Checkmate. Aham & Kashmira FF( Manmarziyan) Part 6


Arjun stepped out from an auto & waited till the auto leave from there.Then, Arjun took a different route & started walking in a deserted street.He stopped infront of an old building.Its a archives of Government of India.Arjun opened the main gate.An old watchman was sitting there but he completely ignored Arjun.Arjun went inside & started climbing the stairs.He reached on the top floor.He stopped infront of a closed door.Arjun took out a card from his shirt pocket & swapped the card in a hole on the door.A beep sound came & Arjun pushed the door & opened it.Inside, there was a furnished Office with many computers & some people working in it. There was also a big screen on the wall, displaying the map of India.
Arjun came inside.People saluted him & he also saluted back.Bonnie came infront of him with a file in her hand.She handed over the file to Arjun.

Bonnie- Samaira Khanna & Dev Arora’s call details.
Arjun started checking the file.
Bonnie- Samaira Khanna’s last cell location was Green View Resturant.But Dev Arora’s Cell location is Khanna Industries. I called him, but he didn’t pick up the phone.
Arjun- ( With a smirk)- How could he?I checked myself, today Dev not even came on Office.Its a big plan.Excessive sugar always harmful for health.
Bonnie- What??
Arjun- Nothing, I understand their big plan. Its time for action as Samaira’s life is in danger.
Bonnie- What? But why you think so?
Arjun- If something happens to Samaira, then police will surely investigate the matter.Dev phone location Khanna Industries, Samrat Khanna himself present at office. So, they will be on safe side.

Bonnie- ohh my God, I am sending rescue team.
Arjun- No need, I am going myself.
Arjun took out the revolver from his back & checked the bullets.He opened a locker & took out a bigpack.He also put a small, almost invisible bluetooth ear piece in his ear.
Bonnie- But Arjun, If you go, your cover will be blown infront of Samaira.
Arjun- I know Bonnie, But I will manage.
Bonnie- It will be harmful for our mission.You cant go.
Arjun stopped in his track.He looked at Bonnie in a cold expressionless eyes.Bonnie bytes her lower lips.
Bonnie- I am sorry.
Arjun- You better be. I am the head in this mission & your senior also.So, don’t try to teach me.I know what I am doing & its consequences. & I am very much confident about it.Just send two persons as Back Up.
Bonnie- Sir.

Arjun came out from the Office. He climbed down the stairs in hurry.He sat in a car, threw the bag on back seat & started the car. He also activated the car navigation System.

Arjun stopped his car infront of Green View Resturant.Its not only a resturant, a big hotel also.Hotel Green View.
“I need to find Samaira as soon as possible.”
Arjun prepared to get down from his car.But he stopped.”Why they choose this resturant to execute their plans?Why not any other place??Am I thinking too much?? May be.But I cant take risk”.
Arjun took the bag from the back seat & opened it.He took out a false moustache & French cut beard.He put these on his face & adjusted it looking at car’s mirror.This changed his look completely.He also took out a folded stick.He opened the car door & started walking with the support of the stick as if he has some problems in walking.

Arjun entered into the resturant.He sat on a empty table & started looking each & every corner of the resturant.”Such a big resturant.But not a single CCTV camera installed here.Now, I understand why they choose this resturant.They did good research, I must say.But I will also find out Samaira at any cost”.
Arjun noticed one waiter was standing in the counter & collecting Tips money from other waiters.Arjun signalled the waiter to come towards him.
Waiter- Yes Sir, your order.What you want Sir???
Arjun ( looked here & there, then in a low voice)- Some Information. ( & Arjun placed a RS 500/ note in the waiter hand).
The Waiter first looked at Arjun in a confused face, but soon recovered.He gestured Arjun to follow him outside.
Outside the Hotel, in a corner,

Arjun( showed Samaira & Dev’s photo from his mobile)- Was she came today with this man???
Waiter- Is she your wife???
Arjun- Is it the answer of my question??Dont talk too much. I only want the answer of my question.
Waiter- Yes, She came here with that man.They had their launch together & left almost some minutes ago.
Arjun- Do u noticed their car number??
Waiter- No, I don’t. Why would I??I have lots of other works to do.
Arjun gave another 500 note to the waiter. “I want their Car number.”
Waiter- You wait here.( & he left)

After few minutes,The waiter gave Arjun a small chit.Its their parking receipt.Arjun came back in his car.He pulled out the fake moustache & beard.He started driving the car, But soon he stopped the car because the road here divided in two direction.Arjun checked his Car Navigation system.”Left side the road is leading towards market., but the right side is deserted & also a jungle in the way.”Arjun drove towards right direction.Arjun rapidly increasing his car’s speed.But suddenly he applied the brakes.There was a dhaba on his left side.some lorries were standing there.He also noticed a car was standing there.He checked the car number through a small powerful binoculars.Its same. He rushed towards the car, but no one was inside.Suddenly he heard a voice from behind.He was completely drunk.
Man- Whom are you searching??that man or that girl??
Arjun- Both.

