Checkmate. Aham & Kashmira FF( Manmarziyan) Part 5


Arjun started copying files from Dev’s computer.When the computer screen shows 100% complete, Arjun removed the pen-drive & left from Dev’s cabin.He removed his gloves & went near the main gate.He saw the guard is sitting there.He waited for five minutes.Then, he noticed another guard is coming.The Guards got busy with the attendance register & Arjun sliently went out from there.A small smile crept on Arjun’s lips.His calculation never goes wrong.He noticed this time Guards Changes their duty.So, he utilised these few minutes to come out safely from Khanna Industries.

Arjun came into his room is his rented house.He put the pen drive in the cupboard, then he went to wash-room to bathe.After 30 mins he came out.He checked his mobile.One missed call & one message from Samaira.He opened the message.Samaira messaged him a coffee shop name, & requested him to meet.Arjun Sent a message to Samaira”will surely come, was in wash-room.Hope everything is okay”.Samaira replied him with a smiley.
Arjun came into coffee shop where Samaira asked him to come.He noticed Neil & Samaira.Both are talking.He parked his bike & went near them.
Arjun- hii Neil, hii Samaira.
Neil- heyy Arjun.We are waiting for you.
Arjun- Samaira everything fine???You Okay????
Samaira- Yes, I am fine & everything is okay.
Neil- Now, please Samie, what happened after your dad literally hijacked you???
Samaira- Don’t say about him in this way.
Arjun raised his eyebrows.
Neil- okay.But now speak out.Arjun also arrived.Are you waiting for anybody else???You know, I was so tensed.
Samaira- Relax Apple, I am fine.You know what, I misunderstood dad.
Neil (Surprised)- huh???

Arjun didn’t said anything.His face hold completely normal look with no trace of surprise & shock.
Samaira- I thought so many things about dad.I thought he never loved me, never care for me.Always ignored me,took me as a burden, But I was so wrong.
A tear escaped from Samaira’s eyes.Neil noticed it.He gave her a side-hug.Arjun looked at them but he didn’t react.He waited Samaira to continue.
Samaira- He love me so much Neil.But its not necessary naa that every people can express themselves.He always care for me.He was strick & also insecure & I was also immature.So, we never each other really.
Neil- Are you sure Samie??? I mean…
Samaira- I am very sure Neil.See, he took the first step to mend our relationship.
Neil- But last night, his entry was quite scary & your marriage Samie???Who the hell is this Dev Arora??
Samaira- Come on Neil, He is Samrat Khanna.His businessman ego.He never let go his ego infront of others.But when we reached Khanna Mansion.I was shouting.”Why he is interfering in my life?”But he hugged me tightly & he cried also.He said Sorry to me.Then, we cleared out all our misunderstanding.Then, I said, I cant marry Dev.He said, Its okay.But he want me to meet with him & then to reach any conclusion.
Neil- ohh, What a happy ending Samie.You are happy, I am also happy for you.
Samaira- Yes Apple.Today I am very happy.My dad hugged me, kissed me.You know, he was missing me.He even appreciate my success.He told me to completely concentrate on my paintings as it is always my passion.
Neil hugged Samaira.”Your dad gave you the best Birthday gift.”
Samaira- Yes, it was my best Birthday.Father daughter relationship so beautiful & we wasted so many years just because of our ego.

