Checkmate. Aham & Kashmira FF( Manmarziyan) Part 9


Arjun carefully placed Samaira on his bed.Bonnie sliently watched both of them standing on the doorstep of Arjun’s bedroom.Bonnie bytes her lips in anger when she saw Arjun gently caressing Samaira’s forehead.Bonnie broke the trance.
Bonnie- Arjun I think we should call the doctor.
Arjun- No need Bonnie, I think Samaira fainted because of exhaustion.
Bonnie- Okay, tonight I am staying here.
Arjun- I will manage Bonnie. I need to talk with Samaira & its personal.Hope U understand. After that I will drop her in home.
Bonnie(with a deep breath)-0 Yes, I get that.Call me if U need any help.
Arjun- Yes sure. Now, I want a favour from you.
Bonnie- Yes say.
Arjun-Will you bought some food for us from outside?

Bonnie- Sure, Why not? You take care of her, I am coming.
Bonnie left the room in hurry closing the door behind.She was feeling extremely uncomfortable.

Samaira slowly regained her consciousness as she felt some water droplets sprinkled on her face.She felt a soft touch on her forehead.Samaira slowly open her eyes.She saw Arjun was sitting near her with a worried face.Samaira hurriedly got up & sat on the bed. She felt embarassed.
Samaira- I think I should go.Sorry to disturb you.
But Arjun hold her shoulder.
Arjun- stop. I want to talk with you & its very important. I will drop you at home after that.
Samaira- Please say it soon. I need to go home & I don’t want your any help.
But Arjun only intensely looked at her.

Samaira (impatiently)- What??Why are U looking at me in this way?I told U earlier I am not a guilty in the matter.
Arjun- I also earlier told U that I know you are innocent.I am looking at you & trying to finding my Samaira whom I met first.
Samaira bytes her lips, but still she maintained her composure.
Samaira- What nonsense Officer?I heard you people always remain so busy.But see, here you are free enough to analysis my personality change.

Arjun- What to do?From my childhood, I was quite good in time management & when it comes to my dear ones…
Samaira ( cutting his word in middle)- Is it your important talk?See, may be you are good in time management but I am not & when anybody do bakwaas infront of me, I became a pathetic Listener.
Arjun- & which talk of mine is bakwaas according to you Samaira?
Samaira- You know very well Arjun.
Arjun( after some minutes of slience)- Why are you so angry with me Samaira?
Samaira( coldly)- Who said you that? You are not thatimportant that I will even waste my anger on you.
Arjun- Please Samaira don’t talk with me ignorantly.What is my fault?
Samaira- Your fault?? Nothing.
Arjun (with a sigh & in a low voice)-I know Samaira you are hurt. The truth was devastating & but I cant change it. You have to accept it.& I also maintained secrecy about myself.But its my job.My country & its people’s security’s responsibility is on us.Many times, we have to take some decisions which will hurt our dear ones.

Arjun- I never give explanation to others.But I am explaining myself infront of you.You are that muchimportant in my life & its not a sudden realization. But I don’t want to tell you my feelings before revealing my true identity. So, I have to wait for the right time.
After some minutes of slience, Arjun looked directly in Samaira’s eyes.
Arjun- I somehow responsible for your tears & this terrible state.I am Sorry but please don’t hurt yourself. Please.
But Samaira remained slient.
Arjun( with a deep breath)- That’s it.I don’t want to say anymore.
Arjun got up from the bed & started moving.But this time Samaira hold his hand, indicate him to stop. Arjun was surprised.
Samaira- I was upset. But now the sadness is only replaced by anger. They not only cheated my mom & me, by learning everything from you, I too, think they are planning something wrong.
Samaira- When you suddenly revealed your real identity infront of me, I was shocked & also angry. I felt you not even consider me as a trustworthy person, love is a far away thing.
Arjun- No samaira.If I don’t trust you, why will I take risk & reveal my secret mission infront of you?

Samaira- I thought about that. I can understand your situation. Sont give me any explanation. You are not wrong.You are only doing your duty.For me, Love is trust & I trust you.
A small smile spread on Samaira’s lips.Arjun tightly hugged Samaira.
Arjun- & I don’t want to see your tears. I love you.
Both looked at each other eyes.Both were in a calm & peaceful state. Arjun brushed his hand lightly in Samaira’s cheeks.She froze & she could feel the heat of his body.He cupped her cheeks, thumbs running along the curve of her cheekbone leaving a trial of goosebumps.Arjun’s heart shuttered to stop in his chest as her heat caressed his skin. His mouth parched into dryness.Samaira’s eyes closed in apparent pleasure. She felt his hand encircle her. Arjun pulled her against him & brushed her lips with his.Samaira’s lips parted, offering him free access to the delightful heat within.She also felt his warmth sip into her.She sighed into his mouth.Suddenly the doorbell rang.Both parted. Arjun looked at her uneasily & quickly left the room.
Arjun opened the door. Bonnie was outside, she came with food.Arjun sliently took the food,but did not let her inside.Bonnie noticed Arjun was somehow looked lost but there was a glint of happiness in his eyes.

