Checkmate. Aham & Kashmira FF( Manmarziyan) Part 4


Part 4

Samaira was sitting in a corner of her rented house & eating chocolate pastry.Its her Birthday.Neil was busy decorating her home.Zubin & Kritika, their Changu-Mangu was in office handling both Neil & Samaira’s work.In Evening, Neil arranged a small party in her home.Samaira’s khadus landlord also gave permission for the party.From morning, Samaira was receiving wishes from her long lost school friends & online friends.But her real world only consists of Neil & Changu-Mangu & Birdsong.Neil was accompaning her from the morning.Her father stopped wishing her after she left home.But her Father never really wished & pampered her in her Birthday. Every year he always threw big parties in big hotels.Lots of people,lots of expensive gifts.But she never enjoyed any of those parties.But now, its only with her close friends & she enjoys a lot.This year only addition is Arjun Mehra.Ohh, how accidently they met.
Neil- Thinking about Arjun????
Samaira- No, I still not received any green signal from my apple.
Neil- But the dreamy look on your face.
Samaira- I was thinking about something else.
Neil- You were, But then the expression changed.
Samaira made a face.”So You are concentrating on my face, Am I that much beautiful???”
Neil- No dear, I cant tell lie, I am a writer, So studying your every facial expressions.
Samaira- Neilll
Neil- I always want this Samaira.The bubbly Samaira.Dont be sad dear. Wishing you all the happiness on your birthday that you deserve every day.
Samaira- Thanks Neil.You always made me so special.
Neil- chal, get ready.Changu-Mangu will reach here at any moment & also Arjun Mehra.But first tell me, how is the decoration???
Samaira- Its superb Neil.But hold on, 25th Birthday.Remove It.
Neil- Ha Ha Ha.I am not gonna to remove it.Now, I made it public, Samaira Khanna 25 years old.

