My chef sweetheart (twinj) episode 7


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Let’s start

Scene 1
Twinkle is shown peeping into a room
Let’s see what she is seeing.
Leela is shown mumbling
L:ye larki kya samajh ti hai khud ko. Iske man me jo aaega vo karegi.Isse to main thiK karungi. Aaj kal is ki harkate bahot zyada hi bigar gai hai.
From outside
T (whispering to herself):ye chachi bol kya rhi h.kuch samajh nhi aa raha.par kuch bhi ho aaj me chachi ko mana kar hi rahungi.aaj meri zindagi ka sabse khas din hai.(she entered leela room)
Leela was facing her back towards her.
L:pinni ye kapre tu ye almirah me rakh de.pinni tu kuch bole kyu nhi rahi h.maine kya kaha.pinni…pin (she turned)
L(she composes herself):tu yaha kya kar rahi hai (she said in a cold voice)
T (teary eyed):v…vo
L:jaldi bol
T:chachi (by saying this she hug her and tears were coming like stream from her eyes).
T:chachi mujhe maaf kar dof.
L (started melting)
T (while sobbing):aa….pko to p…ata ha..i na ki aapke siva mera kha…yal koi a..che se r…hak nhi sakta pata hai kyu kyu ki aa…p meri maa ho.aap meri m..aa nhi ho tab bhi maa ki tarah pala posa parha ya likha ya.mujhe maaf kar do.
L (she gets teary eyed and hugs her back):fir pagli aaesi harkate kyu kar ti hai.
T:please mujhe maaf kar do.
L:me tujh se Gussa kab this.
T ( by breaking the hug):matlab
L:koi maa apni beti se Gussa ho sakti hai kya.acha apne assu poch.
T:hmmm (she smiles with teary eyed)
L:hat pagli (she hugs her)

A voice comes from back
Kartik:ab me bhi senti ho gya (he started crying fakely)
They breaks the hug and started laughing
L (by keeping her handS on twinkle forhead ):ja tu taaryar ho jaa.tujhe interview ke liye KS restaurant me bhi to ja na hai.
T (smiles brightly )
Scene 2
KS Restaurant

A handsome man is shown sitting in cabin seeping coffee and facing his bacK.
M:ya mister chadda ok sure sure(on phone)
M:ok done (by saying this he cuts the call)
A man enters his cabin and he is yuvraj.
Y:kunj tujhe kuch logo ke interview lene hai.aaj so be ready
(Then the man rotates his chair and he is kunj)
A girl is shown getting ready in peach colour suit & white churidar and white dupatta
S: aaj meri zindagi ka sabse khas din hai
She is non other than twinkle.
Screen splits into two face one side twinkle & one side kunj

Precap:two hearts will meet then what is gonna happen-tashan ya love ya dostI ya nafrat ya revenge

Stay turned to know moreπŸ˜†πŸ˜†πŸ˜†
Love u all
Keep smiling ☺☺

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  4. Ayesha51

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    2. My birthday is on 23rd November
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