Chehra- Gohem GoGi TS Last Part (Karan Tacker Devoleena,Nazim Gia Manek)

Chehra..Face.. Part 2
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Gopi and Kokila prayed in the temple.
Kokila:Please show us what is right.
Gopi:Kanhaji..please show us Ahemji..please show us the way to reach Ahemji.
They turned back.They were surprised to see Ahem.
Koki:Why my heart is being so restless even after seeing Ahem inatead of becoming happy?
Gopi ran towards Ahem and embraced him.He was shocked.Suddenly he pushed her shocking her.
Ah:What are you doing?Are you not ashamed to hug a stranger in an public place?
G:Ahemji..what are you saying?How can you be a stranger?You are my husband.
Ah:Stop it.I am not your husband.

Gopi was In tears:You are my husband Ahemji..I am your Gopi.
He was surprised:Gopi?
She nodded:Yes Gopi.Your wife.
He:My wife is also Gopi.She is my beloved.
Gopi smiled.
He:She is Gopika.But that’s not you.
Gopi was shattered:Ahemji..
Suddenly he opened her handbag and took a photograph of their wedding.She showed it to him.
G:Can you deny it?
He was shocked.
G:Why are you distancing me Ahemji?
He:I don’t know how this photo was made.But it’s not me.
He:Why are you always calling me Ahemji?I am not Ahem.I am Jaggi.
Gopi and Kokila were shocked.
G:Ahemji..why are you lying?Is anyone making you do this forcefully?Is that fake Ahem who is making you do this?

He:Oh..can’t you understand what I am saying?I am Jaggi,not Ahem.If you can’t believe it come with me to my house.
He grabbed her hand and took her to the house.Kokila too joined them.A beautiful lady opened the door.
She:Jaggiji!Jaggi held her closer:This is my Gopika.My wife.
Gopika blushed.

Gopi and Kokila were stunned.
Jaggi:And our son has gone to college.
Gopika:Jaggiji..who are they?
Jaggi:This is also Gopi like you.
Jaggi:And this lady is…
Kokila:I am Gopi’s mother in law.
Jaggi’s mother came:Jaggi..who is there?
Urvashi and Kokila were shocked to see each other.
Jaggi:This is my mother Urvashi.
All were surprised.
Gopi:You both know each other?
Suddenly Kokila thought about something with a shock.
Koki:Urvashi…Jaggi is your son?
Kokila’s eyes became wet:You did’nt tell me that you have a son.
Urv:How can I tell when all my ties with the man I loved were broken.
Gopi:What is happening?Maaji..tell..
Koki:Gopi made a big sin by throwing out Ahem.The person you threw out is our Ahem.This is Jaggi..Ahem’s step brother.
Gopi,Jaggi and Gopika were shocked.
Gopi:What?Maaji..what are you saying?
Koki:It’s true Gopi bahu.This is not Jaggi,he is Ahem’s step brother.
Gopi was frozen.
Jaggi became emotional:Maa…tell me..if this is true.
Urvashi was sad:Jaggi..I never disclosed to you who your father is.But since your father’s family revealed it first I can’t hide it anymore.Your father is Parag Modi.

Gopi was shocked.
Koki:Paragji was in love with Urvashi.But his family forced him to marry me.For the family sake Paragji and Urvashi sacriticed their love.But we did’nt know that Urvashi had a son from Pragji.If so when we saw Jaggi I would have guessed that it’s not Ahem.
Gopi was upset.
Jaggi was silent du to pain.Gopika held his hand and tried to console him. something.Don’t be upset.Be happy that you got the answer which you were looking for a long time. did you find us?
Koki:Our son Ahem met with an accident and had plastic surgery.But after that he got a new face.Accidently we saw Jaggi who looked exactly like Ahem.
Urvashi,Jaggi and Gopika were stunned.
Koki:We thought he is the real Ahem and the one who stays with us as Ahem is not Ahem.So we followed Jaggi.
Jaggi:I am sorry.I mistook you both.Gopiji..I am sorry.But I am not your Ahem.I belong only to my Gopika.
Jaggi and Gopika shared an eye lock.
Gopi became upset.Suddenly she was reminded of throwing out Ahem.
Gopi shed tears:Hey could I do such a big sin?How could I throw my Ahemji out?How could I fail to see his had told me that he is our Ahemji only.But I did a big mistake by not believing you
Kokila:I am also at fault.I could’nt stop you from kicking out Ahem as I became weak due to doubts.
G:Maaji..we need to find Ahemji..
Jaggi:I too will help you to search.
Jaggi,Gopi and Kokila searched for Ahem.But they could’nt find him.
Gopi cried:What will we do now?Ahemji is not even picking up my calls.It’s my fault.If I had’nt sent him out this would’nt have happened.
Kokila too wept.
Suddenly Gopi remembered one thing.
G:Ahemji must be in his favourite place where he goes when he needs peace of mind.
They went to the beach.Gopi walked searching for Ahem.Finally she saw Ahem looking at the waves.Gopi ran towards him.She kept her arms on his shoulders.He looked back.He could’nt believe his eyes.
G:Yes..your Gopi.
He turned off his face.
G:Ahemji..look at me.I know why you are angry with me.I mistook you for some other person.I am really at fault.I am sorry.But what could have been done?When I saw your look alike I thought you were not Ahemji.
Ahem:Now what made you come back to me?Did you realize that your eyes cheated you and he was not my look alike?
G:No.My eyes have not cheated me.He looks like you only.But he is not you,but your step brother Jaggiji.
Ahem was shocked:What?