Samaira was getting ready in her room.She heard door bell.Then, she heard the voices of Changu-Mangu.After sometimes, Samaira came out from her room.Neil gave a whistle after watching her.Changu-Mangu came & they both hugged Samaira.
Happy Birthday Samaira.
Samaira- Thanks friends.
Kritika- You looked awesome Sam.
Samaira- This dress is a gift from Neil & I always appreciate Neil’s choice after the day he chose me as friend.
Changu-Mangu- hmmm
Zubin- okay, okay guys, lets cut the cake.
Neil- wait, wait baccho,We are waiting for one more guest.
Zubin- one more guest???? Who????
The door-bell rang again.DING DONG.Samaira became conscious.
Neil- Its HE,go & Open the door.
Samaira- You open the door Neil.
Neil- arre, he only know you.Open the door.You Invited him.
Samaira opened the door.She saw Arjun standing there with a small smile on his face.He is wearing white shirt & jeans.
Samaira- Please come in.Hope you don’t have any problem in finding my house.
Arjun- No.Happy Birthday Samaira.Wish you all the joy & happiness.
& he gave her a gift wrapped packet & a flower bouquet.
Samaira- Thanks.
Neil came & stood beside her.
Samaira- Arjun, he is my Best Friend Neil.
Arjun- You said about him. Your Apple.Right???heyy Neil.
& they both shake hands.
Neil- hii Arjun.Samie said about you.You saved her from goons in Khandala.Thanks for protecting my best buddy.My Jaan.
Arjun- Mention not Neil.Whatever I did, anyone can do this,afterall humanity matters.
Samaira- No Arjun, now most of the people always tried to stay away from any commotion.By the way, meet Changu-Mangu, I mean Zubin & Kritika.They are our friends & also our team-members in Birdsong.
Heyy Zubin, heyy Kritika.
Neil- Okay okay,formal introduction ceremony over.Now, Samie, lets cut the cake & then we will continue further.
Neil brought a chocolate cake infront of Samaira.
Samaira- yummy, chocolate cake.Thanks Apple.
Neil- chalo Samie, first close your eyes & make a wish.
Samaira- I don’t have to close my eyes to make wish.Now my only wish is to eat the chocolate cake as soon as possible.
Samaira alomost snatched the knife from Neil’s hand & blew the candles.Then, she cut the cake.Everyone sang Happy Birthday.Then, Samaira took a piece of cake & fed Neil, then she fed Changu-mangu & at last she fed Arjun.Arjun took a small byte from the cake, then put the rest on Samaira’s mouth.Neil took a big piece & offered Samaira.
Samaira- I cant eat so big piece in one byte.
Neil- Take a small byte.I am patiently holding it infront of your mouth.
Samaira took a small byte, but suddenly Neil put Chocolate cake cream on Samaira’s face.
Samaira- Neil I will kill you.
Samaira angrily got up to beat Neil.But Neil was faster, he took whole cake in his hand.
Neil- Ha ha Samundar Singh.Stop their, neither I will throw the whole cake on you.
All are laughing at their antics.Arjun sliently watching him, a small smile lingered on his lips.
After Sometimes, Samaira came after washing her face,She already opened the gift of Arjun & found chocolates inside it.Now, she is eating them.Neil also came & sat beside Arjun.
Neil- So, Arjun, sitting so sliently.Hope you are not feeling uncomfortable.
Arjun- not at all.Why should I??? I am enjoying my time.
Neil- no, often people felt uncomfortable after watching Ne-Sam friendship.
Arjun- not uncomfortable.Actually feeling jealous that Samaira has such friend in her life.I always feel Friendship is a precious pearl.No relationship can take its place.
Neil- so, that’s why you in second meeting offered friendship to an almost unknown girl????
Samaira pinched Neil, but he completely ignored her.
Arjun- I don’t think offering friendship to someone is harmful since the girl accepted your friendship.
Neil- But so fast Arjun.Okay, As you also became Samaira’s friend, What you like about her???
Arjun(looking at Samaira)- Her Personality, her confidence, & the way she trust people, one can say She herself is a very good person.
Neil- If someone takes fyada of her trust in this kaliyug???
Arjun- Then he or she should go to hell & in the case of HE, also deserves kicks & punches.
Neil- 100%????
Arjun- 200%.
Neil- So, Arjun tell us about yourself.
Arjun- Was Samaira skipped this part???(with a smile)
Neil- Definitely not.But she shared her encounter with you only with me.Our Change-Mangu don’t know anything.
Arjun- I started my journey from an Orphan home.From their, I completed my studies.In college, I get scholarship & studied CA.
Neil- not bad, A Chartered Accountant.
Samaira- one question from my side, From where you learn martial Arts???
Arjun- All credit goes to NCC.
Neil- I never understood these calculations things.I was terrible in Maths.
Samaira- Sama pinch Neil, even I was terrible in Maths.
Arjun- I understand calculations may be because my first crush was my Maths teacher.
& he winked at Neil & Samaira & also a naughty glint appeared on his face.
Neil- Not bad Arjun,not at all bad.
They spent the rest of evening by doing masti & dhamal.
After dinner, Arjun was sitting on Sofa & watching sketches made by Samaira.
Arjun -You are an awesome painter Samaira.I think you should organize an exhibition of your paintings.
Samaira- That’s my dream Arjun.
Arjun- & it will definitely come true. Be your own light. Find your own way.
Samaira- one request, please don’t take Neil’s any comment seriously.
Arjun- heyy relax.I understand Neil’s protectiveness.You are lucky Samaira in terms of friendship.
Samaira- Yes Arjun.
The door-bell rang.DING- DONG.
Neil- Samie,Who’s here at such odd hour???
Samaira- don’t know Neil.
Samaira opened the door & she was stunned.Her father, Samrat Khanna was standing there.He came inside & kissed Samaira’s forehead “Happy Birthday, My dear”
Samaira( shocked)- dad???
Neil was shocked & also Changu-Mangu.Arjun was standing at a distance with a confused look on his face.
Samrat( in a cold yet sweet voice)-My dear, you did enough of your manmarziyan.Now, lets go home.
He put his hand on Samaira’s shoulder & literally pulled her with him.Samaira was so shocked that she didn’t get any chance to react or resist.
A servant entered into the room & asked neil “I am here to pack Samaira baby’s luggage.Where she keep her things???”
Neil ( shocked)- heyy hold on. Where her father took her???
The Servant- obviously in Khanna Mansion.Samrat Sir fixed her daughter marriage.
Neil- With Whom????
The servant- with Dev Arora.
Neil- What??? Who is the hell in this Dev Arora??
The Servant- I am not here for answering your questions, move on, let me do my job.
Neil tried to say something but Arjun put his hand on Neil’s shoulder.All were stunned by the turn of events.but the confused expression on Arjun’s face now replaced by a cold expression.