Neil- I understand Samie.The only thing you craved in your life is love.I am always for you.Your Best Friend.Now, your dad also with you.Give us treat.What say Arjun???
Arjun- Yes sure. We want treat & I am also very happy for you.You deserved everything in life.
Neil- So, what about your marriage Samie???
Samaira- Dad chose him for me.But when I said, I cant marry him.Dad asked whether I love anyone else or I just want more time to think.
Samaira looked at Arjun.Arjun took a sip of coffee.
Neil- What you said???
Samaira- I said, I want time.
Neil- So, you don’t like anyone?You only need time to think.(Neil looked at Arjun)
Samaira- I don’t know.Lets not talk about it.Today, I am very happy & I just want to share my happiness with you all.
Suddenly Neil’s phone started ringing.He received the call.
Neil- Call from Birdsong.I have to go.Boss want to discuss Maybelline contract.As you are in leave, We have to tolarate Boss.
Samaira- All the best Apple.I am extending my leave period for some more days.
Neil- Okay.Enjoy your days.But hope you are not leaving Birdsong.
Samaira- No way.Why this thought came up in your mind??
Neil- No, now you are the malkin of Khanna Industries.So, I thought you are leaving Birdsong’s employees status & joining in Khanna Industries as Boss.
Arjun almost choked his coffee.He started coughing.Neil rubbed Arjun’s back.
Neil- You got Jhatka?? But why???

Arjun- no jhatka.I recognised Samrat Khanna Yesterday.Rest I knew.As I am a part of this business world.
Samaira- But I don’t want to be a part of business world.I am very Happy.Now more contented because dad is with me.
Neil- Okay, Okay.I have to go.Teart pending Samundar Singh.Will call you later. Bye.
& Bye Arjun. May be someone is taking your name, that’s why you are choking.
Neil winked at Arjun.Arjun smiled at him.”Bye Neil”.
Now only Arjun & Samaira was in the table.Both smiled at each other.
Samaira- You are lucky for me.
Arjun( muttered under breath)- Hope so.
Samaira- huh, You said something???
Arjun- Yes, You are lucky indeed.You got your parents love.I am very happy for you. But was worried about you.
Samaira- really???
Arjun looked at Samaira & lightly put his hand in her’s.
Samaira- I expected your call.
Arjun- I cant gauge the situation.You never said your dad is famous Samrat Khanna.
Samaira- I never used this identity to prove myself.I am Samaira.Isn’t it enough???
Arjun- You are Samaira.Its enough for me.You are capable to handle any situation. I trust you completely, that’s why don’t call you.

After some mins of slience,
Samaira- Dad just wanted me to settle down.
Arjun- Every father want this.
Samaira- He care for me.He said nowadays, His health condition is not okay.He did check up in hospital last week.
Arjun- hmm, Report Good???
Samaira- Its Okay.
Arjun- What you want Samaira???
Samaira- I don’t know Dev.Neither I care to know. But parents always want your good naa??
Arjun looked at Samaira. A small smile on his lips.Arjun adjusted his spectacles.He took the coffee mug from Samaira. He put one spoon sugar in the coffee.
Arjun- Its correct measure of Sugar. Its increase taste.
But Arjun again put another spoon sugar in the coffee.He continued doing so.
Samaira- What are you doing???
Arjun- sorry for wasting your coffee.
Samaira- Arjun, whats wrong???
Arjun- Excessive sugar destroy the food & also harmful to health.
Samaira- I don’t understand anything what you want to say Arjun.I hate jalebi & I hate jalebi types confusing words & deeds.
Arjun remained slient.
Samaira- But you know Arjun, sometimes one person became so important in your life, that you cant dislike anything about him.It can happen with those person also whom you don’t know actually.Sometimes, one bus journey together is enough.

Arjun bytes his lower lips.Samaira put money on the table, took her purse & left from there.
Arjun also got up from there. He came out from the coffee & lit a cigarette.”Emotional Fool.One hug & a kiss & a love you.Samaira Khanna You are a Idiot”.

Almost 12 am at night,
Arjun bang his hand on table.He was frustrated.He was checking files which he copied from Dev’s computer. Its clean.Clean records only increased his suspision.He head started aching. He closed his laptop & went to bed.
Airtel tune in the mobile ringtone interrupted Arjun’s peaceful sleep.He checked his watch.Its 1:30 am.He checked his mobile.Bonnie calling.He received the call.
Arjun- Yes Bonnie.
Bonnie- Your doubt is right Arjun.Khanna Industries original owner is Piyali Khanna, Samrat’s wife.
Arjun- What????
Sleep left from Arjun’s eyes. He sat up straight.
Arjun- Say in details Bonnie.

