Checkmate. Aham & Kashmira FF( Manmarziyan) Part 8


Arjun angrily entered in his cabin & sat in his chair.Bonnie & Rajat followed him & now standing infront of Arjun in complete attention as Arjun is in super bad mood.Arjun was feeling restless, he banged his hand on the table.
Rajat- We are Sorry Boss( in a low tone).
Arjun- You people need to be more careful regarding Dev. This negligence happened in both of your custody.
Rajat- I was present when our constables searched Dev in Interogation room. But now, I think he somehow hide a small lethal pill in this clothes.I should be more careful. Sorry Boss.
Arjun( after some minutes of slience, took a deep breath)- Its okay Rajat.I will manage the higher authority.We did not officially declared Dev’s arrest. So, relax.But we have to save Dev for our mission.Provide him the best medical help.
Bonnie- Why you think that Dev is that much important for Mission Chaturanga??
Arjun- I had some doubts regarding Dev at first. But after checking all documents from his computer, I thought he is not that important for our mission,But now I think my first assumption was right.We need Dev.
Bonnie- But why you think so??
Arjun- Because of his suicide attempt.
Bonnie- Now, you are confusing me Arjun.
Arjun ( with a smirk)- yes, I was confused, but now I am getting a quite clear picture.By the way, Bonnie, I told you to interogate Dev by showing Aniket’s Wills.
Bonnie- I did that.I even tried to make him confess that he did this in Samrat Khanna’s order, but he denied everything.He remain stick to his Statement.
Arjun- hmmm.
Bonnie- But I noticed one thing about Dev’s body language…
Arjun- When you interogated him by showing Aniket’s Wills, when you mention about Samrat Khanna, the blank look on Dev’s face replaced by a tensed look.
Bonnie ( with a smile)- You are trully the Boss.You are not present in the interogation room, but still you guessed everything right.
Arjun- Thanks for the compliment, but…
Bonnie- You Welcome & sorry for interrupting.But Arjun, you still did not answer Why you now think Dev is an important link in our mission?
Arjun- Let me complete naa Bonnie, now listen carefully both of you.When I noticed Dev in the Interogation room, I can tell from his body language that he was then gauging the situation.He gave a safe Statement.But when Bonnie Interogated him by showing the Wills, mentioned about Samrat Khanna, he became tensed.He understood that we knew many things, & we can extract more information from him & it’s a dead end for him.
Rajat- So, Boss, you are saying that he attempted suicide only to save Samrat Khanna??
Arjun- No, its not possible.If Dev only a professional killer or a pawn of Samrat Khanna, then he will either confess,or he will simply deny or he will say I don’t know who tried to kill Samaira, I only follow his or her order just for money.
Arjun ( Again continued after some minutes of slience)- But he attempted suicide.Killing someone is easy but intentionally causing own’s death, no, not easy at all & most importantly no professional killer will roam with lethal pills. Dev is more than that.He knows many secret & he can even die to maintain the secrecy.
Rajat- Boss, now this mission is getting more serious than what we thought.
Arjun- Now, I am very sure that we need to cocentrate more on “big conspiracy”part.Money laundering, Khanna Industries, these are only leads of that road from where we can reach our destination.
Bonnie- So, our Secret Agent died because he got to know about the conspiracy?
Arjun- most probably, that message was incomplete.Someone shot him before he can able to complete the message, but still he warned us before dying. We cant let go of his sacrifice.Those who did this, they have to pay for it.
Rajat- But How???
Arjun- First, I need complete profile of Dev, most importantly his background. Khanna Industries manager, this info is not at all enough.Activate all our Sources & find complete details of Dev as soon as possible.
Rajat- Yes Boss.
Arjun- By the way, Rajat, hope you successfully disposed Dev’s car??
Rajat- Absolutely,our team did this, Local Police reached the spot to investigate the accident.
Arjun- Great, & did our Forenchic Expert team shared any new info??
Rajat- still now No, they checked the car & all, most probably they will submit report at evening.
Arjun- hmm, tell them to hurry up.
Rajat- Boss, we found this key from Dev’s car, I think it’s the key of his apartment.
Arjun- Search his apartment, I think we will get our next lead from his apartment only.
Rajat- Will you go with us?
Arjun- No Rajat, You go & investigate their with the team.

