Chennai Express with Ishra part 1

Chennai Express Ishra part 1
Scene 1
Raman dadi: Raman its your dadaji 100 birthday
Raman: ji dadi
Then two big problems of my life came
Sunny and bobby
Girl: all set for goa Raman
Girl: you 2 do your own work
Raman: what is with this goa thing
Sunny: we got one week ticket to goa with girls
Raman: one week do you think dadaji will let me
Girl: Sunny
Sunny: be right back
Raman dadaji: Raman
Bobby: dada ji
Person: come with me
Bobby goes with him
Dadaji: what did you get me for my birthday
Raman: you haven’t opened anyone else gift
Dada ji: there other they are my relatives that’s why they like me you love me that’s why its our relation I wonder ometimes what will happen to you when I die
Raman: Dada ji
Dada ji: why did I start alking about death I still have 20 or 30 years left

Scene 2
Watching Sachin match
Dadaji: Sachin at 99
Sachin out on 99
Dadi screams
Raman: dadi its just Sachin out on 99 calm down
Dadi points at dadaji
Dadaji has passes away
Raman to his friends Goa is on
Scene 3
Dadi: how does Chennai express go to rameshwaram
Raman: I wanna spend time with dadaji so ill take a road way
Dadi: I trust you only
Raman touches dadi feet and goes on the train
Raman puts the ashes and his bag
Raman gets out of the train without the ashes pot
Raman: hi
Suny and Bobby: hey
Raman: were gonna have a fun time
Sunny: yes
Raman: Ash Dadaji
Raman; Dadaji
Raman runs and gets on the train
Raman then tries to get out of the train
He sees ishita running toward the train
Raman gives his hand
Ishita holds it and gets on
Raman then again tries to get off but another person he gives a hand to
Then 3 more
Raman tries to get off but cant
Raman: because of you guys I missed my train
Person speaks in Tamil
Raman doesn’t understand
Raman sits in front of ishita
Raman receivs boby call
Raman: meet me at next station
Raman: don’t worry I got got company she doesn’t know hindi
Bobby: ooo

They disconnect the call
Raman wears his glasses and starts singing
Raman; tujhe dekha to ye jana sanam pyaar hota hai deewana salam yaha ( the moment I sae you I realized love is crazy)
Ishita singing : kis ne bole tumko mujhe hindi aate nahi jin logo to na hand di wo mara apran kar ke la jarahi ( who told you that I don’t know hindi the people who you gave your hand to are kidnapping me)
Raman: aparan (kidnap)
Ishita (singing) : bari problem main hai hum ab madad karne tum one pata naha chala is liye song me baat karna tum (were in big problem now help you so speak in song so they don’t understand)
Raman: (singing) ju be tum kaho gi main wohi karoge problem bi many ki penalty bhi main baroo ga dinkichka dinkichka main hu idar. (whatever you say I will do I made a problem now I will pay the price don’t wrry Im here)
Ishita: doesn’t respond
Goon: ishita
Ishita and Raman get shocked
Goon talks in tamil
Ishita: oo
Ishita: go t shauchala

Precap: Raman and ishita rrive in Chennai

I have decided on one thing all my stories
. Ishita dn Raman love story
. Ishita Raman ki mohabatein
. Ishra and Virika love story
. Ishita Raman FF
. Ishita Raman is it love?
Will be Monday to Friday
Saturday and Sunday will be movie day

After Chennai express it will be
Which one do you guys want next
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