Checkmate, Aham & Kashmira FF ( Manmarziyan) Prologue and Part 1


All characters appearing in this work are fictitious. Any resemblance to real persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental.


It was a cold & rainy night.A man was hurried through the darkness towards his car. The wind slapped forcefully against his face. His hand found the door and he traced his way to the keyhole. As he quickly unlocked the car and scrambled inside.He took out his mobile from his pocket & started typing something with his trembling hands.From his body language, one can easily figure out, that he is in tension.Suddenly, someone knocked at his car’s window.The man looked outside with a terror in his eyes.But without giving any chance, A bullet came through the window, shattered the window and hit in the man’s chest.But before taking his last breath, the man pressed the Send option in his mobile & sent a mail in some unknown ID.The Clock in his hand read 2:30AM.

Characters Sketches

Samrat Khanna(Mohan Kapur)- Owner of Khanna Industries.Single Father of her daughter Samaira.But still, his only aim is his business.He is a mysterious & influential man.People say about him that he can go to any extent to achieve.

Samaira Khanna(Kashmira Irani)- Daughter of Samrat Khanna.She do not have any interest in business.She is a painter.She works in a Advertisement Agency.Her equation with her dad not at all good. she is a very bubbly girl.She miss her mother so much who left her when she was only 4 years old.She still cant accept that fact.She share her feelings only with her best Friend, Neil.

Neil Malhotra(Shravan Reddy)- He is writer.He also works in the same Advertisement Agency.He is a simple, funloving boy.He lives with his mother.For his simplicity, Sam gives him a nickname “Apple”.

Nandini Pandey(Shilpa Saklani)- She is a mysterious lady.She is one of the Director of Khanna Industries.

Dev Arora(Nirbhay Wadhwa)- Manager of Khanna Industries & also the right hand of Samrat.He loves Samaira & want to marry her.

Arjun Mehra(Aham Sharma)- He is a mysterious man.Will reveal about him more as the story will progress.

Part 1

Samaira Khanna is sitting in a Park in Khandala.She is eating a Dairy Milk Chocolate & lost in some thoughts.She came in Khandala to find a suitable location for the advertisement shooting.After a lot of hard-work, they got the account of Maybelline Newyork.At first, the office gang decided that Neil will also accompany her,but suddenly Neil’s mother fall ill & they have to hospitalize her.So, Samaira alone came to finalize the location as her Boss completely trust her choice.Samaira called Neil in the afternoon & he informed that his mother is fine & Samaira felf relieved, as she love Aunty.
She is Samaira Khanna, only heir of Khanna Industries.But she is working in an Advertisement agency.She is happy.Neither she understand business, nor she have any interest in business.From childhood, she loves painting.She loves reading story book.In short, she is a creative person.Neil, her best friend, always tell her that anyone can rely on her.She is simple, trustworthy yet so mature.But still, she failed to maintain a healthy relationship with her father.But is this really her fault???Her father never talked with her, never loved her.Her father always ignored her.She sometimes feel, that she is a girl, may be that’s why her father took her as obligation.But she never understand the reason of her father’s ignorance.Is it because of her mother???She only know her mother left her when she was four years old.She left both of them.But her father never discussed about her mother.Her father destroyed every belonging of her mother,except HER.But her heart never accept that her mother left her.A lone tear escaped from her eyes.Why is she crying??? crying is not a solution of any problem.So, why wasting time in crying??She is an independent girl, she is working hard to achieve her dreams & she is happy.She composed herself & saw the time in her wrist watch.Its late.She took her bag & got up.

The Auto dropped Samaira near her hotel.She was walking on the deserted streets lost in her own thoughts, that’s why she failed to notice some goons were following her.Soon, Samaira was surrounded by 5 goons.One covered her mouth with his hands, another one hold a knife on her neck.She was so shocked by this sudden attack that she failed to react.But the moment one of the goon tried to touch her, he himself flying back & hit himself on the road.Someone punched him real hard.Samaira looked at that direction.A tall, lean man has come to rescue her.The ruffians left Samaira.Now, THE MAN was surrounded by the rest.But THE MAN was so well-versed in martial arts that within minutes rest also lying on the road.But suddenly one attacked HIM from the back with a knife.His reflexes were sharp, he saved himself, but still got a cut on his hand.Then, THE MAN gave another hard punch on the face of the goon who attacked him.Soon, all run away from the place.

