Checkmate. Aham & Kashmira FF( Manmarziyan) Part 36

Rajat- No seriously, what is the problem of Sashank Sir? How can he say in this way? We are not magician. Don’t he understand how much efforts we all are putting to make Mission Chaturanga successful?

Arjun- But what he said is the truth. Dev was in our custody for so many days, but still we are unable to break him. I am seriously lacking in this mission.

Arjun sighed.

Arjun- Anyway, forget it. We should not waste our time in this blame game. Let’s think how to progress.

Rajat nodded his head & sat on the chair in front of him.

Rajat- but how? We still have no news about Dev & don’t you think this time is enough for him to hide some secure place.

Arjun- Yes true. But I was wondering why they took so much risk? only to save Dev? Not possible.

Rajat- then?

Arjun- Let’s only focus on main three characters of our mission, Samrat Khanna, Nandini pandey & Dev Arora.

Rajat- Well, Samrat Khanna is dead, Dev escaped from our custody & we have no clue about Nandini.

Arjun- We camouflaged that Dev died in an accident. Okay, I can get the fact that whoever people are his boss did not believe that news. But how can these people get to know where exactly Dev is? & then one fine morning suddenly Dev’s health deteriorated, our team took him to hospital. On the way, they were attacked by a group, forty rounds shots get fired from automatic short guns & they left with Dev. What conclusion we get from this incident?

Rajat remained silent.

Arjun- The conclusion is that it’s a huge breach in our internal security.

Rajat- but…

Arjun- & there are other points also, where is Dev’s laptop? Those two bags delivered by Sarika to some unknown men, most probably full with RDX & that packet which Rana took from Linda & handed to that man whose identity is a mystery. Do you getting Rajat how much big conspiracy this is?

Rajat- I am getting the seriousness, but how can we stop whatever big they are planning?

Arjun lit a cigarette.

Rajat- Rana is also dead. He was an important link.

Arjun- When we are getting all dead end paths in present, then we should try to find clues from the past.

Rajat- Samrat Khanna’s past is still a big mystery in front of us.

Arjun- Nandini Pandey, we get to know that once she was Anju Kiran, a NGO worker, who used to work in the same correctional home where Dev completed his punishment. Dev Arora, real name, Devendra Debnath, a juvenile criminal, that’s the only information we have.

Their conversation was interrupted by the ringing of Rajat’s phone. Rajat Checked. “Rabia calling.

“Excuse me Arjun. Doctor Rabia, the forensic expert, wants to share some urgent information with you.

Arjun took the phone.  “Hello Doctor. IPS Arjun Mehra hear.

Rabia- Sir, we checked Dev Arora’s vomit sample & we found traces of Nerium Oleander.

Arjun- What? What is this Nerium Oleander?

Rabia- Sir, this is a shrub, toxic in all parts. It’s mainly affects gastrointestinal system, the heart & the central nervous system. The gastrointestinal effects consists of nausea & vomiting . Cardiac reactions consist of irregular heart rate, characterized by a racing heart at first then slow down to below normal.

Arjun- hmm. So, is it fatal?

Rabia- Yes sir. It is fatal. But in time if one gets proper medical care, then he or she should be perfectly fine. & also the quantity matters. If it’s given in proper quantity, then it is not fatal. Overdose & too much delaying of getting antidotes can cause person’s death.

Arjun- Thank you doctor for the information. Please send me the proper details report as soon as possible.

Arjun cut the line & handed over the phone to Rajat.

Arjun- Rajat, send Dev’s picture to each of our informers. I want all of them to be on high alert.

Rajat nodded his head & stood up. He can feel Arjun is tensed, but still he can’t stop himself to ask about Samaira.

Rajat- Samaira is upset, right?

Arjun- huh? Yes, she is upset, but I can’t do anything.

Rajat sighed. “& what about her safety? Dev escaped &…

Arjun- I was thinking about it. But logically, I don’t think Dev will going to be harmful towards Samaira anymore. Khanna Industries was seized by us. So, what left? Before, they wanted to harm her only because she was the legal heir of that property. It’s clear from our investigation. But I can’t take risk. So, I told Samaira to be at home till I return…

Rajat (rolled his eyes)- What? By the way, did you say her the reason for your this order?

Arjun (in a low tone)- No.

Rajat sighed. Then, I can only say All the Best to you. Trust me, you are going to need it most when you go home.

Arjun did not respond, Rajat left from the cabin. Arjun did not disclose the information to Rajat also that he already sent one of his man for Samaira’s safety without revealing his identity & presence.

