Chennai Express with Ishra LAST PART


Chennai Express Ishra Final Part
Hi everyone where reaching the end of Chennai express im now working on DDLJ and Rabne Bana Di Jodi

Scene 1
Ishita Raman away
The goons run after them
Ishita and Raman go to Rameshwaram
Raman does the ashes in water
Raman: Ishita you can come with me to Delhi where you can
Ishita: no thanks ill go to Goa Thank you for everything
Raman and ishita are on their way
They come back to South
Ishita: Raman what are we doing back here
Raman talks
Raman: you don’t know what love is You never did anything for your daughter
Ishita says something
Raman: no need for translation he will have to listen from the heart
A person comes from behind and starts beating Raman
Raman fights back
Then comes Ashok

Raman and Ashok have a deadly fight
Raman gets blooded and falls
Ishita runs Mr. Iyer holds her hand
Ishita: abba
Mr. Iyer doesn’t respond
Ashok beats Raman more and more
Raman tries to hit Ashok with a knife
Raman doesn’t
Ashok: no more fighting Ishita yours
Raman goes to ishita
Ishita comes toward him
Raman: whatever I say will you shake your head
Ishita: nods
Raman: as much as I love you do you love me
Ishita nods
Raman: will ou get married to me
Ishita nods
Raman: will you kick me at night
Ishita nods yes
Ishita then nods no
Raman: no
Ishita: no
Raman and ishita hug and become united

Credit to: AHT

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