Chehra- Gohem GoGi TS Part 1 (Karan Tacker Devoleena,Nazim Gia Manek)

Chehra..Face.. Part 1

When Nazim left SNS and there was no hope about his return to the show I was sad when Ahem got killed off.I wished they had replaced Nazim through plastic surgery or something instead of killing Ahem and bringing a new husband for Gopi..Because I could’nt imagine anyone else opposite Gopi other than Ahem.As a replacement for Ahem I could imagine only Karan Tacker.Karan Tacker Devoleena is my dream pair and my sweet readers had accepted Karan Tacker Devoleena as a jodi in my previous SNS works Ye dooriyaan and Youth stars.Katrinasalman took a bold step by introducing plastic surgery and changing Ahem’s face with Gurpreet in her FF Undying faith.That too gave me more confidence and inspiration to pen down this Two Shots.

During Dharam Meera’s wedding Ahem did’nt reach and Gopi was cut up with it.
Gopi:Ahemji is so irresponsible.How can he come late for his daughter’s wedding?

Suddenly her phone rang.She saw Ahem’s number on the screen.She picked up the phone.
G:Ahemji…I don’t want to talk to you.You are not even attending your daughter’s wedding.
“Hello…I am not Ahem.Ahem met with an accident.We took him to the hospital”.
Gopi was shocked.She was shattered.She screamed:Ahemji..
All were shocked.
Kokila:What happened Gopi bahu?
G:Maaji..Ahemji met with an accident.

All were shocked.

They reached the hospital.
Kokila pleaded the doctor:Please save my son.
Gopi:Hey Kanhaji..please save Ahemji.
Doctor:We are trying our best.

After some hours..
Doctor came:He is out of danger now.
All were happy.
Kokila:Thanks to Krishna Bhagwan.
Gopi:Thank you Kanhaji.
K:But…what doctor?
Dr:His face is ruined completely.We need to do plastic surgery.
They became upset.

K:Do that doctor.Don’t worry about money.
Dr:But..his face may change after surgery.
They became upset.
G:It’s ok doctor.I just need my Ahemji back.

Ahem’s plastic surgery was done.One day the doctor removed his bandage from the face.His new face was revealed.

(It is Karan Tacker’s face)

Meera,Vidya,Kokila and Gopi were upset seeing Ahem with a new face.But relieved themselves as they got him back alive.
Ahem became emotional:Mom..Gopi..Meera..Vidya…
They all hugged him emotionally.
Suddenly Ahem looked at the near by mirror by mistake.He was shocked to see his reflection on the mirror..He looked at the mirror again.He touched his face.
Ahem:How come my face is different on the mirror?Am I dreaming?
All were upset.
Gopi:No Ahemji…this is reality.

G:Your face had disfigured during the accident and the doctor did plastic surgery.So your face got changed.

The shocked Ahem screamed:No…
Gopi embraced Ahem and shed tears.
Ahem cried:What is this Gopi? Why did this happen to me?

Gopi caressed him:Ahemji..control your emotions.
Kokila shed tears:Don’t make fuss like kids Ahem dikhra.Thank God that your face is fine now.
Gopi cupped Ahem’s face in her hands:Look Ahemji..don’t give importance to your face.Your personality is more important which has not changed yet.Your face does’nt matter to us.We love you for your heart.
Meera :Yes dad.Still we love you the same.
Vidya:However your face are still our father.Right?

G:Yes Ahemji.Please don’t be upset.
Gopi wiped his tears.
G:Have food.
Gopi fed him food.Ahem looked at her deeply.

After some days Ahem got discharged from the hospital.
Gopi thought:Ahemji is still upset over his face change.I should do something to cheer him up.
She decorated the terrace with lights and candles.Later Ahem entered and was surprised to see lights and glowing candles.
Gopi:Ahemji..I feel very happy to see your smile.

Ahem held her hand:Yes Gopi.I just loved it.Thank you so much for doing this for me.
G:Always for you Ahemji.
They shared a romantic eye lock.
Gopi:Ahemji..shall we have your favourite candle light dinner?
Ahem smiled:Yes Gopi.
They had candle light dinner by feeding each other romantically.

Ganesh visarjan was happening…
The whole place was crowded.Gopi and Kokila was on the way back from the temple.They saw a man holding a big Ganesh Idol.Slowly his face became clear.They were shocked to see his face.
Gopi’s lips shivered:Ahemji?Then who is at home?It means he is fake.He is not our Ahemji.
Koki:Gopi bahu?
G:Maaji..we need to reach Ahemji.
Gopi ran to catch Ahem.Kokila followed her.But in the crowd they could’nt trace him.Gopi cried:Maaji…

They reached Modi Mansion.Ahem came toward them with a smile.Suddenly Gopi slapped him.All were shocked.
G:Who are you?
Ahem:What are you asking Gopi?I am your Ahem.
Gopi slapped him again.
Gopi’s eyes were filled with anger and pain:Are you not ashamed to lie again?You are not Ahemji.You are fake.How well you planned a drama to come to our family?What is your intention?