Bonnie- Is Samaira fine?
Arjun- Yes Bonnie. She is fine. There is nothing to worry. Thanks for the food.See you tomorrow at office. Good Night.
Bonnie- Good Night Arjun. Take care of Samaira.
& she left & started her car. Arjun closed the door.
Arjun sliently offered the plate full of food to Samaira, but he was not looking at her. Samaira took the plate from Arjun’s hand.
Samaira- Thanks. Don’t feel uncomfortable.You don’t force me.I am fine.
Arjun ( With relief)- Thank God, But still I am sorry.I think I rushed into things.
Samaira- So, who came to give you food? & How you know I am hungry?
Arjun- You fainted Samaira & its because of exhaustion.Look at your face in mirror, you look so tired.Why didn’t you ate anything? I told U naa. Please take care of yourself. You are precious to me.
Samaira- Please stop your lecture. The way you distribute free Gyan’, its give me a feeling that I am in a classroom.
Arjun- alone with a handsome professor?

Samaira- handsome Professor? Where?
Arjun- Infront of you.
Samaira- Now, I need a glasses just like your camouflage.
Arjun ( Now in Rowdy Rathore style)- Don’t angry me.
Then both of them laughed together.
Arjun- By the way, Bonnie came to give food.Now, finish all. I don’t want any excuse.
Samaira- Shitt, So, she knew I am here. Now what will she think about me?
Arjun- ohh come on Samaira.Why will she take any interest in my personal life?? She is nothing more than a collegue, but yes, a good friend also.
Samaira- but still…
Arjun- leave it naa.
After sometimes, while eating food,

Arjun ( in a low voice)- Tonight stay here naa? What will U do alone in your rented home.I will drop you there at tomorrow morning.
Samaira was surprised.
Arjun- Please don’t take it in a wrong way.You are already tired.So take rest here.You sleep here in the bedroom.I will manage in sofa & I am harmless.
Samaira- I have not doubted.
Arjun- don’t worry about others. Nobody will come to know.We can maintain our privacy here.But still, if U feel uncomfortable, I will drop you at home.Just finish your plate.
Samaira- No need Arjun.
After Completing the food,
Samaira- Arjun, I want to talk with you something important.
Arjun- yes, say naa. But how long you were sitting outside?You should call me before coming.
Samaira- From next time, I will do that.My mind was blocked.So, many thoughts plus I was feeling guilty.
Arjun- Why??
Samaira- You were said the truth.You protected me, but still, I rudely behaved with you.I vent out my anger & frustration on you.So, a big Sorry.
Arjun was amazed.Samaira avoided his gaze.
Arjun- I don’t know what to say.You have a golden heart.I am really lucky.
Samaira- Arjun, did U found anything about my mother?I mean, where is she? Why suddenly she disappeared?

Arjun- No idea Samaira, our investigation is still in early stage.But we are trying to finding more details about your mother, then only we can break Samrat Khanna.
Samaira ( in a low tone)- Can I expect any positive news?
Arjun- I don’t want to give any false hope.
Samaira lowered her head.
Arjun- But I promise, I will find out the truth of Samrat Khanna, & what happened with your mother.You both will get justice.Now take rest Samaira, I am outside. Just call me, if you need anything. Good Night.

At Midnight,Samaira woke up from her sleep.She was feeling thirsty. She switched on her mobile’s torch.She searched for water bottle, but she did not find any.She got up & unlocked the bedroom door.Arjun was sleeping outside on sofa. Without making any noice, Samaira slightly opened the freeze & took out a water bottle.She noticed Arjun s blanket was fall on the floor.Samaira took the blanket & carefully trying to cover him properly without waking him up.But Arjun’s senses are sharp.He caught Samaira’s hand & she lost her balance & fall on Arjun.Arjun opened her eyes & noticed Samaira very close near him.Both were embarrassed.Samaira hurriedly got up.

Samaira(fumbling)- ohh, I was thirsty, …your blanket…SORRY.
Her face flushed & she ran towards bedroom & closed the door.Arjun sat there sliently for sometime looking at the closed bedroom door.Then he took the blanket, & lie down.A small smile adore his lips.