Bonnie- Piyali’s father Aniket Choudhary’s company was in loss & also because of constant Income Tax raids, Aniket closed his company.At that time, Samrat Khanna came in Piyali’s life.They got married & then Khanna Industries came into existense.
Arjun- But majority of Shares remained in Piyali’s name & also the ownership.
Bonnie- Absolutely Arjun, as Khanna Industries base was on Aniket’s money.But the main twist is Aniket’s Will.According to the Will, Samaira Khanna, his granddaughter will became the owner of Khanna Industries & also all the properties when she will be 25 years old.
Arjun- ohh myy godd, ohh myy godd, Now, its making sense.Thanks Bonnie for the information.Great job.Mail me all the details.
Arjun threw the mobile in bed.He went near the the window & lit another cigarette.
“Excessive sugar not only spoil the food, but also harmful for health.I am absolutely right about you Samrat Khanna.But but, Is it really possible for a lady to left her 4 years old daughter & company & got vanished in a mysterious way??? Logically, a big NO”

Sunday Morning, Arjun’s phone started ringing. He checked Its Bonnie calling him.Arjun stubbed out the remaining cigaratte in the ashtray.His room filled with smoke.
Arjun- Yes Bonnie.
Bonnie- Whats next???
Arjun- whats next??? You are asking this to me?? If you read all the documents carefully, then you will definitely not ask me the question.
Bonnie- What I skipped??

Arjun- You read only the main document,The Will, & you ignored all minnor details.
Bonnie- Sorry, You are the Boss, So please tell me, whats next???
Arjun- Collect each & every details of Piyali Khanna.Most importantly collect her medical report.
Bonnie- Piyali Khanna’s medical report??? From where???
Arjun- I knew it, you will ask the question.In Aniket Chaudhary’s Will, you will find Samaira’s Birth certificate. In the mentioned Nursing Home, you will find Piyali Khanna’s medical record.
Bonnie- But can I ask why you so much after Piyali Khanna who was missing for many years.
Arjun- As I already said, If you read all documents carefully, then you will find it in your own.
Arjun cut the phone.He need to talk with Samaira.Yesterday, His behaviour hurt her but he only want to warn her.But now, he cant afford any problem with Samaira & there was also something else, which he need to understand clearly.

Samaira was standing on footpath in main road & waiting for Arjun.In morning, suddenly Arjun called her, Samaira was surprised because this is the first time Arjun is calling her after they met.Arjun very politely requested her to meet,first Samaira thought to decline his request, because she somehow was angry with him, but then she made up her mind to meet with him, because she has to take a decision about Arjun. She cant disagree that she developed a special feeling for Arjun in her heart.But she is unable to understand & judge this Arjun.His behaviour, attitude everything is different.So, she agreed to meet with him.Arjun told her to come on main road.
Samaira- woahh, Mr Arjun Mehra, you invited me, & now you are missing & I am standing here & waiting for you.Boys always do this waiting things, but here, opposite case, ohh, my poor luck.

Suddenly a bike came & stopped near her. Arjun removed his helmet.
Arjun- Sit, sit.
Samaira- You are late Arjun.
Arjun- ohh don’t blame me for this late, blame the traffic.
Samaira- It’s a common excuse for all late-comers.
Arjun- Sorry mam for the late, now please sit in my bike.
Samaira- Trip in bike???
Arjun- Why???Are you afraid of sitting in bike???
Samaira did not said any other words.She sat on Arjun’s bike.Arjun smiled slightly , & put on his helmet & started his bike.
Arjun is riding his bike.
Samaira- Why are you riding bike so fast???I feel like we looted a bank & now, police is behind us.
Arjun- Today, I looted you from everyone.
Samaira- What??? Any bad idea in your mind???
Arjun- What you feel??
Samaira- That’s not a style of Arjun Mehra.
Arjun- really?? Now you understood my style & bahaviour??You are now predicting me.Good.
Samaira- Why I cant?? Are you feel am I that much stupid??
Suddenly Arjun hold on break & slow down the bike& Samaira bumped on Arjun.
Samaira- When I was in college , I noticed boys, whenever a beautiful girl sit on their bikes, they purposely apply brakes.Why??? I don’t need to explain.
Arjun- Not Arjun Mehra’s style.
Samaira- hmm, Where are we going???