Ahem:Gopi..I don’t know what you are saying?Mom…you please make Gopi understand that I am her Ahem.
G:Stop it.We saw the real Ahemji.Your drama won’t work anymore.
Ahem was shocked.
Ahem:Can’t you identify me mom?
Kokila became emotional looking at his eyes.
K:Gopi Bahu…we were present during Ahem’s operation.How can we conclude that it’s not our Ahem?
G:Maaji..during the operation we were there.But we did’nt see Ahemji’s face.That means the man who was admitted as Ahemji was not Ahemji.We saw our Ahemji.Right?
K:But what is he is only Ahem’s humshakal?My mind says that this is our Ahem.His eyes are calling me ‘mom’.
G:No Maaji.I am sure that he is the real Ahemji.This is not Ahemji.He is a perfect actor who speaks lies through his eyes.That’s why you too got fooled.
Kokila became upset.
Gopi stared at Ahem:Get out.You don’t have no place on this house.This belongs to Ahemji…not you.

Ahem became upset:Gopi..please..

G:I say get out.
Gopi pushed him out and closed the door.Kokila’s heart was restless.
K:Hey..Krishna Bhagwan!Why do I feel that what is happening is not right?

The man who looks like Ahem entered his house.He got into his kitchen.There a woman was cooking.

(It is Gia Manek)

He embraced her from back.She blushed:Leave me..Maaji will see.

Tu Bin Bataye Mujhe Le Chal Kaheen
Jahan Tu Muskuraye Meri Manzil Wahin

He:No problem.Let her see.She will only be happy to see us together.

He held her closer.She blushed.
Tu Bin Bataye Mujhe Le Chal Kaheen
Jahan Tu Muskuraye Meri Manzil Wahin

He moved his lips towards her face passionately making her blush like rose flower.

Meethi Lagi, Chakh Ke Dekhi Abhi
Mishri Ki Dali, Zindagi Ho Chali
Jahan Hain Teri Baahein Mera Sahil Wahin

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  1. here due to the accident ,ahem’s face is changed , i have always liked to imagine karan tacker and devoleena as a pair. loved this two shot , sad that gopi sent ahem out of the house . loved the last scene , it was romantic . update next one soon…

    1. Jasminerahul

      U too like to imagine Karan Tacker Devoleena as a pair?Can u plz tell me when u started imagining them as a pair?
      thanku so much 4 commenting.I’m missing ur ffs on SNS.plz write samar monica OS

      1. I started imagining them after reading ur youth stars ss
        I am not finding time to write the samar monica os . I always forget abt that . Thank u for remembering that . I will write it very soon

      2. Jasminerahul

        really waiting 4 samar monica one.i feel cvs r doing injustice to Samar.bcz earlier both had equal importance on d show,later after sona’s entry samar was sidelined n from then sahir sona have been focused upon.samar has a wife,but an evil wife and he has no scenes with monica.that’s sad.samar has hardly any dialogue now.i pity him

      3. Chetan

        It’s awesome

  2. Isaaq

    This is too good. Keep it up!

    1. Chetan

      Please comment on my ff also

      1. Jasminerahul

        thanku 4 ur comment

  3. Nandhini

    Very nice! The same person(ahem) with an another face done due to accident…and its mysterious who is real ahem and what has really happened on the day of accident (meera’s marriage)…or if gopi has mistaken of ahem’s look alike and she kicked out real ahem (karen)…

    1. Jasminerahul

      thanku so much.ur comments r always an inspiration.

  4. Mansi

    Its really good update soon

  5. Oh so ahem meet with n accident n after that his face got changed…but kokila n gopi saw ahem’s lookalike during visarjan…seems quite interesting…Well Gia manek n ahem lookalike are husband wife nice…gopi is confused??…Really Superb!!…

    1. Jasminerahul

      thanku so much.plz comment on laal ishq n pyar ka meetha intezaar

  6. Shakaib

    Awesome update jasmine. Last part will be last part. Feeling sad, now see how will gopi recognize his ahemji. Keep rocking………
    And yes please write a ff or os/ts/ts/fs on kawach current track. is the man who is exactly like ahem is ahem is his brother or like sns current track, urvashi’s son. Update next part soon. But I think nazim and devo’s pairing is good.

    1. Jasminerahul

      Nazim Devoleena is good.But I find Nazim Gia more magical bcz when Gia was Gopi cvs concentrated on Gohem.But after Devoleena entered SNS cvs concentrated on various tracks n Gohem was sidelined.

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