Arjun logged in his Office computer. In Office, as per rule, there are few secret cameras installed whose footages are accessible to Arjun only. He checked the recordings. Almost after an hour, Arjun came out from his cabin with a bag. He went towards the desk of Rajat.

Arjun- Rajat, I am going out of station. Keep your eyes & ears open & for any kind of emergency or to share any important information just call me.

Then, Arjun turned & looked at the opposite side. Bonnie was standing there.

“Welcome Back Bonnie. This time I am expecting more mature & responsible behavior from you. Arjun spoke in a composed tone. There is also a smile on his face, but Bonnie felt a certain coldness & smirk on Arjun’s face which sent a chill ran down her spine. She wondered did Arjun really figure out anything or she is hallucinating in tension. She only managed to nod.


Mumbat to Rajasthan, it’s approximately takes one hour forty five minutes in flight. The Air India flight landed in Jaipur Airport. Arjun came out from the airport totally exhausted. He kept his visit a secret from his team & also from his Department. It’s almost 10 pm. Suddenly Arjun phone started ringing. “Samaira calling.

Arjun- Hello Samaira.

Samaira ( in a frantic tone)- Arjun, are you fine? Where are you? When are you coming home? I was trying your number for an hour, but it was not reachable. I was so scared.

Arjun- I am fine Samaira.

Samaira felt relieved. She closed her eyes & took some deep breaths to compose herself.

Arjun- I was in flight (in a low tone)

Samaira- what?

Arjun- I am out of station for some important work.

There was silence on the other side.

Arjun- Samaira?? I am sorry dear. Samaira? Are you listening?

Samaira- Yes, I am listening Arjun.  But why are you saying sorry? In fact, I should say sorry that I reminded you that you have a wife.

Arjun- Samaira…

Samaira- shut up. How can you be so irresponsible Arjun that you can’t even take out few minutes to inform me that you are going out of station? & if I call, then you will throw attitude & also going to reminded me how much time waste I am.

Arjun- Samaira please…

But Samaira already cut the call. Arjun tried again & again, but she did not receive his call. Arjun sighed & went towards the car that was waiting for him. He greeted the driver & sat on the car. He leaned his head on the side. It’s a long journey. The distance from Jaipur to Bundi is nearly 220km.


Next morning, after freshening up in circuit house, Arjun started his journey for Hirapur village. He again called Samaira & this time also she did not pick up his call. Arjun sighed. He called in another number.

Arjun- How is Samaira?

“She is fine. I am after her, she is on the way to her office, Birdsong. A male voice from the other side informed him.

Arjun- okay.

Arjun cut the phone. After an hour later, Arjun told the driver to park the car outside the boundary of Hirapur village. Arjun & the driver both got down from the car. Arjun followed the driver & they both stopped in front of a small house. Arjun knocked on the door.  A man, almost 60-65 years old, opened the door.

Arjun- Gopilal Khatri?

The man nodded his head & also gave Arjun a confused look.

Arjun- Police.

Gopilal paled. “What I did Sir?

Arjun- I am coming from Mumbai & I have a bad news for you. Your brother-in-law, Rana, he is no more. He was murdered.

Gopilal sighed. “Sir, we have no contact with Rana after my sister’s death. We not even talked once.

Arjun- I want to know everything about Rana & Sudhaji. Just don’t try to hide anything from me.

Gopilal- There was nothing to hide. Sudha was my only sister. Our father used to work in the land of village Zamindar & now I work. Our financial condition is very poor. I studied in village school till class 8, but my sister passed the Board examination. That time, in afternoon, she regularly used to come in ground to give us tiffin, their she met with this Rana who used to work for our Zamindar.

Arjun- What kind of work?

Gopilal- He used to threaten people who by any chance go against the Zamindar. He used to carefully watch us that we are working or not. In short, he was the ruffian of our village.

Arjun- hmm. Got it. Then?

Gopilal- Then, suddenly one day, my sister Sudha left the house leaving a letter behind that she loves Rana & they are getting married.

Arjun- You people have no idea about their relation? In village, it is not easy to hide.

Gopilal- But they hide & left together. Where? We have no idea. We knew that she will never be happy with him. He was not the right person for her & also our caste did not match.

Arjun sighed. Here also the same cry of Inter Caste.

Arjun- So, you people & your village Zamindar did not search for them?

Gopilal- Why should Zamindar search? He got another replacement for Rana & we don’t have that much ability & monetary power to search for them. So, we accepted our fate. But after a year later, we received a letter from Sudha via post that she is in Mumbai & leading a very happy life with Rana. We were relieved. Then, after few months again, we received another letter of her informing us that she is pregnant.

Arjun- Do you still have any of those letters?