Man- That man took the girl inside the forest, this way.You too go & enjoy.
That drunk man gave Arjun a lecherous smile.Arjun’s blood boiled, but he controlled.He went towards the way, holding a powerful torch.
Arjun frantically searching for Samaira in the forest.

Samaira was trying hard to open her eyes, but her vision was blurry.She was also feeling dizzy.Dev stood before her.Samaira looked at him & gulped.He was a huge man, tall, mascular & well built.Samaira knew her dizziness was the result of some intoxicating medicines.But she used all her will power & a scream escaped from her lips.”HELP”.

But Dev leered at her.”No body is here to help you.”He pulled her to her feet & caught her arms.Samaira can feel the pain.She tried to struggled back, but she failed.Dev towered over her.Tear formed in Samaira’s eyes.Suddenly someone pulled Dev & gave him a hard punch.A light flashed on Samaira’s eyes.She clearly saw Arjun punching Dev before losing her senses.Dev nose started bleeding. Arjun banged Dev’s head on a rock & knocked him out.Two men arrived there.Arjun hold Dev’s collar & threw him near their feets “Just take him away from my sight”.
Arjun carefully carried Samaira in his arms & rushed towards his car.He put Samaira on the front seat & tied the seat belt.He sat on the driving seat.He called Bonnie.”Samaira is safe.but Send a Doctor in my rented house.I am taking her there.”

Samaira can felt a warm touch on her forehead. Her head was still heavy, but she tried to open her eyes.Arjun removed his hand from Samaira’s forehead as soon as he realised that Samaira was gaining consciousness.He also got up from the bed.Samaira opened her eyes.First thing, she noticed that Arjun was standing infront of her with a worried look on his face.She hold her head & again closed her eyes.She remembered before losing her senses, she saw Arjun in the jungle.Samaira covered her face with her palms & started crying.Arjun came near Samaira & sat on the bed.
Arjun- Don’t cry Samaira, Everything is fine. You are safe here.
Samaira- That man tried to force…
“ssshhh”Arjun again started to calm her down.

Samaira- Dad said, Dev is a good man.Dad chose him for me??You know Arjun, he talked with me so nicely, Infact, when I clearly said to him,that I cant marry him, he accepted. But then…
Arjun- Nothing happened Samaira. relax, Forget it as a bad dream.But tell me, How he convinced you to take that deserted, jungle route??
Samaira- Dev said, it’s a shortcut route & also, I was not feeling well.So,I want to reach home early.
Arjun- & What happened to your mobile??
Samaira- In resturant, accidently it fell from my hand,After that my phone stopped working.
Arjun put his hand on Samaira’s shoulder.Samaira hugged Arjun’s tightly. At first, Arjun hesitated, then he also hugged her back.
Suddenly Samaira broke the hug & looked at Arjun.Her eyes full of confusion.
Samaira ( in a low voice)- How you know that I was in Green View Resturant with Dev?& how you found me out???
Arjun closed his eyes & took a deep breath.Its time to tell her the truth.
Samaira- Tell me Arjun, How???
Arjun- Before I tell you the answer of ‘How’, you need to know my real identity.
Samaira( Confused)- Real Identity???What are you saying Arjun??
Arjun took out a card from his shirt pocket, the same card from which he opened the door.
Arjun- My identity.( & he handed over the card to Samaira).
Samaira took the card.Her eyes grew wide in shock.Its a Card issued by Ministry of Home Affair, Government of India & there is a photo of Arjun in Police uniform.
Samaira- IPS Arjun Mehra??( in a low & trembling voice).
Arjun- Yes, IPS Arjun Mehra, Field Officer, Indian Intelligence Bureau.
Samaira( stunned)- IB Officer???

Both remained slient for some minutes. Samaira was trying to digest the information.Arjun took his identity card from Samaira’s hand & put it back in his pocket.
Arjun- You must be thinking why I came in your life with a fake identity?? Telling lie about myself.
Samaira( Completely Blank)- …
Arjun- well, its all started before 6 months when we received a mail from one of our secret agent.Its an incomplete message.”Khanna Industries, money laundering, Big Conspiracy”.We cant ignore the message as next day we found his dead body in his car, someone shot him dead from point blank range.So, Hgher Authority sent me to investigate the matter.
Arjun- I started investigating, but found none.Everything in Khanna Industries is so well-organised.So, I joined Khanna Industries as a Accountant.
Samaira was looking at him in shock.