Arjun- In a nearby park.
Samaira- Why sudden Park visit???
Arjun- I think you misunderstood me.So, to clear the mess, We are going to park to talk freely.
Arjun parked his bike in parking area.They entered in park & find a suitable place to sit.They sat on grass side by side infront of a lake.There was a awkard silence between them.Samaira sat their closing her eyes enjoying cool breeze & she rubbing her hands in soft grass.
Arjun threw a stone in the lake.Samaira opened her eyes.Arjun smiled slightly.
Arjun- Long long ago, Apsaras used to break meditation of saints & here I am breaking your meditation. See, I am successful also.Now hope, I don’t receive any curse.
Samaira- top-notch sarcasm, Arjun.
Arjun- Thanks.
After some minutes of silence,
Samaira- Why you think Dad concern & love for me is fake???Excessive sugar spoiled the food.
Arjun- Its true Samaira.
Samaira- But you have to explain Arjun, Why so much doubt??
Arjun took a deep breath.
Arjun- Samaira, I found your dad’s behaviour strange because I studied it using my mind.But he is your father, & I was wrong to judge him in my mind.So, I am sorry.If your heart trust him, then you should listen to your heart.

Samaira- I love my dad Arjun.My mom left me when I was 4 years old. I always craved for dad’s love.I always felt jealous to see my friends with their parents in school & now, when I am getting His love & care, I don’t want to lose it. I DON’T WANT TO.
Samaira started crying. Arjun sat still.He sighed & took a deep breath. He rubbed tears from Samaira’s eyes with his hand.
Arjun- Don’t cry Samaira, Don’t waste your precious tears…(he trailed his words, but Samaira failed to notice) You don’t look beautiful while crying.Your kajal get smudged because of tears.
Samaira- Shut up Arjun. Don’t lie.I use Maybelline product, & its smudge free for 12 hours.
Arjun- really???
Both laughed.
Arjun- Don’t cry Samaira. People will beat me for abusing you if they noticed you are crying.
Samaira- You…
Arjun- Okay, Okay. I accept I cant see anyonr crying infront of me & most importantly I don’t know what I do, when a lady cry infront of me. I cant offered lollypop naa.
Samaira started beating Arjun.”I will kill you.”
Arjun- Why?? Don’t tell me you actually wanted lollypop.
After sometimes,
Arjun- Can I ask you something Samaira??
Samaira- you are seeking permission???
But Samaira noticed a serious expression on Arjun’s face.
Samaira- Ask.

Arjun- You said that “sometimes one person became so important in your life, that you cant dislike anything about him.It can happen with those person also whom you don’t know actually.Sometimes, one bus journey together is enough.”If Neil will say that to you, are you hurt that much???
Samaira- Don’t drag Neil in it & Arjun, I personally believe in direct talk always healthy in any relationship.
Arjun- You never talk something to me directly.
Samaira- What direct words you want to hear Arjun??
Arjun- You know what I mean??
Samaira- I know. But you are also not that nave who fail to understand indirect talks.
Arjun- You don’t know anything about me.
Samaira- That’s why, I am not in hurry. But you know what Arjun, I always feel you are a good person.I can trust you.
Arjun- trust is a heavy word.Blind trust on other people is fatal.
Samaira- Arjun Baba ki Jai.Distributing free knowledge is this your hobby???
Arjun started laughing.
Samaira- You love someone else???
Arjun- what???? No.
Samaira- Arjun, its one of the most important decision of anyone’s life.You need to think a lot.You also need time to reach any conclusions or to make decision.Take your time Arjun, & think, What you want??What you heart want??I will wait for your anwer.
Arjun remained silent.

