Checkmate. Aham & Kashmira FF( Manmarziyan) Part 7


Arjun was looking intensely at Dev Arora through the glass wall of the Interogation room.It was an one-way glass wall where one could clearly see & hear the interogation from outside.Inside the room, Dev was sat in a plastic chair, with a blank look on his face.There was also a bandage on his head.Bonnie came their with a file & gave it to Arjun.
Bonnie- Dev Arora’s Statement.
Arjun- Who interogated him??
Bonnie- I personally supervised the interogation.
Arjun- hmmm.
Bonnie- You want to cross-examine Dev??
Arjun- No need.I can guess what Statement he gave.

Bonnie- really???
Arjun- He said, he is Dev Arora, manager of Khanna Industries. He love Samaira & wanted to marry her. But when she refused, he got angry & attempted rape.
Bonnie(totally surprised)- exactly his Statement.But how you guessed??
Arjun- We caught him red-handed. But we are unable to find any weapon from him.So, its sure that he will never confess that his actual motive was murder.This was the most safe Statement, plus he is gauging the situation.
Bonnie- I think we should try third degree torture to break him.
Arjun- I don’t think it will be a good idea.We don’t have any proof at all.We are still unable to find out the conspiracy, & money laundering matter is also not clear. What will we ask?? He will deny everything.
Bonnie- Narco test???
Arjun- Too early. First we need to prepare ourselves to do the Interogation.We have to collect proof.Then only we can ask permission for Narco test from our Higher Authority.
Bonnie- So, whats next??

Arjun- Continue the interogation.But slowly, step by step.Show him Aniket Chaudhary’s Will & try to make him confess that he tried to kill Samaira following Samrat Khanna’s order.& yes, don’t show Dev’s arrest officially.It must remain a secret that Dev is in our custody.
Bonnie- Okay, we will manage Dev, but what about Samaira?What reason you give to Samrat? How Samaira is safe?You cant reveal your identity & mission.
Arjun- Don’t worry. I thought about it & already found out a solution.
Bonnie- What??
Arjun- You will manage Samrat Khanna.
Bonnie- What are you saying Arjun?? How???
Arjun- First call Rajat.
A young man came infront of Arjun.”Sub Inspector Rajat at your service.”
Arjun- Okay, now listen carefully.Bonnie & Rajat you both will take Samaira in Khanna mansion.When Samrat Khanna will ask you people the reason, Bonnie you will say that you are returning with your husband.Suddenly you both heard a scream, you both followed the scream.Their you saw a man was trying to rape a girl.Seeing you two the man ran away & both of you rescued Samaira.
Bonnie- Good story. But what will we say when he will inguire about Dev?
Arjun- Who is Dev?You don’t know any Dev.Infact, you not even noticed the face of that man in darkness.
Arjun- Just put these simple reason Infront of Samrat.Convince him but very carefully. Don’t over-react.Just put one thing in mind, you both are strangers to them & you find Samaira accidentally.
Rajat- Okay. But is it necessary to send Samaira in Khanna mansion??

Arjun- Samaira will not stay in Khanna mansion any more, I know this. But now, we have to send her in this way.But be careful.Make sure that Samaira remain safe.
Bonnie- But Arjun, Samrat Khanna will definitely try to search Dev.If Dev failed to do his work, why he is not contracting with Samrat??
Arjun- Rajat, tell our Forenshic expert team to examine Dev’s car immediately & collect necessary evidence.Then you dispose Dev’s car, but make sure its looks like an accident.We have to prove that Dev died in that accident.
Rajat- Yes Boss.