Samaira took a deep breath & came out from her room in Khanna mansion.Samrat Khanna & Nandini Pandey both are sitting there.Samrat noticed Samaira & rushed towards her.
Samrat- Samaira, my child( & he tightly hugged Samaira. Samaira felt suffocated, but still she did not reacted)
Samrat- I am sorry dear.I failed to understand what going on in Dev’s mind.I cant believe that he can go to such extent.I made a wrong choice.
Samaira- I am not blaming you.
Samrat- Then, Why are you leaving Khanna mansion?You cant go from here.
Samaira ( in a challenging tone)- Why I cant go from here?I am an adult. I can make my own decision.
Samrat & Nandini looked at her.Samaira tried to calm herself.She thought so much last night & also her conversation with Arjun, gave her hope.She convinced herself that it is best & also safe for her to leave Khanna mansion without creating any scene.But she will not leave Samrat Khanna.She want many answer from him.
Nandini (in a soft tone)- Your dad care for you.He loves you that’s why he don’t want you to leave dear.
Samaira felt like someone stabbed in her heart, tears beamed in her eyes.
Samaira ( in a broken tone)- Please understand, I need some time.I want to stay alone.But I promise, I will be back soon.( her tone changes while speaking the last part).
Samrat- Okay, take our own time.I am telling the maids to help You.
Samaira- I called Neil.
Samrat- hmm.
Samaira without any delay left from there.Samrat angrily broke the flower vast.
Samrat- Shittt, everything happened because of that stupid Dev. Where is he??
Nandini- no idea, I am unable to locate him from yesterday evening. I lost contact with Dev with they left Green View Resturant.
Samrat phone rang, he picked up the phone. “Hello”
But his face colour changed what he heard from the other side.
Samrat- Nandini, Dev is no more. He died in an accident last night.
Nandini ( in a cold tone)- really??? Where is his dead body?????

Samaira sat in Neil’s car.Neil sliently loading all her luggage in the car.Neil came & sat in the driver seat.
Neil- What happened Samie??? Tell me naa.
Samaira- You are my best friend, I will tell you later. Now, please give me some time.
Neil- Take your own time Samie.I will always remain with you. When U want anything, just give me a call.By the way, did Arjun said anything??
Samaira- Arjun is not that much important.
Neil- No Samie, Why you are denying ??Arjun is very much important to you.
Neil- I am also stupid, If Arjun said anything, then why are U leaving your home??Your dad said anything?
Samaira- Nothing Neil, I will tell you everything.
Neil- I will wait for you to tell.
Samaira- Thanks Neil, & sorry if I hurt You.
Neil- Both these words are unnecessary in our friendship.
Samaira- Neil, what will you do if Arjun say something to me?
Neil- I will punch him & break his long nose.
Samaira- His martial art skill is superb.
Neil- I don’t care.
Samaira laughed heartily.” I don’t know what I can do without you.”
Neil- Do you want me to stay??
Samaira- No Neil, I want to stay alone.Please.
Neil- Okay Samie, take care. & call me.