Samaira got up from deep slumber by hearing a knock on the door.She got up,its not her house,where is she?She rubbed her eyes.Suddenly she remembered last night Arjun requested her to stay in his home & now she is in Arjun’s bedroom.She checked her watch, its 8:30 a.m.She was really embarrassed.She hurriedly open the door.She saw Arjun standing there with two cups of tea.
Arjun(with a bright smile)- Good morning.
Samaira- Morning.
Arjun- Sorry to disturb your sleep, But…
Samaira-Its okay.Now you also got to know that I am a late-riser.
Arjun( come very close to Samaira)- I want to know each & everything about you.
Samaira can felt his warm breath on her face.
Samaira- eermmhhh
Arjun- By the way, how are you feeling now?
Samaira- I am feeling fresh & fine.
Arjun- that’s great.
Samaira- You made the tea??
Arjun- Of course, I made it. Who else is present here to make tea for us?
Samaira- Nice tea, thanks.
Arjun- you welcome mam.

Samaira- Do you know cooking??
Arjun- Why you want to know it?
Samaira- just for General Knowledge.
Arjun- For which exam it is necessary to learn that Arjun Mehra know cooking or not.
Samaira- In the exam of who would be Samaira Khanna’s perfect groom.
Arjun(holding Samaira’s hand)- Is it not decided last night?
Samaira(in a playful voice)- No, you still not passed the test.
Arjun- Test?? What test??
Samaira- Don’t you know about Syambar where princes try to pass a certain test to win the princess.
Arjun-Yes, I know.Arjun did shot on fish eye to win Draupadi.We can try this.But I will use gun instead of bow & arrow.
Samaira- but you have to pass different test to win princess Samaira.You have to cook my favourite dish.I will taste it then I will decide you are perfect for me or not.
Arjun- & what is your favourite dish?
Samaira- I will disclose it on the exam day ( with a cute smile).
Arjun- baap re.I think the best way for me to kidnap you.You know about “haran”naa?
Samaira- In your bike?
Arjun- No, I will bring a car.What will happen if U shout.I am not going to take any risk.
Samaira- If you do the kidnap, I mean the”haran”,I will not shout.Come with your bike.Last time, I enjoyed the bike ride with you.(with a wink)

Arjun(with a big smile)- As you wish my dear.
Arjun- okay, now you go & fresh up, Let me prepare sandwich for breakfast.Then I will drop you in your home & leave for Khanna Industries.
But Samaira hold his hand tightly.
Arjun- What happened Samaira?
Samaira- Please take care of yourself Arjun.Dont take too much risk. I don’t want to lose you.
Arjun- relax dear. Nothing will happen to me.Its my duty & its risky.Dont take stress about it.You will fell ill.I love you & I want to live with you.I will stay safe.
Arjun tightly hugged Samaira & kissed his forehead.
Samaira- Yesterday, Neil told me that he will come with breakfast.Aloo paratha.I am not at all interested in your sandwich.
Arjun- what?? I will drop you in a distance from your home.I don’t want to face interogation of your body-guard.
Samaira- You have to come darling.(with a smile).

Neil was surprised to see the lock in Samaira’s home in the early morning.Suddenly he saw a bike appraoching.It stopped near him.Arjun removed his helmet & started looking here & there, Samaira was sitting is the back with a big smile holding Arjun.
Neil (in a surprised tone)- tu ne setting kar li iske saath Samie?
Samaira- Yes I did, Feeling too much hungry.You bring Aloo-paratha right?
Neil- Yes, but whats going on, you were upset so much, then today you are coming with Arjun.I am happy for you Samie.
Arjun- I want to tell you everything.Its very important for you to know.Samaira was unable to share anything with you, as I told him to do so.
Neil- What? I am not getting anything.
Arjun- lets go inside.
Arjun took the key from Samaira’s hand as she is stunned.