Arjun came back on his rented house. He knocked the door. A lady opened the door. Arjun came inside.
Arjun- Where is Samaira??
Lady- She is inside Sir.
Arjun- Is she ate anything??
Lady- No Sir.
Arjun- Okay. You Go.
Arjun knocked the door of his bedroom but he did not get any response from inside.Arjun pushed the door & opened it.He saw Samaira was sitting in floor like a statue.
Arjun- Samaira

Samaira looked at him in a blank expression.
Arjun- Samaira, please eat something.Doctor gave you a strong injection to destroy the effect of that intoxicating drug.Samaira??? Samaira??? Are you listening???
Arjun shook Samaira.
Samaira( in a complete mechanic tone & with same blank expression)- Who am I??
Arjun( after a pause)- Samaira, Samaira Khanna.
Samaira- really???
Arjun- Yes.
Samaira- But I am not a Khanna. You yourself said with logic that I am not a daughter of Samrat Khanna.
Arjun- But your mother, Piyali, officially used the surname Khanna, so you are also Samaira Khanna.

Samaira- Woahh, for you its so easy naa??I lost my identity today.I am feeling that I am leading a fake life.
Arjun- How?? Can you please explain??
Samaira- leave it Officer,You can never able to understand my situation.
Arjun- Yes, you are right. I am unable to understood how your life suddenly become fake & meaningless?
Samaira- I always respected him, I always craved for his care & attention.Last few days were the best days of my life.
Arjun- Its all fake Samaira.He never really care for you.
Samaira- But now I know the reason. We don’t have any blood relation. Why should he care for me??But you know, if anyone domesticate any animal, they also develop special feeling for that animal. But…
Arjun- Samaira please,listen Samrat Khanna is a selfish, cruel man.Money & power, these two things only matter to him.Not You.You are a very nice person.Anyone can fall in love with You. ( Arjun Controlled himself).
Samaira- Why Me?? Why me always??

Arjun- Samaira, you have to forget it as a bad dream.
Samaira- How easily you say things? But Its very difficult to do.
Arjun- Accept the truth Samaira, how much ugly & painful it is & look forward.This is the only solution.I may sound rude, but what I am saying its practical.
Samaira- Don’t know why God gave me this blo*dy heart? Why not only mind, just like you.How easily you deal with problems.
Arjun- Samaira, You never care for your khanna surname. You always struggled to make a identity of your own with your talent & hard-work.Achieve your dreams Dear.How Samrat Khanna become so important??Yes, I knowyou always craved for his love. But fake Love?Just think last few days as good dream & now you woke up from your sleep.
Samaira-Who is my real father?What is my real identity??
Arjun- I don’t know who is your real father. But I know your real identity.You are Samaira,a strong, Independent girl,good human being, an talented Creative of Birdsong & an aspiring Painter.
Arjun noticed Samaira was looking at him profoundly, but she was still crying.Arjun came closer & wiped her tears with his hands.
Arjun- Every problem has two solution- Bhaag Lo yaa phir Bhaag Lo & I know you will participate.You are a fighter Samaira. Not only I admire, but also I respect your spirit & energy & please don’t lose your precious tears for that Heartless Samrat Khanna.
Arjun was relieved to see that the blank expression on Samaira’s face now replaced by a hopeful look.She now wiped her own tears.

Arjun- By the way, How are you forgetting Neil?I can assure you that your Apple will always be at your side & me also. ( in a low voice).
Samaira- You also??
Arjun- hmm, me also.
Samaira- Thanks for your concern. Infact, I am sorry Officer that I wasted so much your precious times by my stupid blabbering.
Arjun- Samaira…
Samaira- Please no need to continue your acting anymore.You are forgetting that you already revealed your motives & identity.
Arjun- I am not doing any acting Samaira.
Samaira- Really Officer??You simply used me as a pawn for your mission.You used my weakness for you.You played with my emotion.
Arjun- Yes, I told lie. What to do?Its my job.Yes, I entered your life for a purpose.But I neither used you, nor I played with your emotion.
Samaira- In that Park meeting, you remained silent, you never need any time to think, because you knew it in your heart, that its all fake.Then, Why don’t you tell me, that you don’t have any feeling for me, so Back off.That time you were enjoying naa, A fool girl indirectly proposing you.
Arjun- Why should I??I don’t want you to back off from my life.
Samaira- What???