Next Day, Morning.
Arjun parked his bike outside an old apartment & went inside.He climbed the stairs & went on third floor.He knocked three times at the door.A girl opened the door. Arjun went inside & then she shut the door.Arjun sat on sofa & The Girl offered coffee.
Arjun- Thanks Bonnie.
Bonnie- You welcome Arjun.But why you came here so urgently???Its not safe for both of us.
Arjun- Nobody is following me so relax.You safety matters to me also.
Bonnie- What happened Arjun??? Whats wrong???
Arjun- Samrat Khanna fixed Samaira’s marriage.
Bonnie- What??? With whom??It will harmful for our mission.
Arjun- It will be harmful for Samaira.Whatever I understand in these few days, Samaira is not at all associated with Khanna Industries.Infact, she don’t have any contact with Samrat Khanna.
Bonnie- Giving clean-chit to Samaira???
Arjun- She is a victim Bonnie.
Bonnie- You reached on conclusion so suddenly??
Arjun-not sudden conclusion. I followed her & checked her all details & now I am sure about it.
Bonnie- so, whats next Arjun???
Arjun- Just think Bonnie, Samaira’s father is an rich businessman but the daughter working in an advertisement agency.
Bonnie- Whats abnormal in it Arjun???
Arjun- nothing abnormal.infact, quite challenging.Father & daughter relationship is not healthy.Only daughter but she lives in a rented home.But suddenly after years, father came & took the daughter with him.He fixed her marriage.
Bonnie- Come on Arjun, Every father care for his daughter.
Arjun- Then, what kind of caring is this???He fixed his daughter marriage with Dev Arora, an alcholic, irresponsible man.
Bonnie- Samaira Khanna’s marriage with Dev Arora.Future owner of Khanna Industries is getting married with an employee.Thats too an arrange marriage.
Arjun- here, I am confused. If Samrat Khanna fixed his daughter marriage with any rich businessman, politician & their sons, then I can clearly understand the stragedy.But here…
Bonnie- hmm, You have a point Arjun.
Arjun finished his coffee & got up from the sofa.He went inside the bedroom & took a file which labelled Samrat Khanna.
Arjun- Also, look at Samrat life’s Bonnie.His wife left him. But still he didn’t get married again.
Bonnie- May be because, he still love his wife yaa, for Samaira.
Arjun-Then, Who is this Nandini Pandey??? & He don’t love Samaira that much.
Bonnie- You are saying these things from Samaira’s Point of view.
Arjun- I am saying things not from anybody’s point of view.I am saying things which are logical.
Bonnie- Then, may be some property issue??
Arjun- bingo.Its mean Khanna Industries real owner is not Samrat Khanna.Then, how much his share & also what is the role of Nandini??? We still didn’t get her background clearly.
Bonnie- Don’t you think Arjun you are heading towards wrong path.
Arjun- Why you feel so???
Bonnie- We are here for a big mission & here we are discussing about trivial property issues of Khannas.
Arjun- HIS last message mentioned about Khanna Industries.I am sure it is the main key to our mission.We need to learn each & every details about Khanna’s.
Bonnie- Okay Arjun.As you say. I have full faith on you.
Arjun- Bonnie, find out every details about Khanna Industries.The Shares, Financial conditions & all.
Bonnie- Okay.
Arjun- Its time to explore Khanna Industries.Phrase 2 of our mission.where is your laptop???
Bonnie- Why??
Arjun- I am not here only to discuss the progress.I am also here to hack Dev Arora’s computer password.
Bonnie- All the best
She handed him the laptop.
Arjun- one more cup of coffee???
Bonnie- yaa, sure.I know u didn’t eat breakfast.Wait, I am coming.
Arjun- thanks Bonnie.
After an hour,
Arjun- I got the password.Okay, I am leaving.
Bonnie- Take care Arjun.
Arjun- hmm, don’t worry. thats why I chose Saturday, half day & also Samrat & Nandini both will not come office today & first day, I noticed Dev’s cabin, there is no CCTV Camera.

Arjun sat on his desk in Khanna Industries.Its almost 11:30 am & Office will close at 12:30 pm.Arjun total attention towards Dev’s cabin.He saw the canteen boy came in Dev’s cabin & after some mins left from their.After sometime, he saw, the Canteen boy was coming with a tray & a cup in it.He smiled that his assumption was right.Arjun got up from his chair & went towards the canteen boy’s direction.Arjun slightly bumped with the boy & dropped a small tablet in the coffee cup.
Canteen Boy- You are wearing spectacles, but still you are bumping with others.Put another spectacles in your eyes (Irritatingly)
Arjun- Sorry, I was lost in some thoughts.
Arjun & teji both were leaving together.Teji was in hurry today.Arjun suddenly stopped.
Arjun- I need to go to wash-room urgently.Teji, I know u are in hurry, you go.I am coming.
Teji- Okay, I am going, byee.
Arjun- Bye.
Arjun hurried towards wash-room.Arjun closed the door of the washroom.After 30 mins, he opened his bag & put gloves in his hand.Again, sliently Arjun went towards Dev’s cabin, hiding himself from the cameras.He carefully opened Dev’s cabin.He is right.Dev was in deep slumber.He carefully put Dev’s finger in Bio-metric security password reader.Then, Arjun took out a pen-drive & started coping files from Dev’s computer.

Credit to: Madhumita

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