Neil was stunned to see the Identity card of Arjun.Arjun told about his mission, Khanna Industries, but carefully skipped Samaira’s identity part.Neil was looking at Arjun.
Samaira- Why you skipped the part that I am not the real daughter of Samrat Khanna?I am not ashamed.Plus, its Neil, he has every right to know about me.
Arjun- Its your choice, I am not going to interfere.
& Samaira told everything what happened in last few days.Neil clenched his fist.
Neil- bas***d Samrat Khanna.( & he rubbed tears from Samaira’s eyes).
Arjun- I am getting late. Neil, I hope you will not disclose anything outside what I shared with you.
Neil-I promise.( & he tightly hugged Arjun).Thanks yaar.You protected her.Stay with her forever.She became very lonely.But I know she is strong & she will fight.I am with both of you.
Arjun smiled & left.Samaira followed him & hold his hand.
Samaira- Why you disclose everything to Neil?
Arjun- I don’t want to break the friendship between you two.If I not disclose anything, it may create difference between you two & I did background verification of Neil.
Samaira- Don’t drag Neil in this mess.I don’t want to put my friend in any danger.Please Arjun.
Arjun- relax Samaira.Nothing will happen.
Samaira- nothing will happen, whats in your mind Arjun?
Arjun- Samaira please, trust me.I am getting late now.
Samaira- I told you, I trust you & my trust is my love.
Arjun left from there, Samaira came inside her home.Neil hugged her tightly.
Neil- you tolarated everything alone? & I stupid,unable to understand anything.
Samaira- Apple, how can I break your belief, the way U always say I can manage everything & anything & whenever you said don’t worry I am with you Samie, it gave me confidence to fight.By the way, am I chose the right partner??green signal from you.
Neil- I think so.
Samaira- really?

Neil- From today, we will have to start watch James Bond movies & read spy nobles & collect information about spies.
Samaira- Why?
Neil- Because we have to do spygiri on a spy.I still think Arjun is a right partner for you. Notice it Samie, there is still a think here.
Samaira- Neilll.

Arjun was wraping up his work in Khanna Industries,when his phone started ringing.He noticed its Rajat calling.He received the call.
Arjun- Hello.
Rajat- Boss, our Electronic Interception team got some leads & they want to share this with you only.
Arjun- Tell them to wait. I am coming.
Arjun hurriedly entered into the IB office.Rajat came infront of him.
Rajat- Apart from the lead, another good news for you Boss.
Arjun- What?
Rajat- Dev Arora is out of danger.Just now, Doctor called & informed me.But we have to wait for some more days to interogate him.
Arjun- I don’t think we can easily break this Dev Arora.No direct evidence against him.Plus his suicide attempt.I think we have to go for his polygraph test.
Rajat- But then we need permission from our higher authority.
Arjun- We will do his polygraph test in future, not now.Let him recover him & we have to collect some evidence against him.I told you to collect more information about Dev.What is the progress??
Rajat- Boss, our sources are working.
Arjun- great.By the way, do you collected finger prints from the door knob of Dev’s house?
Rajat- yes, I did but unfortunately no match found.
Arjun- hmm, this so called Dev’s sister is not even existed in our database also??surprising for me.

Rajat- Honestly speaking Boss, we started this mission from Zero, but still now,we don’t have much info regarding this mission.We are still in darkness.
Arjun- I know Rajat.We are still lost.But don’t lose hope.Lets see what clue our Electronic Interception team got.
Arjun entered in his cabin.A young man was sitting there with a laptop.As soon as, Arjun entered, he stood up.
The man- Hello Sir, this is Vineet Kashyap from Electronic Interception team.
Arjun- Hello Vineet, nice to meet you.Please have a seat.
Vineet- Sir.
Arjun- So, what clue you want to share with me?
Vineet- Sir, first you hear this.
Vineet switched on his laptop & opened a sound file.A recorded male voice, but that voice only speaking some numbers without any pause.
Arjun- What is this?
Vineet- Sir, it is a part of a telephonic conversation recorded in our device.We think, these numbers are some secret codes.
Arjun- hmm, Do you people able to trace the mobile numbers & locations?
Vineet- Sir, we are successful in tracing the numbers, but we cant trace the location.Both these numbers are switched off now.But the number, which received the call, was present in early morning on Dev Arora’s flat location.
Arjun sat straight.A small smile spread through his lips.
Arjun- Now, this cant be coincident.This mobile number was present in Dev Arora’s flat location & now, the same number receiving this suspicious call.Great job Vineet.Now, Track down the IMEI numbers of both these phones.

Vineet- Yes Sir, we are already working in it.
Vineet left from there. Arjun closed his eyes & leaned in his chair.After some minutes of silence,
Arjun- Rajat, find out all details about these mobile numbers.Who bought the SIMs & all.Collect the documents also, I know the documents will be fake, but still I want it.
Rajat- Okay Boss.
Arjun- “2721418151430121”, Its definately a code.But what’s the hidden message??I have to decode it at any cost.

Hello Friends, First of all a big Thanks for accepting me & my work here.I read all the comments.Yes, I dont response to comments most of the times.
But each comment is valuable & inspirational for me. Love U too all.

Credit to: Madhumita

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