Arjun- You are partially right that day I never need any time to think.I, too, have a heart & its always a YES.But if I confessed without revealing my identity than it will be a cheating naa??
Samaira- Shut Up Arjun, Just SHUT UP.
Arjun- Trust me.
Samaira- Sorry, trust comes from heart & this Samaira lost her heart.
Arjun remained slient after this. Samaira need time to handle herself.She was now in a very vulnarable state.
Samaira- now please, just let me go.
Arjun- Where you want to go??
Samaira- In my rented house again.Bas I need to pack my things from Khanna mansion.
Arjun- Okay, My two Officer, Bonnie & Rajat will accompany You.

Samaira- Why?? I can take care of myself. There is no need for you to think & care.
Arjun- Samaira, listen, I am sending them for your good.They will handle Samrat Khanna.I can understand your situation.You don’t need to go face to face with him.Then, they will help you to in shifting.
Samaira- It will be enough if they handle that man.I don’t need any help from them.I will manage myself.I will call Neil.
Arjun- Samaira, a small request to you…
Samaira- Don’t worry, I will not put you in danger.I will not reveal your Identity & mission to anyone.Its a promise from Samaira.

Samaira entered her room in Khanna mansion & closed the door tightly.Today, She is feeling that this place is the most dangerous place for her.She dragged her study table & placed it infront of the door, so that no one can easily break the door.She saw that man, may be he was shocked to see her alive.She was feeling sad after knowing that man’s real motive. But now, she felt her blood boiled with rage.She again started to pack her things.She dialed Neil’s number, but cut the call.Samaira know If she call Neil, he will arrive without any delay.But Neil’s mom health is also not good.The nurse, who take care of aunty, will arrive at morning.Samaira decided that she will call Neil in the morning, now, Aunty need him the most. Samaira know the importance of parents in life.Samaira sat infront of the window.There was complete darkness outside, so into in her life.Tears started flowing from her eyes.

Samaira opened her eyes as Dev’s face came infront of her eyes.She wiped sweat from her forehead.She got up & stood near the window. She noticed in the East, dawn had broke. The sky in the opposite direction was still dark, but in the east, a mixture of yellow and orange, soon the sun started to conquer the darkness,carrying with it a torch of a new day, new Hope.Samaira felt a strange joy & peace after watching the sunrise.

Arjun stood near the window & sipping coffee.He was in tensed mood, but when Bonnie called him few hours ago that they managed Samrat Khanna, he felt slight relief.Bonnie Ray & Rajat Basu, two most trusted Sub. Inspector in Arjun’s team. Arjun has full confidence on them that they can handle any situation.They are Arjun’s good friends also. Bonnie simply call him Arjun, sometimes when Arjun get angry, she called him Sir & Rajat always call him Boss.His thought broke at hearing his mobile ring.He saw Rajat calling.Arjun picked up the phone.
Arjun- Yes, Rajat???
Rajat( in a very tensed tone)- Boss, please come as soon as possible in Office.Its an Emergency here.
Arjun- Emergency??? What happened??? Rajat, are U listening???
But Rajat already disconnected the call.Arjun finished his coffee, took his jacket & left for Office.
Arjun used his Identity card to open the door of Intelligence Bureau’s Office.Rajat stood there with a tensed face.

Arjun- What happened??what Emergency?? Why you call me so urgently?? Today, I have to go Khanna Industries.
Rajat- Come with me.
Arjun entered in Interogation cell with Rajat.Bonnie stood there with a tensed face.A doctor was checking Dev.Arjun saw blood coming out from Dev’s mouth & his lips turned blue.Dev attempted suicide.
Arjun- Damm it. How it happened?? How poison reached in Dev’s hand??Who checked him?? How can you people be so careless??
Arjun sat near Dev. He himself checked his pulse.He is still breathing.
Arjun- Doctor, listen carefully, I want him alive. Save him at any cost.
Doctor- Can we take him to the Hospital??
Arjun- NO,you cant take him to the hospital. Save him here, Arrange necessary medical help here. But Save him.
Arjun banged his hand on the wall in frustration.

Priyanka Chand as Sub Inspector Bonnie Ray.

Ankit Mohan as Sub Inspector Rajat Basu.

Credit to: Madhumita

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