Samaira- We will be late.
Arjun- hmm, lets go.
They both got up.Suddenly Samaira’s eyes fall on a man selling golgappa.
Samaira- golgappa???
Arjun- You love golgappa???
Samaira- Come on Arjun, you are asking a girl that is she like golgappa or not??
Arjun- then come, a golgappa treat from my side.
In Golgappa stall,Arjun ordered one plate.
Samaira- one plate??? What about you???
Arjun- I don’t like Golgappa.
Samaira- But Arjun, then how can I enjoy golgappa treat???
Arjun- By eating golgappa.
Samaira- I always do golgappa eating competition with Neil.Come on, you cant compete with me, at least give company in eating.
Arjun What I cant compete with you??
Samaira- Because you know you will lose.
Arjun- not possible.

Samaira- prove it.
After sometimes, Arjun’s phone started ringing.He picked up the phone.Hello…Hello…I think network problem, please excuse me.
As soon as Arjun left to talk in phone, Samaira came near the Golgappa wala & gave him a Rs 50/- note & said, “Bhaiya add more chilli in his plate.”
Arjun came & sat beside Samaira.
Arjun- Plate ready???
Samaira- Yes( in heart- a special plate, Arjun Mehra.”Not Possible”, I will make it possible)
Golgappa wala gave them their plates.
Samaira- Okay ready???
Arjun- Yes Ready.
Arjun took a byte, “ohhh”His eyes was watery & he get a runny nose.
Samaira(innocently)- What happened Arjun???
Arjun- Its too much spicy.
& got up & ran towards a coffee shop & bought a minreal water bottle.Samaira finished her golgappa & came to Arjun.
Samaira- You lost the competition Arjun.

Arjun- yes, I accept.How you manage that much spicy food??? My god.
Samaira- lets go Arjun, we are getting late.
Arjun started his bike, He dropped Samaira in a distance from Khanna mansion.
Samaira- Arjun I want to confess something.
Arjun’s face hold a tensed expression.
Samaira- ohh, You receive a call in Golgappa stall. That’s my another number.Double SIM, U understand.Then, U left, I gave 50/- rupess bribe to golgappa wala to add more chilli in your plate.
Arjun- What????
Samaira- Sorrry for the cheating.You know, everything is fair in love & war.& This is for You.
Samaira put a Dairy Milk Chocolate in Arjun’s hand & ran from there.”Byee & Sorry”
Arjun- arre, uffs, Pagal, total mad.
But Arjun laughed & put the chocolate in his pocket , started his bike & left from there.

After 3 days,in Khanna Industries,
Arjun & Teji was eating launch. But Arjun was restless.There is something unusual today.Today, Dev Arora took a leave from Office.He called Samaira after that, but her cell was unreachable.After launch, Arjun got up, & again called Samaira.A mechanic female voice answered “The number you are calling is currently switched off”
Arjun -Switched off???
He called Neil.

Neil- Hello.
Arjun- Hello Neil, Samaira is with You???
Neil- No, she is in leave naa, she told naa, that she is extending her leave.
Arjun- Today, you talked with her???
Neil- No, I talked with her last night.
Arjun- ohh, thanks, Sorry to disturb you.
Neil- Arjun, what happened??? You are in tension.
Arjun- no no, nothing to worry. Actually, I am calling her, but her phone not reachable, so, I am asking U.

Neil- Network problem, I think.
Arjun- I also think so. Anyway, byee Neil.
Arjun cut the phone & left from the office.He entered into his room in his rented house.He sat on bed holding his head.After sometimes, he got up. He finally made a decision.He removed his spectacles.He opened his cupboard & took out a loaded revolver.

Credit to: Madhumita

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