Arjun comfortably stretched his body in the chair & sat in his cabin in Intelligence Bureau Office.Bonnie informed him that today is like a holiday in Khanna Industries, as Samrat Khanna & Nandini Pandey both are not present at the Office.Arjun carefully skipped to go Khanna Industries today.But Arjun is in deep thought & also frsutrated about the progress.Till now, he was unable to find anything in Khanna Industries.He was still incapable to access complete Account database of Khannas.Nandini Pandey still now a question mark, he late night stay, he moves, everything is suspicious.Why no employee cant enter Company’s Store room, that’s also a Big question.But Arjun maintained his cool.In the trainning, their trainers always told them maintain your calm & be confident. If you get hyper, you will lose leads.
Bonnie knocked his cabin door, & phone also started ringing.Arjun saw its Rajat calling.Arjun gestured Bonnie to come in, & received the call of Rajat. He switched on the speaker mode of the phone.
Arjun – Yes Rajat.
Rajat- Boss, I went with team to search Dev’s Apartment.We even talked with his neighbours.An old lady, who stay in the opposite Apartment of Dev, informed us that today early morning, she saw a young lady outside Dev’s Apartment. She was locking door with keys.
Arjun- What??( Alerted)
Rajat- When the old lady asked what she was doing, she replied that she is Dev’s sister & Dev sent her to collect some important document & the old lady confirmed that that so called Dev’s sister left with a bag.
Bonnie- Dev’s sister????? Hell, from where she suddenly appeared in the scene??
Arjun ( after few minutes of slience)- I don’t think, we are getting anything from Dev’s Apartment.They are more fast than us.
Rajat- So, we are late.
Arjun -They are early.
Bonnie- It’s the same thing. We lost our lead.
Arjun- Rajat, collect all the finger prints from the door knob & match it with our criminal database.& By any chance, is the lady able to make the sketch of Dev’s sister???
Rajat- No Boss, I already asked her, but she said she forgot her face, & she also carefully not noticed the girl as she was preparaing for morning puja.
Arjun- Did the neighbour told you the time when she saw that Dev’s sister?
Rajat- approximately, 5:30-5:45 am.
Arjun- Okay.But still check Dev’s apartment carefully.
Arjun disconnect the phone.
Arjun- Things are getting much more complicated as we expected.These people are clever & careful.
Bonnie- By any chance, if no finger print will match with our criminal database, then it will be a dead end for us.
Arjun- Bonnie, you know I don’t believe in dead-end, I always believe if there is a will, there is a way.
Bonnie- No, I am not saying that…
Arjun- Inform our Electronic Interception team to track all the calls happened in the Network area of Dev’s Apartment during 5:00- 6:00 am.
Bonnie- Its like finding needle in the haystack.
Arjun- its their job, I don’t think not that many call happened at that time of morning.So, hurry up.I want result soon.
Bonnie- yes AM.

Arjun left the IB Office & croosed the deserted road, now he was waiting for any taxi or auto.Suddenly, Bonnie stopped her car.
Bonnie- Want lift AM???
Arjun- If I refused, will you leave me alone???
Bonnie- You are the Boss, the Senior.How can I leave you alone??? If you get angry??
Arjun- ohh come on Bonnie, I am already tensed, & I am not in a mood to joke.
Arjun sat in Bonnie’s car, “now drive quickly, I need rest & please keep your mouth shut.I don’t want to listen any of your bakwaas”.
Bonnie was driving & glancing towards Arjun.But Arjun carefully typing something in his mobile. Bonnie stops her car infront of Arjun’s rented house.
Arjun- Thanks for the lift.( but suddenly he noticed a shadowy figure sitting on his doorstep).
Arjun- ( looked more carefully)- Samaira??????????( completely surprised).
Bonnie- Samaira???? What she is doing in Arjun’s home?
Arjun rushed towards Samaira.
Arjun- Samaira.( with a pleasant smile).
Bonnie noticed the change in Arjun’s body language after watching Samaira.
Samaira also came close towards Arjun.
Samaira- Where is my mom Officer???
Arjun( with a pause)- I don’t know Samaira.
Samaira( hold Arjun’s collar)- You know everything, You know where my mom is??I want her, I am missing her. Please tell me Where is my mom??( & she started crying).
Arjun felt sad, he tried to calm her down.But suddenly he realised Samaira’s grip is lossening.He tightly hold Samaira before she hit the ground.Arjun noticed Samaira fainted.Arjun picked Samaira in his hand.”Samaira, Samaira”
Arjun threw the door key towards Bonnie.
Arjun- Bonnie, Quickly open the door.Samaira fainted.
But Arjun did not look at Bonnie.But Bonnie was looking towards Arjun who was carrying Samaira.Her eyes were burning with rage.A tear droplets escaped from the eyes of Bonnie.

Credit to: Madhumita

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