
She hugs him back.
Meher: I missed u a lot my star.
Abeer: me too.
Ishani and Lavanya comes.
Ishani-Lavanya: awww how sweet.
They move away.
Abeer: tumlog bechari Meher ko mt chirao.
Sasha: u won’t meet us Abeer?
Abeer hugs Sasha and Nisaar.
Abeer: I missed u both.
Sasha: lagta to nh.
They laugh. Tunnu and Cabir comes and hugs Abeer.
Tunnu: jeejuu
Meher: shut up Tunnu
Cabir: didi, we know ur secret.
Meher: Cabir
Abeer: konsa secret?
Meher: nothing, leave na, let’s go guys, Cabir Tunnu, u guys go eat something.
They all leave. Meher’s class fellows throw marbles in Mehbeer’s way. Meher steps on them, Abeer sees this.
Abeer: Meher watch out!
He stops her from falling, every eye stares at them.
Abeer: y r u all staring?
They look away and Meher straightens herself.
Abeer: u OK Meher?
Meher: yes m OK.
He holds her hand and takes her from there followed by everyone else. They sit on the staircase.
Sasha: guys we should do party as Abeer has come.
Ishani: someone was missing him today and kissed a Teddy bear assuming it as Abeer.
Meher: I wasn’t assuming it as Abeer, I love that teddy bear that’s y I did it.
Abeer: enough guys don’t embarrass her…let’s party at Meher’s place, I will meet everyone as well.
Lavanya: han ye theek hai (to Ishani) let’s do a prank on Abeer and Meher today.
Ishani: fine

When they reach home, Meher goes to take bath, Ishani and Lavanya takes advantage of this and enters the room. Ishani takes a stool and stands on it, she places rose petals on the fan. She quickly steps down and goes out of the room. Meher comes out of the washroom wearing a hot pink shoulder drop top and black jeans, she dries her hair.

Abeer comes to Meher’s house, after meeting everyone, he goes to Meher’s room after knocking. They were talking when Ishani switches on the fan, the rose petals fall on them. Abeer thinks Meher has done this and sings for her.
Abeer: Tujhe dekha to ye Jana sanam, pyaar hota hai deewana sanam, ab yahan se kahan jaein hum, Teri baahon mein marr Jaen hum.
Ishani giggles seeing this.

How was it guys? I hope u all like it, today is my birthday so I thought today will be the best day to start this story.

Credit to: Sally Sue (Sara)

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