Samaira- You worked in Khanna Industries?? You know everything??So, its all well-planned.
Arjun- Yes, Its all well-planned.
Samaira(in a broken voice)- But why the hell you came in my life?I am not a part of Khanna Industries.

Arjun- But you are the heir of Khanna Industries, so you are a very important link.
Samaira(with a smirk)- Yes, very important link.So, that’s why, you hire some gundas to enter into my life as a HERO?very much inspired from Bollywood flicks I must say( in a taunting tone)
Arjun-no, I don’t. You are mistaking.I was only following you in Khandala tracking your every movement.They were some local goons, they suddenly attacked you, & I had to reveal myself then.I don’t hire any of them. But yes, the bus-meeting was pre-planned.
Samaira- I was mistaking before, now I am absolutely in right path.Now, I perfectly realised, that I am such a big fool because I trust people.
Arjun expected this reaction.He understand her condition but still, he felt bad by hearing her harsh words.
Samaira- But Officer, I want to tell you, that I am innocent.I am not a part of any conspiracy( in a confident tone).
Arjun( in a low voice)- I know.

Samaira- neither my dad.
Arjun- I cant accept that ( in a firm voice).
Samaira( in a frustrated tone)- I don’t care, Shut up, just Shut Up.
Arjun( in a firm voice)- No, I wont.You have to listen.( then in a soft voice)Please Samaira. Its all very important.You should know that.I know it will be devastating as you love your dad.
Arjun- Do you know anything about Aniket Choudhary’s Will??
Samaira- Grandpaa’s Will???
Arjun- Yes, according to that Will, when you become 25, you will become the real owner of Khanna Industries.
Samaira- What??
Arjun-Yes, & then on your 25th Birthday.Suddenly your dad came & took you in home.
Samaira- You know Officer what are you saying??He is my father & I am her only daughter.So, I am his legal heir & I don’t need any wills to prove this & my dad also knew this well.
Arjun- Yes, Samrat Khanna also knew this very well. That’s why he sent Dev Arora to kill you.
Samaira- blo*dy hell… You bas***d…
Arjun- ssshh, I am not completed yet( in a authorative tone).
Arjun pulled out a file & put a document on Samaira’s hand.
Arjun- This is your Birth-certificate’s photocopy.Your date of Birth is 25.7.1990.(He put another document on Samaira’s hand)This is Samrat & Piyali Khanna’s marriage registration certificate.Their marriage date 17.12.1989. How is this possible??
Samaira only looked at Arjun.

Arjun- Your blood group ‘O’,Samrat Khanna’s blood group is ‘B’.But I recently I found out from Nursing Home mentioned in your Birth certificate, that your mother blood Group was ‘AB’.Now, tell me how is this possible? B*AB blood Group parents can never have children with ‘O’ blood group.Scientifically not possible.
Samaira sat on the bed with a thud. A lone tear escaped from her eyes.Her face became white. She started shaking. Arjun rushed towards Samaira & hold her.
Arjun- Samaira relax.I know its shocking.But you have to accept the truth, how much ugly it is.
Samaira pushed Arjun & looked at him. Arjun who can read people’s expressions, failed to read Samaira’s.
Samaira( in a cold voice)- Thank You Officer for saving my life & also for snatching my identity.Now, please excuse me. I want to stay alone for sometime.
Arjun nodded his head & left the room.As soon as he came outside, he heard Samaira’s heart-wrenching cry from inside.
Arjun- Cry Samaira, you will feel better after that.I know you are strong enough to handle to situation.

But still Arjun felt uneasy.Someone’s crying never affected him.His profession never allowed him to be emotional.He is ruthless in his duty.He lit a cigarette.But still, he felt restless.He went to washroom & closed the door & splashed cold water on his face.He somehow felt relax.
Arjun(in his mind)- relax Arjun relax.Control your mind.( He took deep breath)Its time to complete “Mission Chaturanga” successfully & I will do it at any cost.Its a promise, I will make the final move, “Check…Mate”.

Credit to: Madhumita

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    1. Thanks Bhargavi for your comment.Glad that U liked the story. There is no Radhika in Checkmate. Its Completely on Aham & Kashmira.I am going to complete the Fic.

  5. U r a proffesional or what?? ur identity;-) ..i m just stunned..nd i really loved it…u r superb..

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