Gopilal- No.

Arjun- Do you remember that address of them in Mumbai?

Gopilal shook his head that he doesn’t remember.

Gopilal- Then, we got the news that Sudha gave birth to a son & they named him Yash.  He was not a healthy child but Sudha used to take very good care of him. In between, they gave us a contact number, a LAN phone number. Sometimes, I used to call them from village post office. When Yash was six years old, we got the news that his health condition worsens, they took him to hospital.

Arjun- Why? What was the problem?

Gopilal- I don’t know. But Sudha informed me that Doctor suggested them an operation & they need lots of money. I can’t help them. But Rana arranged money for the operation. Yash did not survive. After that, we get no news about them as they left the home & the LAN phone number was their house owner. Almost, after 2 years, Rana informed us that Sudha is pregnant again. But unfortunately, after seven months, she suffered miscarriage, not only that, the doctor told them that Sudha can never conceive again.  After this incident, Sudha stopped talking with everyone. She went in loneliness & depression. Rana used to take her to mental hospital for treatment. At that time, he again changed the house. I think you know my sister committed suicide ten months ago & this is the first time I went in Mumbai for her last rites.

Arjun sighed.

Arjun- I am sorry. But still, I have a question, from a small village in Rajasthan, Rana went & settled down in Mumbai! What exactly he used to do? I mean, what was his profession? That he able to arrange money every time?

Gopilal- I don’t know what he used to do in Mumbai. But once Sudha told me that Rana has a cousin sister in Mumbai & she used to help them a lot.

Arjun furrowed his eyebrows. “Cousin sister? Who? What her name? Where she live in Mumbai?

After thinking for some time, Gopilal replied he only knows her name is Anju.

Arjun was shocked. He took out his mobile from his pocket & showed him the picture of “Anju Kiran who exactly looks like the younger version of Nandini Pandey.

Gopilal- I don’t know Sir. I never saw or meet her.

Arjun- Tell me more about this Rana.

Gopilal- Rana’s father used to work as an accountant for Zamindar saab. But he passed away in an early age. Then, Zamindar saab took his family’s responsibility. But this Rana was never interested in studies. His mother too passed away after few years. I only know, his father has a sister, whose daughter is this Anju. You search in Tezpur village for more information about them.

Arjun stood up. When he was at the doorstep, he heard Gopilal voice from behind. “His sins… how can they live a happy & peaceful life together? Rana was cursed & he made my sister’s life cursed also.


“Tell Bundi Police to take official statement of this Gopilal Khatri & fax me as soon as possible. Arjun instructed & sat on the car. “Tezpur village? He asked the driver. ” Two hours from here The driver replied.

Arjun directly went inside Panchayet Office in Tezpur village. Few old men & two three middle aged men were present there. Arjun showed them his identity card & asked for their help.  All of them agreed to cooperate with him. Arjun showed them the current picture of Nandini Pandey. All the old men looked at the picture very keenly & carefully. After sometime, an old man replied. “She just looks like Anju.

Arjun furrowed his eyebrows. Soon, others too agreed with him. Now, Arjun showed them the old picture which is of Anju’s, the younger version of Nandini. “See, she is Anju. In the previous picture she looked more mature. Now, she looks like that, right?

Arjun- Is there any reason to remember her so clearly?

The Old Man- This is a village. Not over crowded like cities. So, we know all of our villagers & their families personally. This Anju was a brilliant student from our village. She was also a district topper in Board Examination. She wanted to study more, her dreams were big, she wanted to fly higher & higher. But her family’s financial condition was not good. They were not in a position to afford her higher studies. So, her parents fixed her marriage. But she ran away on the day of her marriage.

Arjun- With whom?

The Old Man-  We don’t know & after that we also have no idea where she went. But it was a big incident. So, no one at that time can’t really able to forget her.

Arjun- Don’t you all tried to find her?

The Old Man- Of course, we tried. But Alas! She just got vanished.

Arjun- What about her parents?

The Old Man- They too left the village. The relatives of groom & other villagers really insulted them.

Arjun- Now, where can I find them? Any idea?

No one able to give him any information. Now, Arjun showed them the picture of Rana. They all looked confused.

The Old Man- now, how to remember her relative face after so many years? We identified Anju because she was the daughter of our village.

Arjun showed them the picture of Samrat Khanna. Again, no one identified him. Arjun thanked them & came out from the Panchayet Office. He decided to show Nandini & Samrat & Rana pictures to every villagers for any kind of information. Finally, Rana’s past was in front of him & unexpectedly something about Anju aka Nandini also. Now, he need to connect all the links together.


That’s all for today. Waiting for responses.

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