Chennai Express with Ishra part 2

Chennai Express with Ishra part 2
Scene 1
Ishita is seen sitting
She tries to lay down
Ishita says something to the goon
The goon leaves
Raman: ishita
Ishita: hmm
Raman: your bossing your own kidnappers and theyre listening to you im confused
Ishita: ill get rid of your confusion
Raman: ok
Ishita: my name is ishita Iyer
Raman: hello
Ishita: common area my father has a lot of respect you know paratolic
Raman: teacher
Ishita: ila (no) Don
Raman: don
Ishita: those are my cousin brother my father send them so he can do my marriage
Raman: ok
Scene 2

They arrive in Chennai
Ishita: whatever I say you shake your head okay
Raman: ok
Mr. Iyer come
Mr. Iyer says something
Ishita replies then looks at Raman
He nods
Mr. Iyer: Tamil Teri ma( is Tamil your language)
Ishita says something again
Looks at Raman
He nods
The whole village takes out their swords weapon
Scene 3
Raman: Ishita
Mr. Iyer: what
Raman: kofee
Mr. Iyer says something
Raman throws a paper
First someone else gets it and then another person then another then Ishita
Ishita: meet me at the storeroom
Raman comes
4 People are there
The girl holds Raman hand
Girl: I love you
Ishita aunt comes
The girl blames it on Raman
Ishita aunty pulls Raman check
Ishita aunty: naughty
Ishita and her aunt are about to leave
Raman: kuch karo
Ishita aunt: karo naughty
Raman: not naughty

Scene 3
A sardar is talking in Tamil
Ashok Khanna comes
He says something to raman
Raman without knowing agrees
Sardar: now you eill have to fight him
Raman: what
Ishita and Raman think of a way to escape

Precap: Ishita and Raman run away

Next part will come maybe next weekend or this week it depends

Sara who commented I have to change something can you please tell me what I have to change

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