THE MAN- U fine???
Samaira- yes, I am fine, thank U so much.
THE MAN- Its okay.
Samaira- but I don’t think U are fine.U are bleeding.
THE MAN- I am okay, not a deep cut, just a small cut.thats all.I will manage.
Samaira- Its still bleeding & u need first aid.You are coming with me.
Samaira noticed that THE MAN was looking at him in a strange way.
Samaira- Look, I am staying in the nearby hotel.Please come.I have a first aid kit in my hotel room.I know it’s a small cut, & U will manage, but its still bleeding.
THE MAN nodded his head & started following Samaira.Samaira unlocked the door in her Hotel Room.The Man was still standing in the door.
Samaira- Please come.
THE MAN- I am a stranger & U are alone in this hotel room, U should not allow strangers in your room.
Samaira- I am also a stranger but still U save me from that goons & U are also hurt because of me.By the way, U have so much problem regarding this stranger issue.So, Let me introduce myself, Samaira, Samaira Khanna.
THE MAN- Arjun Mehra.
Samaira- hii Arjun.Its so nice to meet U. please come inside.I know Why u are hesitating?? U are so handsome & now u are alone with a girl.But don’t worry, I am harmless.( & both started laughing)
Arjun finally entered into the room.”So much trust in people”
Samaira- Why not??? What is the problem in trusting people???
Arjun- safety matters.
Samaira- humanity matters.
Arjun remained slient after this.Samaira finished the dressing in his hand.
Arjun- thanks.
Samaira- Thanks to U for everything.consult with the doctors.
Arjun gave her a small smile & nodded his head.”okay, I am leaving.Good night.”
Samaira- Good Night Arjun.Take care & thanks again.
Arjun left, Samaira closed the door.She started packing as next morning she will availing the First bus to Mumbai.

Credit to: Madhumita

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  1. Nooo never change the couple

    1. Sorry, I cant do it.Its okay if U dont read, but Couple change, not possible.If U read further you will know its not exactly the story of MMZ. I love Aham & MMZ, so took the names.Not even Characteristics match.Thanks for reading. Loads of Love, From Madhu.

  2. No radz …. means no ardhika 🙁 🙁
    Pls pls pretty pls make it ardhika plzzzzzzzzzzzz !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. Sorry dear.So many stories on them.I thought something different.Ha ha.Thanks for reading & replying.Loads of Love From Madhu.

  3. your story is so nice…but will there be no radhika…??????? but anyway a fresh story..nice start…

    1. Thanks dear for reading & commenting.No, here is no Radhika.Glad that U liked it.Loads of Love from Madhu.

  4. Different plot.introduce radhika soon. Will it be ardhika or arsam?

    1. Its Aham & Kashmira Story.Ar-Sam.I dont know how people react.But I am confident & believing only in content.Thanks for reading & commenting.Loads of Love From Madhu.

  5. Nice… Update soon dear.. Waiting for the nxt epi madhumita and also precap from nxt epi… All d bst dear…

    1. Thanks Lara for reading & commenting & also for your good wishes. Glad that U liked the story.Next part coming soon, but no Precap, as I love suspense.Loads of Love from Madhu.

  6. Nice update … BT no ardhika… I didn’t like Sam n arjun’s pair…

    1. Its Okay.Hope U liked the story.Thanks for reading & commenting.Loads of Love from Madhu.

  7. Chill guys. As per the name of the ff there won’t be radhika.

    1. Yes, here no Radhika.Thanks for commenting.

  8. Interesting ……..:-) intor radz and Neil love story. I m waiting waiting for u

    1. Thanks Shreya. Glad that U liked it.Loads of Love from Madhu.

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  12. Awesome, but missing rads here….can’t think of arsam…but I loved the story. …your writing skills are very good. …keep it up. Love you loads. ..

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