Kokila came from behind:Gopi Bahu is right.
Kokila wept caressing his face:I am sorry Ahem dikhra for not supporting you.I too misunderstood you seeing Jaggi.Won’t you forgive your mom?

Ah:Mom..please don’t embarrass me by apologizing.
Kokila was relieved.
Ah:Mom..what did Gopi say?You tell.
Koki:You have a step brother named Jaggi who resembles your previous face.The coincidence is that his wife’s name is Gopika.
Ahem was shocked:Step brother?
Kokila told him everything.Ahem’s eyes became wet.
Koki:Don’t you want to see your brother?
Ahem was silent.Jaggi came forward.Ahem could’nt believe his eyes.He touched Jaggi’s face in disbelief.
Jaggi:Ahem bhai!
They hugged each other.Urvashi and Gopika who reached there by auto smiled emotionally seeing it.
Urvashi was feeling difficult to face Ahem.
Koki:Ahem..this is Jaggi’s mother Urvashi.
Ahem:Namaste auntiji..
Urvashi:Happy that you all united again.Now we are going.
Koki: Don’t go like that Urvashi.Please come and stay with us.
They were stunned.
Urv:What are you saying Kokila?
Koki:You all have the right to stay in Modi house.Jaggi is Paragji’s blood.If Paragji was alive he would have done the same thing.Let him be happy to see Ahem and Jaggi together from heaven.Won’t you fulfill Paragji’s wish Urvashi?
(Parag is not alive in this TS)
Urvashi,Jaggi and Gopika became emotional.Slowly they smiled.Ahem,Kokila and Gopi smiled.
Koki:Come we all will go back. all go.Ahemji and I will come later.
They smiled and went away.Ahem and Gopi looked at each other.
Ah:Gopi..why did you tell them that we will come later?
G:Because I can’t leave you unless you forgive me.

Ahem turned off his face.
Gopi shed tears:Ahemji..won’t you forgive me?If you can’t forgive me I will stay away from Modi house.That will be the punishment for sending you out of Modi house.
Ahem:Don’t dare to stay away from me and my house.

Mujhse judaa hokar tumhe door jaana hai
Palbhar ki judaai phir laut aana hai

Gopi was stunned.
Ah:If I am staying in Modi house that will be with you.If you are staying somewhere else I will stay there with you.You don’t know how difficult it was for me to stay away from you.

Saathiya, sang rahega tera pyar
Saathiya, rang layega intezaar

Ahem and Gopi shared an emotional eye lock.

Tumse judaa hokar mujhe door jaana hai
Palbhar ki judaai phir laut aana hai

Slowly they both smiled.

Saathiya, sang rahega tera pyar

They held each other’s hands and came closer to each other romantically.

Saathiya, rang layega intezaar -Hum Aapke Hai Koun

Gopika sat near Jaggi:Jaggiji…what are you thinking? you think we are doing right by shifting to Modi bhavan?
Gopika:Maaji is fine with it as she too dreamt of you getting a name.She is happy that finally it is happening…You were taunted through out your life for not having an identity.But when your family is accepting you wholeheartedly we should be happy.Right?And they all are so nice.Very loving.I like such joint families where there any people to love us.So I am happy to shift.Jaggiji…are you ok with Maaji’s decision?

Jaggi kept his hand on hers:Yes Gopika.
She smiled.

Urvashi,Jaggi ,Gopika and their son Mitra shifted to Modi house.

Holi came..

Meera and Vidya celebrated Holi in Suryavanshi house with their husbands Dharam and Shravan.

Modi bhavan was full of colours on Holi.

Ahem and Gopi coloured each other’s face.
Ah:Happy Holi Gopi.
G:Hppy holi Ahemji.

Jaggi coloured Gopika’s face:Happy holi Gopika.
She smiled.
Jaggi thought:Why is she not wishing me?Strange.
He turned to walk out.
Gopika:Jaggiji…don’t you need my wish?

He smiled looking at her:Is there any need to ask me that?
Gopika:My dearest husband..happy holi.
She coloured his cheek.
He lifted her up in his arms:Hey…

Ahem Gopi danced.

Rang barse bhige chunar wali rang barse
Are kaine mari pichkari tori bhigee angiya
O rangrasia rangrasia ho
Rang barse bhige chunar wali rang barse-Silsila

Jaggi-Gopika too danced.After dancing for some time they drank bhaang.
Gopika pulled Jaggi’s look so sweet my husband is.I love you a lot.

Jaggi pulled her cheek:I love you too my Gopika…
She blushed.

Gopika:If I am your are my Krishna Jaggiji..

Jaggi:Yes..I am your Krishna Gopika…

Everybody laughed seeing their behaviour.
Jaggi got cozy with Gopika which made others embarrass.

Urvashi to Kokila:Just ignore them Kokila.They both are like this on every holi.They drink bhaag and in bhaang effect they forget the surrounding and get a bit too romantic.
Kokila smiled.

Ahem carried Gopi in his arms.
Ah:I love you Gopi.Promise me that you will not leave me again.

Saath nibhana, saathiya

Gopi became emotional:Once I did that mistake.But I promise that I will never repeat that mistake of getting separated from you.

Saath nibhana, saathiya

They looked at each other passionately.

Saath nibhana, saathiya
Saath nibhana, saathiya

Gopi said in her mind looking at his eyes:This is my life’s his hands I held to live till the end.

Saath nibhana, saathiya
Saath nibhana, saathiya

The end

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